What is the use of bulk voice calls?

bulk voice calls

Bulk Voice Calls is an advanced form of technology to communicate with your customers. It is a pre-recorded IVR or voice which is broadcasted to the targeted people making it the most effective and advanced marketing activity tool.

Every company finds solutions for cost-effective and cheaper way to market their services or products across their regions. If you put manpower to make a single call to each and every prospect/customers it takes the entire day and still, it cannot reach to everyone in your data system.

With the help of voice SMS service, you can target your clients and get the most of it. Bulk voice calls save a lot of precious time in terms of calling a single customer and convincing them for your offerings.

Benefits of Obligr Voice SMS :

1. Reminders for EMI, loans, payment updates etc.
2. Political campaign for vote promotion, vote reminders.
3. Voice SMS is more personalized than text messages.
4. Record your own voice in your own language and send.

Obligr India Pvt Ltd provides the best solutions in voice sms software by providing our customers solution as per their business requirements. We offer uninterrupted voice sms solutions through our robust gateway.