What is Missed Call Service and How does it Works

Missed Call Service is a simple process wherein your customers give missed call, and your company representative will call back on their mobile number as per comfortable. Missed Call Alert Service is also known as missed call back service in India.
Missed Call Service is very beneficial as it creates a good impression on your targeted audience where in they can give a missed call & connect with your business without spending a single penny.

Missed Call Service
Missed Call Service is the most effective tool to gather responses from your customers with the least effort on their part and most importantly for zero cost! Callers call a mobile number specifically designated with a company or service and after one or two rings the call is disconnected without being answered to render a missed call. This is a completely web based service that recognizes this missed call and records the alert, it then sends an acknowledgement SMS response to the caller letting them know their Missed Call Service response has been received and will be addressed depending on the missed call campaign goal.
Missed call campaigns are ideal tools for gathering leads, collecting instant response or feedback on your product or service, running polls or votes or initiating start and stop of certain services through missed call messaging or when agents are out of office.

Features of Missed Call Service:-
1.Zero Cost to the Caller– Pay absolutely nothing even for multiple calls
Your clients can get in touch with you without spending a penny. You get to project a trustworthy and reliable image as a commercial entity with such hassle-free services. Now gathering data or conducting surveys or polls will be easier for your business with a Missed Call Alert Service.
2.Unlimited call reporting in different file formats
You can easily import the files to any other database tool for further filtration, mining and analysis for better promotions. You get detailed reports of missed calls to track call time, response time, throughput performance etc.
3.Automated hassle-free mode
Clients no longer need to hang up after stipulated rings of the number for using Missed Call Service! The phone disconnects automatically after the requisite number of rings without having the hassle of hanging up for your callers!
4.Fast and effective
It only takes a few seconds to give a Missed Call Alert Service and is a very effortless act on part of the callers. Maximum response and participation is obtained through this mode for surveys and polls.
5.Applicable to both mobile and landline
Can be also conducted in more rural areas or among-st a larger demographic of population who cannot access mobile phones. With the use of landlines you increase inclusion of housewives, senior citizens and others into your audience easily.
6.Complete API support
We offer complete API support for our Missed Call Alert Service it can be a standalone tools. It can also be plugged into your existing application system.

Benefits of Missed Call Service:-
• The actions are all trackable and can be easily analysed
• Automatic disconnection after one ring.
• Auto reply through multiple response option – SMS, Call Back.
• Missed Call details through instant SMS or mail alert
• Increase your contacts and networking worldwide with this.
• Do not miss out any lead.
• Get your customers connected.
• Make them subscribe you helps in surveys, voting and campaigning.
• Get quality customers by verifying.
• For Getting Feedback.
• Save Running Cost upto 90%.
• Powerful API’s for getting Real Time Data’s.
• 24 x 7 Support & Monitoring.
• CRM integration.