Virtual Network Computing (VNC) could be a variety of remote-control software package that produces it doable to manage another laptop over a network association. Keystrokes and mouse clicks area unit transmitted from one laptop to a different, permitting technical support workers to manage a desktop, server, or alternative networked device while not being within the same physical location.

Virtual Network Computing works on a client/server model: A VNC viewer (or client) is put in on the native laptop and connects to the server element, that should be put in on the remote laptop. The server transmits a reproduction of the remote computer’s computer screen to the viewer. It conjointly interprets commands coming back from the viewer and carries them out on the remote laptop.
Virtual Network Computing is platform freelance and is compatible with any OS. Computers should be networked with TCP/IP and have open ports permitting traffic from the information processing addresses of devices which will ought to connect.
VNC was developed at AT&T Laboratories. The first VNC ASCII text file is open supply beneath the wildebeest General Public License, and alternative variations are accessible commercially.

Uses for Virtual Network Computing Systems:

People will use VNC to remotely access files on sure computers during a wide selection of things.
1. Virtual Network Computing are often effectively employed by those who ought to access work files from their workplace laptop. it’s conjointly nice for those who happened to forget to bring their presentation to figure. They will use Virtual Network Computing to attach to their computing device so as to retrieve any files.
2. This kind of program is commonly employed by system directors, IT support, and facilitate desks. it’s employed by directors so as to require management of associate employee’s laptop. directors may have to try and do this so as to assist sure staff with any variety of program.
3. It also can be employed in the room by academics. academics might profit of this program so as to permit students to look at what’s happening at the teacher’s laptop. this may facilitate academics teach their students simply and a lot of effectively.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
Virtual network computing could be a platform-independent remote desktop sharing application wherever the desktop show of 1 laptop is remotely viewed and controlled over a network association. A Virtual Network Computing viewer on one OS connects to a Virtual Network Computing server on identical or another OS.

The Virtual Network Computing system consists of a consumer, server and communication protocol:
1. The VNC server is that the program on the machines that share a screen, permitting the consumer to require management of it passively.
2. The VNC consumer is that the program that watches, controls and interacts with the server. The server is mostly controlled by the consumer.
3. The VNC protocol uses the remote buffer storage protocol, that is predicated on graphic primitives passed from the server to the consumer and event messages passed from the consumer to the server.

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