Missed Call Administrations

We are India’s driving Missed Call Number Supplier offering Missed Call Number Assistance at most moderate rates. What’s more, as a pioneer in giving Missed Call Administrations in India we guarantee every Missed call is 100% caught ongoing in our online call log board.
We get approx 5 Million Missed Calls for every Month on our 1500+ dynamic Missed Call Numbers. Also, to keep up ourselves as best Missed Call Administration in India and to guarantee the most extreme reaction or affirmation SMS conveyance to guests inside the least time period. We have an excess system of all significant Indian Telecom Administrators and henceforth we guarantee the best telco availability over all urban communities in India.

Missed Call Administrations In India

  1. Client Commitment
    With the growing number of PDAs, it’s basic for brands to interface with clients by suggests that of cell phones. LeadNXT energizes the best system and costs agreeable way for you in a solitary dashboard. The leadnxt dashboard will be one-stop answers or brands for end smaller obligation procedure. With CRM affiliation it changes into a deadly instrument for client encounters too. One single dashboard will deal with the complete Item lifecycle for you.
  2. Audit and Input
    Audits and information sources are huge a bit of thing improvement and change. It’s also basic for new research identified with displaying examples and client direct. Getting your clients stacked with long structures and keeping the database information for the correlation may be an overwhelming procedure.
  3. Client Enlistment
    Getting a membership for administrations or enlisting clients to take an interest in an occasion needs a great deal of labor and assets. It furthermore needs solid database data to keep the records of enlisted clients. LeadNxt makes the work basic with a solitary board. Circulate one missed call number and acquire clients to call. Auto answer with enrollment connection will be sent to clients and enlistment is finished. It will keep away from entanglements and spare a great deal of your time.
  4. Check Procedure
    The term ‘Confirmation’ incorporates a key effect on the web and disconnected business. It’s significant for the associations to confirm their customers and furthermore the action made by them. By what method can a couple of missed consider total development for you? COD, Versatile number check, pass on OTP and client affirmation by systems of the missed call are done inside seconds. No need for composing PC programs. Brands will spare gigantic with this assertion framework.
  5. Challenge and casting a ballot
    Getting responses from live occasions will dismay since it needs a solid framework with incorporated CRM which will effectively help you in acquiring the response of the focused on a gathering of observers simultaneously. Also, individuals don’t have the opportunity to pursue ventures for democratic.

Missed Call Ready Assistance

  1. Lead Age
    Use MCA for associating individuals by means of enrollments, coupon conveyance, drives, ready membership, broadcasting data.
  2. Number Confirmation
    Be it for the web enlistment administration or for money down check, our MCA encourages you in full.
  3. Survey Crusade and Casting a ballot
    With MCA toll-free number you can likewise make out live survey battles and furthermore get criticisms through telephone casting a ballot.
  4. Input Administration
    Use the MCA administration to find out the degree of your support of the client. Use it as an input device to pick up the rating and improve business.
  5. Get back to Administration
    On the off chance that you wish to have help to recover an auto call alternative then just MCA furnishes you with it. Never leave a client for a call.
  6. Auto Answer SMS
    With auto-answer SMS you basically ensure the client is all around educated for the missed call he had given to your toll-free number.
  7. One of a kind Coupon Code
    Create extraordinary coupon code and get more business and addition to more, clients
  8. Day by day CSV Report Mail
    The CSV Report of the Got Missed Calls is sent to your default email on a regular routine.

Missed Call Alert Service

We are India’s leading Missed Call Alert Service Provider offering Missed Call Number Service at most affordable rates. And as leader in providing Missed Call Service in India we ensure all missed calls are 100% captured real-time in our web-based call log panel.
We receive approx 5 Million Missed Calls per Month on our 1500+ active Missed Call Numbers. And to maintain ourselves as best Missed Call Service in India and to ensure maximum response or acknowledgment sms delivery to caller within minimum time frame. We have redundant network of all major Indian Telecom Operators and hence we ensure best telco connectivity across all cities in India. As a top miss call service provider we had been innovative in revolutionizing usage of Missed Call Services and thereby creating new opportunities for our clients to generate quality leads.

Mobile phones have become a multifaceted device and different dimensions are added to it offering Value Added Services. One such VAS, facilitating call management is Missed Call Alert
The Missed Call Alert is a lead generation value added service that allows mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy to use call log and notification system, for the calls missed while the called party was unreachable or his mobile device was switched-off. This, in turn increases their day-to-day call efficiency.
The Missed Call Alert VAS service uses SMS to inform the receiver about the calls missed whilst they were not reachable, as well as to inform the calling party of the availability of the called party when they are reachable.
The text message sent to the calling party can also be modified by end users. The number of subscribers to which the missed call notification is sent to, can also be controlled.

Missed Call Alert Service- Features
1. It is a hassle free way. Clients just dial a number that cuts automatically.
2. It is very cost effective mode. Zero cost for the callers.
3. It is very flexible to use mobile & landline phones.
4. Real time notification via SMS & emails.
5. Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails.

Where to Use
1. Lead generation for business
2. User registration
3. Mobile number verification
4. In TV shows & TV ads
5. Voting, opinion polls & customer feedback
6. Off-line & on-line registration
7. Forget & reset the password
8. Branding & awareness
9. Alerts, follow-ups & subscription

Benefits of Missed Call Alert service
1. The probable comeback of your agents and customers
There are no worries of losing even a single lead just because the receiver of your call is busy, as the Missed Alert Service will be ready to ring the notification. Thus it is beneficial for every telecom operator to install a missed call alert service system as the success of every business lies in the communication channel, which should be barrier-free and quick in this modern era.
2. Your customers are connected
It’s just a matter of fact that which is of crucial importance for every entrepreneur that his customers are his prized procession and he should be the one to care about them thus it will increase the customer count as well as flourish his business and getting them notified every time through Missed Call Alert is a very smart way as they will every time come to know that someone was trying to connect with him and thus they might not miss any single moment.
3. A helping hand for surveys, voting, and matter of national importance
Companies are keen on conducting surveys from time to time, Missed Call Alert Service is the best way to connect with people and impart the wisdom for a better choice and motivate them to be a part of something big.

What is Missed Call Service and How does it Works

Missed Call Service is a simple process wherein your customers give missed call, and your company representative will call back on their mobile number as per comfortable. Missed Call Alert Service is also known as missed call back service in India.
Missed Call Service is very beneficial as it creates a good impression on your targeted audience where in they can give a missed call & connect with your business without spending a single penny.

Missed Call Service
Missed Call Service is the most effective tool to gather responses from your customers with the least effort on their part and most importantly for zero cost! Callers call a mobile number specifically designated with a company or service and after one or two rings the call is disconnected without being answered to render a missed call. This is a completely web based service that recognizes this missed call and records the alert, it then sends an acknowledgement SMS response to the caller letting them know their Missed Call Service response has been received and will be addressed depending on the missed call campaign goal.
Missed call campaigns are ideal tools for gathering leads, collecting instant response or feedback on your product or service, running polls or votes or initiating start and stop of certain services through missed call messaging or when agents are out of office.

Features of Missed Call Service:-
1.Zero Cost to the Caller– Pay absolutely nothing even for multiple calls
Your clients can get in touch with you without spending a penny. You get to project a trustworthy and reliable image as a commercial entity with such hassle-free services. Now gathering data or conducting surveys or polls will be easier for your business with a Missed Call Alert Service.
2.Unlimited call reporting in different file formats
You can easily import the files to any other database tool for further filtration, mining and analysis for better promotions. You get detailed reports of missed calls to track call time, response time, throughput performance etc.
3.Automated hassle-free mode
Clients no longer need to hang up after stipulated rings of the number for using Missed Call Service! The phone disconnects automatically after the requisite number of rings without having the hassle of hanging up for your callers!
4.Fast and effective
It only takes a few seconds to give a Missed Call Alert Service and is a very effortless act on part of the callers. Maximum response and participation is obtained through this mode for surveys and polls.
5.Applicable to both mobile and landline
Can be also conducted in more rural areas or among-st a larger demographic of population who cannot access mobile phones. With the use of landlines you increase inclusion of housewives, senior citizens and others into your audience easily.
6.Complete API support
We offer complete API support for our Missed Call Alert Service it can be a standalone tools. It can also be plugged into your existing application system.

Benefits of Missed Call Service:-
• The actions are all trackable and can be easily analysed
• Automatic disconnection after one ring.
• Auto reply through multiple response option – SMS, Call Back.
• Missed Call details through instant SMS or mail alert
• Increase your contacts and networking worldwide with this.
• Do not miss out any lead.
• Get your customers connected.
• Make them subscribe you helps in surveys, voting and campaigning.
• Get quality customers by verifying.
• For Getting Feedback.
• Save Running Cost upto 90%.
• Powerful API’s for getting Real Time Data’s.
• 24 x 7 Support & Monitoring.
• CRM integration.

What is Missed Call Alert Service?

Missed call alert is web based application to engage with customers. It is very effective for lead generation where you will never miss a call or query from your clients. Missed call alert service is used for opt-in process, verification, polling, voting, customer feedback, lead generation & call back services. Caller do not pay any calling fee.

How it Works?

  • In this service, you will get a dedicated number. Working process is mentioned below. Caller given call on your mobile number
  • An auto confirmation SMS is send to the caller thanking him for calling and informing him that his number has been registered.
  • Caller’s number is stored in database.
  • And one executive will call him back soon to understand his requirements / Concerns.

Missed Call Alert Service- Features

  • It is a hassle free way. Clients just dial a number that cuts automatically.
  • It is very cost effective mode. Zero cost for the callers.
  • It is very flexible to use mobile & landline phones.
  • Real time notification via SMS & emails.
  • Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails.

missed call alert service

Where to Use

  • Lead generation for business
  • User registration
  • Mobile number verification
  • In TV shows & TV ads
  • Voting, opinion polls & customer feedback
  • Off-line & on-line registration
  • Forget & reset the password
  • Branding & awareness
  • Alerts, follow-ups & subscription

Where Can Promote Missed Call Number

  • Websites and on-line ads
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc.
  • SMS and email campaigns
  • TV & radio ads
  • Print media, banner & hoardings