What is Interactive Voice Response?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computerized communication framework innovation that cooperates with the guests, accumulates the necessary data and courses the calls to the specific proper beneficiary.
With current, advanced IVR frameworks, you can accumulate the information and reactions through verbally expressed words with the voice acknowledgment. Discussions are either pre-recorded or created a sound that helps, direct, or course calls naturally without a live administrator.
Inside these cooperations, customers can convey by utilizing either the touch-tone keypad choice or voice phone input. The reactions appear as voice, get back to or some other related media.

How Interactive Voice Response functions:-

An Interactive Voice Response application gives prerecorded voice reactions to suitable circumstances, keypad signal rationale, access to important information and, conceivably, the capacity to record voice contribution for later use. Utilizing PC communication coordination (CTI), IVR frameworks can hand off a call to an individual who can see information identified with the guest on a presentation.
The Interactive Voice Response framework in the last case dispenses with the requirement for a switchboard administrator to answer approaching calls. This occasion regularly gives a guest a menu of choices and can endeavor to respond to much of the time posed inquiries.

Advantages from utilizing an Interactive Voice Response framework:-

  1. Increase first contact resolution
  2. Increase customer service efficiency
  3. Increase agent and company efficiency
  4. Reduce operational costs
  5. Increase professionalism
  6. Increase customer satisfaction

For what reason should your business have an Interactive Voice Response? 7 reasons and use cases:-

  1. Permit progressively self-administration alternatives for your client.
  2. Sort out your call directing and improve Client Experience.
  3. Organize calls.
  4. Appropriate burden equitably among your workforce.
  5. Catch Dropped calls. Never miss a lead or a grumbling.
  6. Go 24 x 7.
  7. Gather input.

What would it be advisable for you to search for in an Interactive Voice Response supplier?

  1. A skilled cloud stage to decrease CapEx to almost zero.
  2. Simple to set up an interface to tweak messages.
  3. Multi-language support.
  4. Simple versatility for both development and cutting back.
  5. Staggered IVR.
  6. Investigation to comprehend specialist execution, and catch missed calls.
  7. Cell phone backing to associate with specialists on their mobiles.
  8. Great specialized help for you, from your supplier and
  9. The most recent innovation, for example, Voice and computer-based intelligence-driven instruments.

Make your customer service INTERACTIVE with IVR’s

Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR’s) as it is commonly known, is a computerized program that interacts with customers without any need for the intervention of human beings to handle the process. IVR programming assists the callers with pre-recorded message templates stored in the system to help them with menial or monotonous tasks, which reduces the time wasted by the caller while waiting for a customer service representative to answer.

Need for IVR:

An IVR system –

  • Should be able to handle unlimited calls.
  • Have a robust monitoring system which makes processing fast.
  • Should seamlessly work with back-end applications which make it more efficient.
  • Should have the capacity to deploy data extremely

Advantages of IVR:

  1. Decreasing Call Volume

Previously a company with a limited set of employees would have to ultimately limit the volume of calls depending, on their capacity. This would result in smearing the brand value of the company since the customer service section could not answer the queries of the remaining callers. IVR services will allow continuous customer service to all your clients irrespective of any holidays or short staffing problems.

  1. 24×7 Customer Support

Is your live customer service care on hold due to some reason? Well, fear not as IVR will provide a 24×7 service to assist the callers anytime.  Non-stop service is the IVR solution that records and transmits messages during any part of the day or night, irrespective of any conditions.

  1. Better Customer Service

There was some speculation about the transformation of the customer service from live to IVR in the past. This transformation has culminated smoothly into customers enjoying the undivided attention they get through these IVRs. Other than being prompt, these IVRs can be personalized while satisfying the client’s needs. Tweaks can be implemented that allows personalized remarks by tracking the caller id of the caller. Personalized messages like wishing the caller on his birthday can be implemented which ignites the emotion of trust and respect for the company. Language options can be re-configured for every client based on their previous call which enables them to complete their task faster. These is a list of some personalized tweaks which can be incorporated into your customer service through IVR messages.

  1. Lowering Costs

So why do companies invest in technologies? One of their primary objectives is to reduce the costs incurred through the current process. Well, implementing the IVR’s software will definitely reduce your expenditure in the long run. Although you need to invest in the technology at the initial stage, you can reduce the intake of employees for running your live customer care service. Training these employees also takes up additional resources of your company and these costs are reduced too after employing the services of IVR software.

  1. Image of the Company

Maintaining the image of your company is essential and providing undivided attention to your customers is the best way to do so. The personalization concept of the IVR will allow you to interact with your client base seamlessly, which will ultimately help in gaining their trust. IVR’s can be a boost to SMBs. The IVR will allow enterprises to record messages and file them in databases which can be analysed to create patterns of the needs of the clients. For example, if there is a demand by the callers to incorporate a better menu in your IVR, you can update your software to meet the needs of the customers.

6 Reasons Why IVR Phone System Lead To Growth In Business?

Interactive Voice Response(IVR) is an automated telephony system that connects with the callers, collect the required information and routes the call to the appropriate recipient.

This is a great way through which you can connect to a number of customers in no time and make them feel great. With this system, you can reply your customer through recorded spoken words or generated audio which plays automatically when a caller calls you.


  1. Never Misses a Call – Business is on the Go

The business is becoming competitive day by day. The day you start to plan a business, you will see thousands of same companies are already established with the same business. Then, how to survive in the competition? What new things to try to face it? What happens if your phone is switched off and an important phone call arrives? Well, all this can be solved if you have a great interaction towards your audience you can survive even the toughest competition.

An IVR phone system helps you in interacting with your customer through a recorded telephone system. And which helps in communicating with the audience even if you are unavailable at the office, or in evening time when the office gets closed.

  1. Provide Better Customer Service

An IVR phone system helps in providing you better customer service. How?? Well, if a fancy recorded voice welcomes your client from the other end of the phone, he will feel that he is being better attended to. In no time the recorded voice gives the reply of the question the customer asks for and making him to build the trust.

The reply from the recorded voice is clear and concise which help caller to just follow the instruction and making it easy for both you and your client.

  1. Enhances Your Company’s Image

Your company’s image needs an upliftment especially if you are a smaller company. An IVR phone system allows your company’s clients listen to a fancy recorded voice which creates a brand image of your company. And also it is not possible for a receptionist to attend all the calls of the caller and making it simpler to attend all the calls.

For bigger companies, it fosters a professional image by maintaining the brand that the businessman has established on the long-run.

  1. Phone Numbers are For Life

The IVR phone number you are using now is your lifetime phone number. You can move your office to any other location but your phone number remains the same irrespective of where you are located. It is just a one-time investment on your number and there you go, all the year, all the life.

Your IVR number will move along your business, no hardware, no software, as easy as your email.

  1. No Error in the Call

A recorded voice does not allow any type of error when your client calls you and makes your client’s call go smooth. Using an IVR makes your call error free when compared to a receptionist.

When a number of calls come and your receptionist picks the call, it is natural that your receptionist might forget some information to tell or may not pick all the calls and make callers wait on the phone line but with an IVR phone system, a virtual receptionist picks the call on which the IVR message is recorded and thus making the call error free and go smooth.

  1. Wider Reach Of Customers

An IVR phone system makes your customers call easy by making it available to a wider range of audience and reaching out to every single person. If you have your customer worldwide and you talk to them on a daily basis, then an IVR is a great option for you. Use of an IVR can enhance your customer experience by reaching to each one of them.

An IVR phone system is definitely a boon to your business leading to growth. It is helpful in enhancing your customer experience when they make a call and also build trust in your company.

Make the right move, when choosing IVR phone system !!

IVR Service for Different Industries

Interactive voice response (IVR) offers a bridge passing information asked. Plays a crucial role in providing efficient customer service. The users can access the information from anywhere at anytime simply by following on-line instructions. If you implement it properly, it can increase customer satisfaction, ROI & offer new services.

IVR’s can provide information to callers in one of two ways:

Pre-recorded information

No headache, simply pre-record your voice for certain cases like, Examples are: procedural or “how to” information like Income tax filing procedures, bank account opening or credit card application procedures, etc.

Live information from database

These IVR’s get information from databases, convert to voice, and speaks back to the caller. Examples include Phone banking (where you call in, dial in your account number and can hear your account balance on phone), Courier package tracking (where you call in, dial the tracking number, and the system tells you whether the packet has been delivered or if it is in transit, etc.)

IVR for different industries checklist is mentioned below:

IVR’s for Educational Institute

IVR for an educational institute shall cover the following informations.

1. Fee installment paid/due status

2. Attendance status of student

3. Marks scored in test or exam.

4. Remark given by teachers

5. Exam time-table or class timetable

6. Test schedule & test syllabus

7. Admission inquiry & status of admission for any application

8. Vacancies for faculty

9. Any important announcement for students & parents.

10.Automatic reminders on students number.

IVR for Call Center

IVR is one of the most important technology you can use for your call center. Call center open 24/7 in a week and receive a large number of phone calls. Call center handle customer service, customers support, telemarketing, telesales & collections jobs. IVR gives callers an option when there are high call volume. It is very effective way to handle multiple calls & it don’t need a break.

1. By using this system, your call center’s call volume will be increased.

2. Callers have option to get desired information.

3. Save your money & improves service

Hosted IVR for Retail Industry

Retailers should use hosted IVR solution to deliver high quality customer service.

1. Provide Information to customers which include store locations, hours of operations & employee extensions.

2. Vendors can provide service to their clients 24/7.

3. Information of order status & confirmation, and package tracking with a special purchase code.

4. Due bills reminders along with current balance status & payment history.

5. Provide work scheduling notifications for employees.

6. Outbound IVR calls of a survey to get customers feedback.

7. Provide information about available jobs.

IVR Technology for the Healthcare Industry

IVR can help health-care industry to communicate with patience & employees more effectively.

1. Appointment reminders & confirmations

2. Physician lookup & locators

3. Patient’s information to increase efficiency & quality of patient’s care

4. Prescription refills & pickup reminders

5. Automated patient survey to improve experience

6. Process payment over the phone

IVR for Finance Industry

1. Enables customers to check their balance, transfer money, make a payment & more.

2. Provide information of branch locations

3. Alerts & reminders

4. Automated surveys to measure customer satisfaction

5. Inform customers about account/policy/claims updates

6. Card activations & authorizations

7. Special promotion & fraud alerts

IVR System for Entertainment Industry

1. Movie ticket pre-purchase

2. Locations & directions of theaters

3. Payment & credit card verifications

3. Refund information

4. Notifications of movie timing

5. Information about an event or show

6. Automated survey after the event to know people feedback

IVR for Telecom Industry

1. Customer service enquiries

2. Collect call verification & announcement

3. Emergency service notification

4. Offer your service information

5. Introduce new applications or features of already existing applications

6. Payment related information transmission

IVR for Hospitality Industry

IVR can help hospitality in many ways & improve customer service.

1. Information of hotels, amenities, locations & facilities.

2. Hotel booking & confirm reservation

3. Room service could be availed without having to speak to anyone

4. Scheduled change notifications

5. Departure & billing reminders

6. Provide driving direction to the venue

7. Provide assistance to foreign guests in their native language

8. Answer frequently asked questions

9. Customer satisfaction survey

IVR for Political Parties

IVR system is widely used in India as well as overseas by political parties in order to reach their voters.

1. IVR can be used to register new members with phone number

2. Provide information about your party & campaign

3. Use IVR to register complaints by voters.

4. Conduct survey or polls to get feedback from voters

5. Provide information to voters in their native language

6. Add your party manifesto in IVR system