Bulk Voice Calls Service and Bulk SMS brings in India empowers us to correspond with our clients by calling their versatile or landline numbers anyplace in India with a pre-recorded voice messages.
Voice Calls Marketing are pre-recorded voice messages that are sent to mobile and landline networks across the country. This communication technique is wide-reaching.

Bulk Voice Service enable you to send Voice Ads/ voice messages in known languages to mobile and landline numbers. Voice calls are powerful tools used for promoting products and in disseminating messages and information. The biggest advantage of Bulk Voice Service is that it takes the message to a large number of people in a relatively shorter period of time. The Bulk Voice Service come with a language customization feature that allows the message to reach people of different geographical backgrounds.
We offers a great degree easy to comprehend interface for sending Voice Calls & Text Messages acquires sensible rates. Bulk Voice Service helps you to upgrade your business. You can share our information to clients, companions and whatever other group. You essentially need to make an online profile and incorporate all the adaptable numbers or even extra every one of the contacts in a surpass desires sheet and select any suitable portion pack for your essential.

What are the benefits of using Bulk Voice calls?
The benefits for using Bulk Voice Service are:-
1.You can send voice message in your own language.
2.It is rich & easy to use control panel.
3.There is call scheduling facility.
4.It has an automatic dialer.
5.All India Land phone/Mobile Flat Price
6.You can upload Mp3 or wav files.
7.You can manage contacts.
8.You can create groups.
9.Bulk contacts can be uploaded.
10.DND & Non-DND Filtered Gateways
11.You can convert text into voice.
12.API Codes for Website/Software Integration
13.No Agent, No Dialer Needed
14.1000+ Calls Simultaneously,
15.It is run by fully automated system.

In fact, it deals with numbers that you send to a number and plays the recorded message. Some of the widely used Bulk Voice Service areas are listed below as follows.
1.Obtain a response from members, employees, customers, and prospects
2.Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
3.Marketing products and services
5.Confirm preset appointments, pre-scheduled meetings, and conference
6.Fundraising for social cause
7.Business pickup and delivery phone notification
8.Set as appointment reminder
9.IT support staff for alert escalation process
10.Set as appointment reminder
11.Outbound voice call IVR
12.Call scheduling

How Bulk Sms Services Is Beneficial For Every Business

Bulk SMS Services, voice calls, these area units the items making huge variations within the promoting strategy of assorted brands. each business with an oversized client base uses this tool to interact with the shoppers and market the product and services.

For all the business house owners United Nations agency area unit confused regarding adding this tool to their promoting strategy, here area unit a couple of superb advantages of getting a Bulk SMS entryway supplier.

  • A fast methodology to achieve your customers:
    The Bulk Sms Services has increased the communication system to a good extent. and therefore the bulk message causation any will increase the effectiveness of reaching bent on the purchasers for the companies. Organizations rent the services, so that, they’ll act on their promoting ways at the speed of sunshine. It takes half dozen to seven seconds and therefore the company sends the promotional message to all or any the mobile numbers of the potential consumers.
  • Easy customization:
    As one message is distributed bent on an oversized target cluster of individuals, it needs lowest changes to feature updates within the content. will be however an organization can ofttimes add info regarding the new product or services within the content and send it to all or any the targeted audience.
  • Gets higher engagement:
    Mobile is that the most personal possession of the individuals these days. Most of the youth generation pay eighty p.c of their day probing their mobile. this is often why SMS service proves to be a good facilitate in participating the potential customer and grab their attention. The no different methodology is as effective as this one once it involves participating individuals.
  • To the point:
    The “To the point” approach to the present service could be a nice advantage for marketers to send a transparent message to their target client. It doesn’t have all the surplus litter that decreases the effectiveness of the core message. It solely focuses on the succinct.
  • Covers all demographics:
    There is no different higher methodology to faucet the targeted market. The vary of this service has no limit, because of the actual fact that, there area unit a lot of mobiles on this earth than the number of individuals living.

What is the use of bulk voice calls?

Bulk Voice Calls is an advanced form of technology to communicate with your customers. It is a pre-recorded IVR or voice which is broadcasted to the targeted people making it the most effective and advanced marketing activity tool.

Every company finds solutions for cost-effective and cheaper way to market their services or products across their regions. If you put manpower to make a single call to each and every prospect/customers it takes the entire day and still, it cannot reach to everyone in your data system.

With the help of voice SMS service, you can target your clients and get the most of it. Bulk voice calls save a lot of precious time in terms of calling a single customer and convincing them for your offerings.

Benefits of Obligr Voice SMS :

1. Reminders for EMI, loans, payment updates etc.
2. Political campaign for vote promotion, vote reminders.
3. Voice SMS is more personalized than text messages.
4. Record your own voice in your own language and send.

Obligr India Pvt Ltd provides the best solutions in voice sms software by providing our customers solution as per their business requirements. We offer uninterrupted voice sms solutions through our robust gateway.