Bulk Voice Call area unit pre-recorded voice messages that area unit sent to mobile and subscriber line networks across the country. they’re automatic calls and involve the automatic dialling of multiple numbers all quickly exploitation laptop managed lists. This communication technique is wide-reaching.
Bulk voice Call modify you to send Voice Ads/ pre-recorded voice messages in acknowledged languages to mobile and subscriber line numbers. Bulk Voice calls area unit powerful tools used for promoting product and in dispersive messages and knowledge. The largest advantage of Bulk Voice Call is that it takes the message to an out sized variety of individuals in a very comparatively shorter amount of your time. the majority Voice Call associate with a language customization feature that enables the message to succeed in individuals of various geographical backgrounds.
Most people don’t seem to be aware of English text. The language customization tool allows the enterprises to succeed in dead set the lots through voice messages in their most well-liked language.
The Bulk Voice Call system is that the final traveler you’ll search for. It dials from the numbers that you simply send to U.S. and plays the recorded message. The receiver has got to hear the voice message and doesn’t got to respond.
Bulk Voice  Call area unit feature-rich and simple to use. it’s a perfect tool for generating leads, event notification, political campaign promotions, fund raising, client surveys,service reminders, product promotions, elector registration, vote reminders, announcements, EMI reminders, premium reminders, product and repair selling and far additional.

Widely used for Bulk Voice Call:-

• Deliver or acquire responses from members, employees, customers and prospects.
• provide notifications once needed.
• Political campaign promotion, elector registration, vote reminders.
• wedding Reminder Calls (Special package).
• selling product & services.
• Announcements.
• provide reminders like EMI, premium.
• ensure planned appointments, pre-scheduled conferences & conferences.
• may get yes/ no responses.
• Lead generations for mortgage brokers.
• Fundraising for social cause.
• Event notification for churches, parties and organizations.
• Business pickup/delivery phone notifications.
• Appointment reminder.
• IT support employees for alert increase method.
• Record and voice broadcast in your own voice.
• outgoing voice decision IVR.
• decision programming.
• cordial reception.
• Health Care.
• assortment Agents (Telephone Bills, Installments Due etc.).
• Utilities (EB, Telephones, Gas, etc.).
• Bank Branches, Insurance Agents.
• Travel Agents, Tour Operators.
• academic establishments.
• retailers and institutions.
• Offices and company homes.
• Resorts, Theme parks.
• Supermarkets / Malls.
• Media Business.
• Stock brokers and Bankers.

How Bulk Voice Call or Voice Call Broadcasting works?

The Bulk Voice Call Broadcasting platform is accessed by client via an online based mostly interface tool.
On this tool the client will load a pre-recorded Voice decision message and a target client dialing list.
The platform hosted at completely different knowledge center can offer a Bulk Voice Call Blast service by at the same time dialing dead set the target purchasers and play pre-recorded Voice message over the phonephone.
The web interface permits the client to:-
1.Upload voice files to be vie to finish purchasers
2.Upload dialing list target numbers
3.Schedule Campaigns
4.Extract Reports

Why Bulk Voice Call System?

Bulk Voice Call resolution is advantageous as a result of it helps businesses in lead generation:-
1.Bulk Voice Call also are most efficient as compared to the normal mailers.
2.Voice electronic communication services is used for client surveys, mobile selling, stock alerts and alternative reminders.
3.Voice messages is sent in regional language that users will relate to.
4.Our Bulk Voice Call plans embrace a good array of options starting from try mechanism for Bulk Voice Calls, DNC (Do Not Call) mobile numbers filtering, programming the voice SMS campaigns at predefined date & time and integration of arriving additionally as outgoing calls with third party applications.
5.The number of mobile subscribers is rising day after day and with the universal reaches of voice SMS (independent of telephone set & SIM) and Bulk Voice decision is crucial to succeed in the target audience- each domestically and globally.

Bulk Voice Call options Are:-
• Pre-recorded message area unit sent to mobile and landlines everywhere Asian country.
• Voice broadcasts for election campaigns or for awareness of recent government schemes, or any railway services e.g. booking confirmation or on enquiry concerning current running trains.
• terribly cheap SMS or Voice Calls service.
• A special system is intended to decision thousands of numbers in one go. System can dial all the numbers that area unit uploaded and also the message is vie. this may facilitate to handle several queries in number of minutes.
• Your own contact variety is used As a caller ID for causation the majority Voice SMS or Calls.
• API Codes for web site or computer code Integration additionally out there.
• decision programming Facility additionally out there.
• you’ll Send Voice Message in native language.
• transfer Mp3 recording or Wav File.

Advantages of Bulk Voice Call:-
1.Can build coincident calls with desired prompts at one go.
2.Automated IVR resolution.
3.Records & reports client response (DTMF).
4.High availableness and quantifiability.
5.Greater Reach – Mobile user base.
6.Multi language Promotions.
7.Automated – Record once and automatic relay of voice recording to pre outlined info.
8.Increase in response rate.
9.Recipient has freedom of response.
10.Clarity of communication.

Benefits of Logon Bulk Voice Call:-
1.Strong Back bone Infrastructure.
2.Supports Out sure.
3.Can Take 1000+ coincident calls instantly.
4.Call to any or all Asian country Land line or Mobile @ Flat Rates.
5.Pay just for Answered calls .
6.No setup charges No monthly fees.
7.No Hardware or computer code to shop for.
8.Easy on-line Management and management with real time reportage.
9.Easy Recording choices – Record and broadcast your own voice simply through our dial-in Record centre. additionally transfer sound files recorded via laptop to our message centre.
10.Auto Redial (three makes an attempt to confirm career to nonreciprocal calls – optional).
11.Multiple Bulk Dynamic Calls (E.g Payment reminder calls by dynamically reading the outstanding amounts and due dates).
12.Online NDNC Management.


Bulk Voice Calls / OBD essentially may be a easy technology that plays a recorded voice message to a whole bunch or perhaps thousands of decision recipients, at intervals a awfully short span of your time. This technology is usually used for alerting communities, notifications, business applications or for promotional functions. Voice Broadcasting delivered to you by Staticking is in truth designed to be used for a large vary of applications like Political Campaigns, client Surveys, Mobile promoting, Stock Alerts, and EMI Alerts then on. counting on your would like, you’ll use it, as per your specification. By creating use of Staticking Voice Broadcasting you’ll be during a position to relay pre-recorded voice messages to any mobile or telephone line networks across the country. mistreatment pc managed lists; Bulk voice calls ar automatic dialing multiple numbers right away taking part in a pre-recorded message to mechanically dialed mobile or telephone line numbers. This communication technique of bulk voice calls offers you the advantage of obtaining the a lot of required reach to a large vary of customers. StatickingVoice Broadcasting is crafted to be a strong tool for content of the merchandise or political Campaigns.
The major advantage of getting U.S. by your facet enables you to have access to several targeted individuals in comparatively short amount of your time. we have a tendency to ar Static King, one among the leading Bulk Voice decision Services, Voice SMS Services of this superb facility. we have a tendency to ar primarily based in indore and provide effective and economical services to clients’ unfold across the country. we all know the TRAI tips and you’ll send SMS alerts to the prevailing client, client, worker etc that’s free from promotional content. you’ll update your customers’ concerning any of your merchandise and services. we have a tendency to certify that a buzz is formed concerning your merchandise and services. selecting our services, you’ll be rest assured to revamp and design your Voice SMS Service campaign in order that you’ll reach bent on the utmost potential customers. The notion of causation Bulk SMS is shortly gaining quality in Republic of India.
Bulk Voice Calls Service isn’t a replacement idea in Republic of India. Enterprise, SME’s and startups still as Political Parties are mistreatment this to create the communication easier, quicker and during a price effective manner. Manually dialling thousands of phone numbers is next to not possible for any company. For associate degree example if you’ve got 5000 Customers to send them a reminder of their EMI Date, it’s an upscale, time overwhelming task to decision all of them one by one and repeat a similar reminder. Bulk Voice decision makes it very easy in spite of range of individuals or customers you would like to decision.
With a Bulk Voice decision Service in Republic of India. corporations will currently unfold your business in no time among the thousand range of individuals through a pre-recorded decision. It’s your alternative, you select to send your recorded decision to a personal or to a bundle of individuals. you’ll manage it per your necessity and save the dear time. Bulk Voice decision allows to move with customers, promote businesses and have interaction them through a web voice decision service.

So however it works then?
Bulk Voice Calls may be a service through you’ll decision thousands of shoppers on their mobile or telephone line in precisely one click and deliver pre-recorded messages to anyone, anyplace through a completely automatic internet panel. You don’t need any hardware or pricy code to try and do this. If you’ve got a listing of shoppers that you just need to decision them in bulk, simply transfer their numbers in internet panel, record a message and transfer a similar and hit “Send”. And you’re done! Bulk Voice decision System can mechanically dial those numbers and your client are ready to hear a similar message as shortly because the decision is answered.

Use Cases
Broadcast Offers, Deals, Promotions and products Updates
Payment reminders, payment confirmation, EMI reminders.
One Time Passwords / OTP mistreatment voice decision
Appointments confirmation, bookings, scheduling, re-scheduling.
Marketing merchandise and services you provide.
Event notification for social affair, parties
Educational updates, vacation updates
Political Campaign Promotions
EMI Reminders
Medicine Reminders, Health health check Campaign Reminder

Bulk Voice Calls
Bulk Voice Calls and Bulk SMS brings in {india|India|Republic of Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} empowers U.S. to correspond with our purchasers by career their versatile or telephone line numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice messages.
Aikonsms offers an excellent degree simple to grasp interface for causation Bulk Voice Calls & Text Messages acquires wise rates. Voice calls helps you to upgrade your business. you’ll share our info to purchasers, companions and no matter different cluster. You basically got to build a web profile and incorporate all the labile numbers or perhaps further each one of the contacts during a surpass needs sheet and choose any appropriate portion pack for your essential.

Voice SMS Campaign may well be utilised for several functions like:-

1.Political functions like campaign, reminders, registrations etc.
2.Give updates like payment, EMI, Account activities
3.Arrangement update
4.Social insurance and Health Care
5.Media homes
6.IT Support
7.Stock representatives and Bankers
8.Education and cordial reception Sectors

What is bulk voice decision and its key features?
Bulk voice calls refers to pre-recorded voice message that may be listened from a mobile or a telephone line range. With a awfully simple method you’ll build a voice message which may helps to decision unlimited range in precisely one go. It conjointly helps to stay a track and earn a large profit. it’s an easy and quickest and value effective methodology. Voice broadcasting facility helps your enterprise to enter in their desired market. It helps in reaching the target market directly by the communication device. With the majority voice SMS or voice decision service.

Features of Voice decision Service:-

1. Broadcast your business message promptly to the proper audience
Takes a awfully short time for your business message to be detected by an oversized mass of audience. you’ll target your niche demographic and broadcast specific promotional messages to them outright.

2.Target specific audience in multiple campaigns
Easily phase and target your promotional messages to the audience of your alternative. customise specific messages with well-researched promotional offers, in vernacular languages and a lot of for higher business.

3.Business messages ar detected in their full capability
Voice calls ar prompt and reach the receiver together with your message during a moment. With prompt message delivery and no different impertinent words the calls ar typically listened to and not decorated up midway.

4.Market your merchandise or services
Promote your merchandise and services while not defrayment immense amounts. Get the word bent on the proper ears into their terribly own mobile phones that ar with all of them the time!

5.Excellent decision quality
With a voice message delivery folks that cannot browse conjointly receive your business message clearly. the standard of your business message delivery can certify the message is detected full and clear with none interruption or cracking.

6.Send reminders to your shopper base
Is the simplest methodology to send reminders for EMI payments, payment, bills etc. Improves client satisfaction through a way of responsibility projected from the corporate.


A bulk voice decision may be an easy communication technology that enables you to require a recorded voice message to tons of or perhaps thousands of decision recipients in an exceedingly short span of your time. These bulk voice call square measure most frequently used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional functions.

Bulk Voice Call Service isn’t a replacement idea in the Republic of India. Enterprise, SME’s and startups similarly as Political Parties are mistreatment this to create the communication easier, quicker and in an exceedingly cost-efficient manner. Manually dialing thousands of phone numbers is next to not possible for any company.

What Are Bulk Voice decision Service and the way it works?

With a Bulk Voice decision Service in the Republic of India. firms will currently unfold your business in no time among the thousand range of individuals through a pre-recorded decision

Voice SMS is a complicated type of technology to speak along with your customers. it’s a pre-recorded IVR or voice that is broadcasted to the targeted folks creating it the foremost effective and advanced selling activity tool.

it’s your selection, you decide to send your recorded decision to a person or to a bundle of individuals. you’ll manage it per your necessity and save the dear time. Bulk Voice decision permits to act with customers, promote businesses and interact them through an internet voice decision service.

Benefits of Bulk Voice decision Service

User-friendly Interface:
Our Bulk Voice decision System comes with full packed options and is additionally terribly easy. Eliminate the requirement of getting a fervent person to try and do this.

Re-engage customers:
Send timely reminders and promotions to your customers. Gain their trust and maximize the ROI by re-engaging them.

Reliable Service:
Our servers square measure backed by extremely reliable infrastructure and a fervent team with 24×7 support.

Automatic Dialing:
Our Bulk Voice decision System is in a position to dial thousands of phone numbers at the same time and deliver your message.

Text to Speech:
Craft and transfer Voice Message the method you would like. kind to convert it into speech or simply transfer your pre-recorded audio file.

Call report and analytics:
Easily access and examine business reports and analyze them as per your business desires. Check victorious, un-responded or failing calls.


Voice Broadcasting has start up to be one in every of the economical tools to access the plenty at the time and deliver the message with none delay. several government organizations, firms, and teams use decision broadcast to succeed in out individuals in bulk. it’s an efficient communication tool to keep up a sturdy connect with a decent chunk of individuals.

Voice Broadcasting has many advantages that facilitate the service supplier to form his customers listen concerning the advantages concerning the services. The time and energy behind Voice Broadcasting square measure abundant lesser compared to the results they furnish.

Top 6 advantages of Voice Broadcasting for Your Business


Calling the people manually can not be consistent and also the human effort behind such calls asks for the investment of your time and cash. Despite the trouble created, results might not be as sound because it ought to as a result of the automated Voice Broadcasting connects to the thousands of individuals in mere one go.

2.Cost Effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of Voice Broadcasting is one in every of the foremost helpful options as they assist to induce connected with the shoppers with none separate special started. machine-controlled line doesn’t would like any readying of agents and with varied choices on the market, an acceptable possibility may be chosen reckoning on the size of business. Voice Broadcasting is simply one-time investment and has semi permanent advantages.

3.Marketing Tool

The concurrent access to several customers makes it terribly productive in terms of selling. Customers square measure required to be accessed effectively and also the purpose of creating a presence felt for a decent chunk of shoppers makes it Associate in Nursing economical tool to cater sales and promotion. within the on-line market, several huge brands use Voice Broadcasting to form customers aware of the merchandise and begin the sales method.

4.Leaving a message to the shoppers

The sense of being a service supplier becomes entirely pointless if the attributes of your services don’t seem to be sent to the shoppers properly. With the assistance of Voice Broadcasting, it becomes tons easier to form the client conscious of the merchandise and services. just in case the client doesn’t choose a phone then you’ll continuously leave a message.

5.Campaign Management

To make a campaign productive, Voice Broadcasting may be utilized meaningfully. With the assistance of Voice Broadcasting, an automatic voice message is shipped to a selected cluster of individuals and another message may be sent a distinct} cluster of individuals with a different interest, at the same time.

6.Personalized Messages

Emails move into junk if they’re carrying any advertising in it. Voice messages square measure given additional importance and it additionally becomes easier for the perceiver to concentrate and perceive than browse an extended mail and find the purposeful points out of it. A scripted message with personal bit leaves the recipient with an explicit sense of recall that additional helps to create a client relationship less dimmed.

What square measure the benefits of a Voice Broadcasting?


Sending voice calls singly to thousands of people on a client information are terribly pricy as a result of pulse rates for voice calls square measure very high. A voice blast permits you to succeed in many alternative recipients at a awfully nominal value. So, though there’s no new lead generation or conversion, the wastage of resources is negligible.


This feature permits you to rescale or down your selling effort simply. there’s hardly any distinction in value of a message sent to one recipient or to multiple recipients.

3.Improved productivity:

Since the calls square measure created mechanically while not agent involvement, it frees up agents to target revenue generating comes. a similar message doesn’t ought to be communicated by Associate in Nursing agent to totally different recipients manually. This additionally boosts agent morale as they will take up tougher assignments. That mechanically improves the productivity of the firm.

4.On time delivery:

The messages square measure sent to the recipients at the regular time. there’s nearly no likelihood of an intermission to the arrange.

5.Increase sales:

Since messages may be targeted higher, the sales conversions square measure above several alternative selling efforts. Interested customers will create additional inquiries presently, dashing up the sales method.