Bulk Voice Calls Service and Bulk SMS brings in India empowers us to correspond with our clients by calling their versatile or landline numbers anyplace in India with a pre-recorded voice messages.
Voice Calls Marketing are pre-recorded voice messages that are sent to mobile and landline networks across the country. This communication technique is wide-reaching.

Bulk Voice Service enable you to send Voice Ads/ voice messages in known languages to mobile and landline numbers. Voice calls are powerful tools used for promoting products and in disseminating messages and information. The biggest advantage of Bulk Voice Service is that it takes the message to a large number of people in a relatively shorter period of time. The Bulk Voice Service come with a language customization feature that allows the message to reach people of different geographical backgrounds.
We offers a great degree easy to comprehend interface for sending Voice Calls & Text Messages acquires sensible rates. Bulk Voice Service helps you to upgrade your business. You can share our information to clients, companions and whatever other group. You essentially need to make an online profile and incorporate all the adaptable numbers or even extra every one of the contacts in a surpass desires sheet and select any suitable portion pack for your essential.

What are the benefits of using Bulk Voice calls?
The benefits for using Bulk Voice Service are:-
1.You can send voice message in your own language.
2.It is rich & easy to use control panel.
3.There is call scheduling facility.
4.It has an automatic dialer.
5.All India Land phone/Mobile Flat Price
6.You can upload Mp3 or wav files.
7.You can manage contacts.
8.You can create groups.
9.Bulk contacts can be uploaded.
10.DND & Non-DND Filtered Gateways
11.You can convert text into voice.
12.API Codes for Website/Software Integration
13.No Agent, No Dialer Needed
14.1000+ Calls Simultaneously,
15.It is run by fully automated system.

In fact, it deals with numbers that you send to a number and plays the recorded message. Some of the widely used Bulk Voice Service areas are listed below as follows.
1.Obtain a response from members, employees, customers, and prospects
2.Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
3.Marketing products and services
5.Confirm preset appointments, pre-scheduled meetings, and conference
6.Fundraising for social cause
7.Business pickup and delivery phone notification
8.Set as appointment reminder
9.IT support staff for alert escalation process
10.Set as appointment reminder
11.Outbound voice call IVR
12.Call scheduling

Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk voice Calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Voice broadcasting facilities allow businesses to strengthen their position in their target market. Bulk Voice Calls in India enables us to communicate with our customers by calling their mobile or landline numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message. Bhashsms.com offers an extremely user friendly interface for sending Bulk Voice Calls in reasonable rates. Bulk Voice calls helps you to enhance your business. You can share our information to customer, clients or with your friends and any other group. In any Industry, Bulk Voice Calls can help reduce the labor cost and increasing the work completion percentage in respect to the calls.
Bulk voice calls are automated calls which involves automated dialing to hundreds of numbers at once using computer managed lists, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed mobile or landline numbers. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages. Voice calls are also most cost effective in comparison to the traditional mailers. No person or agent is required to talk with the receiver of the automated call. The receiver of Bulk Voice Calls simply listens to the recorded voice message.

How Bulk Voice Calls Can Benefit Your Business?
1.Deliver or obtain responses from employees, customers and prospects.
2.Give notifications when required
3.Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
4.Marriage Reminder Calls
6.Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium
7.Confirm preset appointments, pre-scheduled meetings & conferences
8.Event notification for churches, parties and organizations
9.Business pickup/delivery phone notifications.
10.You can use this to update your staff, associates or customers.
11.You can do simple voice broadcasts (e.g. election campaigns).

DND Bulk Voice Calls/SMS Features:-
1.You can send Bulk Voice Calls on DND & Non DND both numbers.
2.You can also Call on ‘Do Not Call’ list or NCPR (National Customer Preference Register) Numbers.
3.Caller id will be your own 10 digit mobile number or any Indian landline number.
4.Bulk Voice Calling timing will 24 x 7 x 365 by your own mobile number & 9 am to 9 pm by landline number.
5.Only answered calls will be charged.
6.Send your own pre-recorded message to mobile and landline networks in Pune, Maharashtra & across India.
7.Our system will dial all the numbers that you have uploaded and play your message.
8.Detailed reports list all calls and statuses for complete transparency.
9.Low, very cheap SMS, Voice Calls Cost in Pune.

Non DND Bulk Voice Calls/SMS Features:-
1.You can send Bulk Voice Calls only on Non DND numbers.
2.Our automated system will filter ‘Do Not Call’ list or NCPR (National Customer Preference Register) Numbers.
3.Caller id (from which number bulk calls occur) will be like +91-140-XXXXXXXX or 140XXXXXXXX.
4.Bulk Voice Calling timing will be 9 am to 9 pm.
5.Submission & answered basis packages are available.
6.In Answered basis only picked calls will be charged.
7.In Submission basis all calls will be charged except DND Numbers.
8.Send your own pre-recorded message to mobile and landline networks in Pune, Maharashtra & across India.
9.Our system will dial all the numbers that you have uploaded and play your message.
10.Detailed reports list all calls and statuses for complete transparency.

Use Case for Bulk Voice Calls:-
Be innovative, send Bulk Calls SMS to your future students with just one click. Explain the benefits of your college and fee structure in 30 seconds. Drive registrations for OBD activity with DTMF input at the end of a message. Get instant results and reporting.
School management can trigger short Bulk Voice Campaign time to time to inform parents about parent Teacher meetings or some sudden holiday through our Voice platforms so as to make the urgent information reach the parents timely.
If you are a political party and want to reach each and every citizen of your area, do a Voice Broadcast. Record the message in the voice of the leader so as to give a personal feel to the end users and send out the Voice SMS to millions of people at just one click. You can check out the real-time reports too to check the effectiveness of the campaign
Take your product to billions of people at just one click in the language most preferable by your customers by our robust platform. Make a jingle and play that on the voice call clip and be there in the mind of your customers when its time for them to make the purchase.

Features of Bulk Voice Calls:-
1.Broadcast your business message promptly to the right audience
Takes a very short time for your business message to be heard by a large mass of audience. You can target your niche demographic and broadcast specific promotional messages to them instantaneously.
2.Target specific audience in multiple campaigns
Easily segment and target your promotional messages to the audience of your choice. Customize specific messages with well-researched promotional offers, in vernacular languages and more for better business.
3.Business messages are heard in their full capacity
Voice calls are prompt and reach the receiver with your message in a moment. With prompt message delivery and no other irrelevant words the calls are usually listened to and not hung up midway.
4.Market your products or services
Promote your products and services without spending huge amounts. Get the word out to the right ears into their very own mobile phones that are with them all the time!
5.Excellent call quality
With a voice message delivery people who cannot read also receive your business message clearly. The quality of your business message delivery will make sure the message is heard full and clear without any interruption or cracking.
6.Send reminders to your client base
Is the most effective method to send reminders for EMI payments, insurance premium, bills etc. Improves customer satisfaction through a sense of responsibility projected from the company.

Bulk Voice Call Service

Bulk Voice Call Service allows one to send a pre-recorded message to large group of people. With its simple process, one can create own voice message which can be sent across multiple customer database and keep track records and earn profits. In all, Web based voice calling service is one of the simplest, fastest and price effective method to promote products and services in modern times.
SMS Gateway Center is one such Bulk Voice Call Service provider which ensures maximum successful call delivery within minimum time. One can avail our services to send out any important announcements, alerts or reminder notifications, social campaigning messages, promoting business or marketing campaigns, latest offers and updates on products and services.
We assure you fastest and instant Bulk Voice Call delivery to many people at large. Our distinctive audio clip uploading and recording service with auto re-dialing of unsuccessful calls are some of the unique features of Bulk voice call service.
Bulk Voice Call Service is rarely used by Indian Companies, though it is a very important marketing tool. SMS Gateway Center offers prominent Bulk Voice Call Services in Run your Bulk Voice Call Service Campaign and find good marketing leads.
We live in a world of Instant fantasy where everything is done immediately and instantly. Wondered how fast the world is moving ahead? It becomes important to place your brand right in the mind of your audiences. There are various ways to advertise and promote your businesses. Most popular ones are the SMS service, which is considered an effective marketing tool. Thought SMS services are considered the fastest of the lot, Bulk Voice Call Service have gained momentum in the process of promoting businesses.

Benefits of Bulk Voice Call Service:-
• No set up fee, no subscription fee: the service is usage based
• State of the art voicemail detection
• Pay only for recipients reached
• High outbound capacity
• Warm and personalized technology
• Message can be done in any language
• Reach cell phone and landline: people receive the call like a regular phone call
• Go green using electronic media
• The service is 100% hosted and you do not require any hardware of software installation
• Improve your response rates using voice messaging as a substitute for, or a supplement to, your traditional customer contact methods
• Cost-effectively increase revenue, enhance customer service and retention, and secure payments in a more timely fashion
• Reduce inbound calls to your contact center by proactively communicating with customers
• Increase agent productivity by automating routine tasks, freeing agents to spend time talking to valued customers

Advantages of Bulk Voice Call Service:-
In fact, it deals with numbers that you send to a number and plays the recorded message. Some of the widely used voice call areas are listed below as follows.
1.Obtain a response from members, employees, customers, and prospects
2.Political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
3.Marketing products and services
5.Confirm preset appointments, pre-scheduled meetings, and conference
6.Fundraising for social cause
7.Business pickup and delivery phone notification
8.Set as appointment reminder
9.IT support staff for alert escalation process
10.Set as appointment reminder
11.Outbound voice call IVR
12.Call scheduling

Bulk Voice Call Service solution is advantageous because it helps businesses in lead generation:-
Bulk Voice call Service are also most cost-effective in comparison to the traditional mailers. Voice messaging services can be used for customer surveys, mobile marketing, stock alerts and other reminders. Voice messages can be sent in regional language that users can relate to. Our Bulk SMS plans include a wide array of features ranging from retry mechanism for Bulk Voice Call, DNC (Do Not Call) mobile numbers filtering, , scheduling the voice SMS campaigns at predefined date & time and integration of inbound as well as outbound calls with third party applications.
The number of mobile subscribers is rising each day and with the universal reaches of voice SMS (independent of handset & SIM) and Bulk Voice Call is essential to reach the target audience- both locally and globally.

Features of Bulk Voice Call Service:-
1.Bulk voice call service is able to call millions of customer’s simultaneously and deliver message.
2.You can craft your voice message according to need, either it can be converted as speech or it can be delivered in the way you have recorded the message.
3.This service is very much user-friendly and you don’t need a dedicated person to perform this.
4.You can easily view and access calling reports and utilize it as per business need. 5.You can check success, unsuccessful and not responded separately.
6.Your service details can reach to those who simply avoid Emails and texts and it helps to maximize the visibility.
7.Obviously, the customer feels delighted and valued when they received a personalized call from you and they feel like they are treated well.
8.You can send promotions and reminders timely and gain the trust and this helps to re-engage them.
Dialing thousands of numbers manually is very much hectic and require lots of manpower. Let’s voice call service provider do this for you without any glitch.
These are the pointers which can help you to know what the service exactly is, how it works and what the primary benefits are? These points will help you out to use this service as per your business needs and choose a correct provider for you. This service is very trustworthy and well knows in order to promote or run your business so choose Voice bulk calls instead of manual work.


Voice Broadcasting Service is a way to deliver pre recorded message to thousands of targeted audience at a time.It is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty by delivering information about.If you are going for Voice Broadcasting Service campaign you will need to decide whether your message will be just an announcement.Or if you want to keep your audience for customers the ability to press one on your phone to get a lead and record your message and upload it to the system.The system broadcast your message out to thousands of people.A person Get the call listen to your voice message and Voice Broadcast Service prompts people to press one.When Your prospect press one, you can check pressed key. And your sales team gonna lead now a sales representative will call this prospect. The service will help you to grow business revenue.It can be use for reminder and order confirmations promotions and discounts alerts and notifications phone surveys.and many More.
Voice Broadcasting Service is an effective method of communicating with multitudes of people at one time. This is a must-have system for a business, especially one that regularly needs to send messages to their customers, leads, employees, and various vendors. Once you have this system in place, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it.
Voice messaging enables a higher response rate than using direct mail, yet it is as fast and inexpensive as sending emails. Additionally, it can be used to serve various purposes inside of your business by creating a new bridge of communication.

The benefits of Voice Broadcasting Service:-
1) Easy to Implement
There is nothing complicated about initiating a voice broadcasting system for your business. Choose a provider that operates online and you will not be obligated to add any software or hardware to your existing computer. Once you have created your account you will only need to add your contacts. After it has been set up, sending a message is as easy as logging in, recording your message and choosing the recipients.
2) Convenient
Voice Broadcasting Service is remarkably convenient for a user. From the comfort of your own computer you are able to reach out to hundreds of your contacts in just a few minutes.If you are a small operation attempting to expand your business, you will find this to be an optimal way to do it without taking up too much of your time.
3) App Adaptable
Convenience is even increased when you use a provider that has a downloadable mobile app. This enables you to access your account and send messages right from your cell phone. Regional managers who oversee various locations at a time find this to be an effective way of connecting with their store managers no matter where they are.
4) Timed Messaging
Scheduling allows you to record or transcribe your message in the morning to be sent later that day or even the next. With some planning you could even use this feature to compose an entire weeks worth of messages at one time.
5) User Friendly
Voice Broadcasting Service platforms are extremely easy to manage. All of the tools are in place to let you send messages to hundreds of people at a time. Even if you are not necessarily computer savvy you will have no trouble in navigating through your Voice Broadcasting Service account to send your desired message.
6) A Personal Touch
When you use the custom voice message recording function, it adds a personal touch that you don’t see in many businesses anymore. Hearing the owner rave about their product or give a rally pep talk to employees is an ideal way to hold their interest and make you stand out from the crowd.
7) Organized
A Voice Broadcasting Service is like having an automated Rolodex. You will enter your contact information, which can be organized in whatever way works best for your needs. For example, you can have one contact category for your customers, one for your vendors and yet another for your employees. This way it is only a click of one button to have your selected voice message sent to the right group of people. These various groups can be changed or modified by you at any time, helping to keep up to date records of all your contacts important information.
8) Flexible
The concept of Voice Broadcasting Service has even expanded, you could have the option of sending the message in an SMS text message. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to reach even more individuals with your important information. People have developed the habit of quickly checking their text messages, rather than answering a phone call. With SMS alerts enabled through voice messaging, you increase your odds of reaching all of your contacts.
9) Brand Building
By reaching out to leads and existing customers with Voice Broadcasting Service you can increase your brand’s presence dramatically. The ability to reach hundreds of individuals and talk about your company, either with a voice or text message, gives you endless opportunities to make your brand better known. With an added mass marketing feature as a part of your voice messaging service, you can invite customers to opt in to your brand. This enables you to send them information about your company, coupons to shop with and incentives to share your brand with friends to further increase your visibility.
10) Increased Sales
With the ability to build your brand will come an increase in your sales. Voice Broadcasting Service is an excellent marketing tool that is being used by business owners in all kinds of industries and fields. From service providers like staffing agencies to bars and clubs, business owners are seeing a substantial increase in the amount of money they can make. Using Voice broadcasting Service as a marketing tool does not involve extensive work on your part, other than coming up with creative ways to encourage customers to buy your products or come to your location.
11) Improved Productivity
You will have a lot of extra time to focus on your business once you have Voice Broadcasting Service in place. By not having to make multiple phone calls or spend hours on marketing plans you can put that effort towards other important aspects of your business. This is a time saving tool that will become invaluable to the busy business owner.
12) Versatile
Voice Broadcasting Service is suitable for all types of business structures, the system will easily adapt to meet your mass communication needs.
13) Multiple Options
These types of communication systems give the user a range of options in messaging. You choose who it is sent to, and the format that is to be used. You may even have the option of a back-up email being sent to the recipient to guarantee that they have seen or heard the original message.
14) Track Recipients
Detailed call broadcast reports will let you see which of your messages are picked up, and which recipients did not answer your call. You can even tell when one was left as a message.By knowing who has heard your message you can coordinate to resend to those who haven’t.
15) Cost Effective
Voice Broadcasting Service is not at all expensive. In fact, if used as a marketing tool, the subscription price has the potential to be more than matched by your increase in revenue. Voice Broadcasting Service providers offer one of the most cost effective methods for a business owner to save time and stay in touch.
16) Surveying
Using a push button option, you can ask your customers questions about your service or the types of goods they would like to see you provide. The results will be sent and recorded in your account where you can easily view them when logged in. This feature can also be used to gain insights from your employees that help in improving productivity.