The main concern for every business owner is, how to drive customers to their business. For this, we should use different marketing mediums. We live in mobile era, we must use power of mobile to drive more customers & business. Text messaging or SMS Marketing is one of the most useful mobile marketing tool. It is the best way to help your business communicate with your target audience, It is a direct way to share a special offer or company information with large group of people easily from an online platform.

SMS marketing offers a lot of opportunity like improve customer service, attract genuine leads & potential customers, and build the brand. Nearly every industry can use the power of this marketing tool.

In this article, we’ll discuss about how different industries can benefit from using text messaging.

Retail Industry

SMS marketing & retail industry are made for each other, SMS is the perfect opportunity to increase sales. It is one of the best medium to create awareness around your brand, products & services.

SMS marketing can be very effective to send out bulk message to your subscribers about a special offer, & Sale that you have on in store. It is more direct and personal way to reach your customers, & communicate with them through text messaging. With SMS you can send text offers like personalized coupon codes or Creating a generic discount code to your subscribers.

Here are some ways to use SMS

  • New stock availability

  • New product arrival

  • Coupon codes, discounts & offers

  • Delivery information

  • Payment information

  • Greetings on occasions & festivals


Average response time for text messages is 90 seconds. SMS marketing offers many opportunities for education industry. It is a great way to reach out to students. Education Institute use this service in many ways like.

  • Parent-teacher conferences

  • Communicate with parents & students regarding important updates

  • Exams & test dates information

  • Tips to prepare for exams

  • Good luck messages during exams

Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants & hotels are among biggest users of SMS marketing. With this, you can make your customers feel special.

  • Offer discounts & deals on food & drink

  • Special offers for special events like Christmas & valentine’s day

  • Family get together party & bachelors party

  • Send Coupons code

  • Festivals & birthday greetings

  • Order confirmation message

  • New updates for customers

Finance Sector

Finance sector, such as banks, insurance companies and loan providers, are using SMS marketing to keep in contact with both prospective and existing clients.

  • Account related updates

  • Updates about transactions

  • Promotional messages

  • Status of loan or any finance application

  • Payment due reminders or alerts

  • Customer feedback survey

  • Send fraud alert messages

Travel Industry

It is one of the most powerful channel for travel industry. With text messages, you can approach your customers & send out messages like holiday season offers. From this way, you can get people who will arrive to you to book holidays.

  • Booking confirmation

  • Special deals to regular customers

  • Send auto-reply confirmation message

  • Last minute reminders & alerts

  • Send thank you message

Health-care Industry

SMS Provides Immediate Connection Between Healthcare Providers And Patients. According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute, “Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs.”

  • Appointment reminders

  • Medication expiration reminders

  • Health and fitness tips

  • Little additional information about the dosage

  • Test results

Real Estate

Text messaging for the real estate is one of the fastest growing applications of mobile marketing. It is the most effective medium between broker or real estate agency and the potential buyer.

  • Provide useful information regarding properties

  • Send updates to buyers

  • Send reminders about property sales

  • Notification about special offers

  • Send payment reminder

SMS Marketing or Text Marketing is a new spark in the bucket of Digital Marketing. Since many years this bucket was filled up with Email Marketing. I am not saying that Email Marketing is completely out of the market or it has become the younger citizen of the Digital Marketing Family.

There is no doubt in that Email Marketing is still the most businessy way and Professional technique to contact your customer.

But think about yourself, your era, and the sound of tic- tac which comes from your phone and about your hand which is now habitual of checking your phone after that tic- tac.

Being a customer I would love to receive my favorite brand’s messages through text. And being a marketer I would love to stay safe from the problem of “is my subject line attractive enough to get my email opened?”

Hence it can said that Text Marketing is an easy approach for both the customers and the marketers.

It’s obvious that being a marketer you can’t blow off any of the marketing approach but if you are in the category of those marketers, who lives, drinks, even breathes for Email Marketing, then it’s the time to change your mentality and spread your hands for Text Marketing as well.

This is not only because of my words but because of what the statistics speaks for Text Marketing.

Trust me, we have walked very far from the era where we used to compare the “Email V/S SMS”, and why only Email and SMS  for every other marketing strategy that still exists in this world . Go and grab the strategy according to your objective and your business, depending all alone in Email Marketing will never prove you as a great and successful marketer.

Let us assume your product is a software, which thus is not bound to be used by only a few persons. So, you’ll get subscriptions and all your subscribers cannot fit one category. All will be with a different persona.

What is your strategy to be in touch with all your clients, keep them satisfied?

Do you also make mistakes some of which are mentioned below?

  • Respond to enquiries slowly?

  • Inaccurate information?

  • Little or no communication?

  • Inaccurately tailored communication?

  • Over familiar tone?

The above mentioned points, as per the survey, are enough to force a customer to switch the vendor without even thinking twice. Every company’s sales team need to approach its subscribers differently. It is not feasible to make few countable strategies & apply on all the customers. Filter your client list & segment it to make sure what kind of strategies will be required.

Everyday low prices

Daily coupons, offers; customers are simply tired of these. Coupons, offers are not always attractive. There are certain business products which are good without offers. There was a period when offers were rare & thus attractive & new to grab. Offers means low price but also low quality & when quality is compromised, performance lowers dragging the brand to bottom.

You’ll not get quality clients & the client who’ll grab the offer do not stick to one provider for long. They continue to search for a vendor providing offer services. Do not collect garbage, focus on targeting valuable brands who do not believe in paying less for quality product. Your product will grow only when it runs without compromise in quality.

Build new strategies every now & then. It will help!!!


Most of growing companies face one issue.

They invest a lost to generate leads but are unable to mature even 10% of all.

Where do you go wrong??

  • Inefficient sales team

  • Product not worth enough

  • Right product but wrong targeted clients

  • You’re not approaching right audience.

  • Is price a concern? Are they the one who love bargaining?

  • Competitive product.

  • Customers expectation, previous experience.

Focus on all the above mentioned points. If your product is worth the price you’ve decided then be strict on No Bargain policy. The seller must be confident enough while deciding the price chart. Do not make it too high and not even too low. Balance the pricing which look genuine. Subscriber mailing will help you focus on the specific clients. This practice will help you approach the audience.

To remove the negative aspects a efficient and hard working sale team is required who know how to strategize the selling plan and then proceed to hit the clients.

Run the research regularly

Research can give you a picture of customers, current sales and effectiveness of current practices. It will help to understand customers, make familiar with competition and get to know what people are prepared to pay for your product or service.

  • Customer surveys

  • Phone communication

  • Use survey results to segment clients further

  • Hit the clients as per their interest

All your visitors cannot be your customers

When a visitor first visit your website; 99% of them don’t buy. So, where we should focus to get these 99% return for a second visit & perform transaction. You can’t trace your visitors but yes, you may impact to return. You have to get creative to convert your visitors into your customers.


How To Do This?

Keep your website up to date. Keep it dynamic & change the designs on every festive season. This will make customers feel that the providers are associated with the visitors. Email marketing practices works for your business when you make subscribers happy.

We breathe each day, similarly that’s how Google keeps adjusting  and improving their search algorithm almost daily to chunk out the best results, then why not we? Adjusting regularly to remain in the safe side to ensure your spam free deliverability. In this post we help you to make your email spam free and improve the deliverability of your emails.

1. Be Flexible With The Can Spam Act

If you are planning to send “any electronic email, for some commercial advertisement or may be for promotion of any of your commercial products or services,” then you must obey the following 7 requirements (or have to  face penalties up to $16,000):

  1. Don’t use false header information
  2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines
  3. Identify the message as an ad
  4. Tell recipients where you’re located
  5. Tell recipients how to opt-out of receiving future email from you
  6. Honor opt-out requests promptly
  7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf

If you’re sending the transactional emails or relationship content, then you are free from these rules; however, including false or misleading information are still prohibited.

2. Avoid Phishing Content and Spam Causing Words

There is no such list of spam preventing words, unfortunately!

The key thing to remember about spam filter is they are meant to reduce or can say remove the commercial advertisements or promotions. So while creating your emails avoid all such words generally used in  promotional emails or should try to use it less.

Phishing emails are basically created to use your identity by letting you to click on a fraud link. The most common method  the email use to be proved as a real email is to apply name of a service you trust, such as bank or a frequent website. Thus, you never even try to use such phrases which are found in phishing emails.

3. Include A Text Version Of Your HTML Emails

Not only this is a good practice for avoiding your emails from  a spam filter, but it can also helps you in the case when the reader is unable to view your HTML emails. This is a common, and you can easily prevent your emails from the unwanted spam folder.

4. Do Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing, a termed pulled out by Seth Godin. Going through his ideas you will get some good advices for how to get your customers t give you the permission to email.

Take it as a step ahead at the process subscription and ask them only to place you  on their Whitelist.

5. Maintain a standard Text:Image Ratio

It’s always good to avoid unwanted images in your email, however if it’s necessary for you to add images into your email then here are some tips that can help you in preventing your email to drop into the spam folder and that too just because of the image that you have used to enhance your email.

  • Never send an Image only- email. Try to maintain a standard ratio of Text:Image in your emails. We suggest that for every graphic
  • Try to optimize your images the best you can.
  • Use well- formed HTML for email.

 6. Use Spam Checkers Before Sending Your Emails

Before shooting out emails out to your entire customer’s list, give some time to utilize a spam checking service. and many more such tools offers a free downloadable tool that uses SpamAssassin to check.

If you want to avoid to download any such software, you have another option for your emails that is service and they will check for the items important to email deliverability.

You can also prefer which uses amazing techniques  to check your emails.

7. Be Aware Of Spam Traps

Spam traps are the email addresses that are generated by ISPs and no longer being used by humans, so it can become the reason for no opt-in.

To avoid indulging any spam trap email in your mailing list, use an opt-in process and never buy lists from email brokers.

8. Get Off Blacklists

An email blacklist or can say DNS based Blackhole list is a real time database that uses a no. of criterias to check out weather an IP address is creating spams or any such content that can lead to spam. If your email server is on a blacklist, it becomes almost impossible  to send emails, especially to the people new on your lists.

Following are the few services that will provide you the way to check if your email server is on a blacklist:

If you find yourself on a blacklist, you will need to go through the the website that has added you to their blacklist.

9. Set Up DKIM, SPF, Sender-ID, and Domainkeys Properly

You need to be sure that your email server is supporting these protocols and if they are properly implemented.

Don’t worry about the this alphabet web, this’ll helps ISPs to authenticate your email from a technical perspective. To make sure that you’re properly using these protocols you can checkout’s checking service.

If you want to go deeper check out below:

10. Avoid Large Attachments

In general, if you’re sending  .jpg, .gif, .png and .pdf attachments you’re in the safe side yet, if you have include some of the content in the email as well. But, if you’re attaching executable attachments such as .exe, .zip, .swf, etc then think twice before shooting the emails.

If attaching any large attachment or any attachment for which you’re not very sure or it can  usually signified as spam or trigger virus scanners, we can check out If the attachment  indulge any confidential or important , you may use  your company’s secure FTP server.

So, it’s time now to Hit your Customer’s Inbox, get ready and follow all the points discussed above and help your company to grow on customer’s inbox rather than in junk folder. After all email marketing is the best marketing technique in present world but only if your emails are getting read by your customers.