These days you cannot rely on existing customers only to make profit in your business. A business needs new customers too to earn growth.

Social media which involved Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others are a hub of all types of users including students, business person, employees at government and private companies, retired people etc. So, here you may choose which age group will be of your need that you may drag for your products.

So, first of all make a team to do a case study about your product and your customers. Find out what kind of group will be interested in your product so that you may then take the second step.

Social media channel is a good area of promotion where you by using multiple tools may focus on a big population with an initial effort and then it will be a smooth process.

So now when you are done creating an attractive and informative profile/page on social media, what now?

Which Audience To Focus And How To Grow Your Audience?

  • Make use of your existing network of friends and employees
  • Do your research before starting posting on social media, to know who to focus
  • Send them invitation to join the page
  • Involve them to share, like, endorse your page/article
  • Use the social media tags and buttons to make the interaction easy
  • Use the advertising options given by the social media
  • Use engaging options so to come live in front of new audience and let them join you.
  • Optimize your social media accounts by using keywords related to your business and also involve these keywords in your posts too
  • Add hashtags more often to drag the attention
  • Put in something for your viewers in your posts
  • Keep sharing your posts in certain regular time interval
  • Ask the clients to like, share and connect, this is possible only if your post is interesting enough
  • Do not use the same rules for all the social media, as all the social media working process is different.

How To Find Which Posts Are Performing Best On Facebook?

Facebook runs its own algorithm to separate the posts working fine and grabbing more audiences. This is a kind of hit and trial method following which you should regularly share your posts to find out the ones, which are more attention seeker. This is not a one-day work, one have to work dedicatedly on Facebook to get the results.

Do not focus on plain text posts. Focus on making it more presentable using

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Website links

When videos are posted the results are skyrocketing with high number of likes, comments and sharing. Videos present your business or product more beautifully and you will get more attention.

Videos may carry and cover different topics like

  • Product knowledge
  • Tutorials
  • Events information

Also uploading a video directly on Facebook instead of on your own page will be good to come in front of large audience.

Share Relevant Content From Other Sources

Sharing certain relevant information from other sources in your post is quite useful. This helps saving time, as you need not to start from the beginning to write a similar article. Simply share the article, mention the source too.

Share the content from other sources within a week or multiple times a week or as per your post-sharing timetable.

This process will make

  • Your image of being up to date in your business area about the new information
  • This will also save the time of your audience, as they need not to search it anywhere online
  • You’re providing your reader something valuable
  • No need to work from scratch to post similar useful article.
  • Make your readers aware of new tools and tactics at the earliest
  • Don’t forget to highlight a good quote or add a caption containing question to grab the attention
  • Build relationships by crediting the source, from where you’ve got the article for sharing.

Do Not Focus Only On Self-Promotion

Sharing valuable information in the form of article, video, and image on business page will make you trustworthy.

Readers will share the content from your page and it will appear that your page is not for self-promotion.

  • You’ll be known for being a reliable source for new necessary information
  • People will know about other products too through the shared articles, which help you grow your business interactions with other brands.
  • This practice will strengthen your online presence too.

This will be a Win-Win situation in every scenario.

facebook tips

Twitter & Facebook: Share The Same Content

Sounds good, isn’t it? But it is not. You cannot serve the same food to an old person without teeth and a young child with teeth. Similarly is the case here. The working architecture of both Facebook and twitter is different and hence the audience will too be different. So, do not make a mistake to share same post on both social media just to save some time.

Twitter implies word limit on the post you like to share but Facebook poses no such limitation. So, in order to share the content, which you’ve shared on Facebook, you need to cut it off and make suitable for Twitter.

Only one thing is to be considered, you may share the same though on each social media site but your language and words presentation is necessary to be different.

How Are #HashTags Useful

  • HashTags are started with twitter but now can be used with Facebook, Google+, and Instagram etc.
  • Hashtags: These can be defined as words or phrase which are used without any space and with a # sign prefix. Hashtags are used to emphasize the point of your topic and make it appear needing more attention and further discussion.
  • Use hashtag option in limited number of post instead of using in all the posts or in most of the posts.
  • Do not make the hashtag too long to lose the importance example #hashtagtoolongtouse.
  • Using too many hashtags make your post spammy, so avoid the practice of using more than 2 hashtags.
  • Search the hashtags, which you are about to use, to find out the previous results. This will help you avoid the tags which were used for waste of time and make a new one.
  • Just use hashtags even if you don’t want to use just to be equal to your competitors as it is a fashion these days and above 70% social media users use hashtags.

Retweet A Post

Retweet refers to sharing a post already present once again. This will let your connections to view that post. Retweet only if you find a post to be useful, relevant and interesting for your connections/audiences.

How To Increase the Audience On Social Media

Use the analytics tool for your tweets, posts to find out the interaction results with your industry, your audience. Use of hashtags is also useful, as whenever something is searched using a hashtag then your post will also appear as it contains the same tag, which is searched. This will help improve the views of the posts shared on social media.

twitter tips

LinkedIn: A Professional Network

This is another social media channel, which is more professional than entertaining.

Setup a business page

In order to start posting on LinkedIn, it is necessary to create your company profile page. Through this page you may provide all necessary and key information about your company. All those who will connect with you on LinkedIn will first prefer to go through your profile page to know your status and importance.

Explain your products and services in your profile. Choose your strengths and unique features. Let your connections endorse you and further improve your reputation.

Keep updating your profile page to serve the latest information about your business to your connections. Let them know your achievements, your growth etc.

Content appropriate for LinkedIn

This is a professional network so be focused and concentrate on creating an original insight and make it sound associated with your business. Join those who are associated with your industry or those who are from the same industry.

LinkedIn analytics

Use the analytics options to find out the impressions, clicks on your posts. This will help you find out which type of posts is liked most and which one need improvement and attention.

Regularly post your articles

There is no bound on posting regularly on LinkedIn but make sure you are mot bothering your connections. Keep sharing the posts regularly and you may do it twice or thrice every week.

linkedin tips

Google+: Another Professional Media

Give your business a location

Create a profile page providing necessary informational about your business including your physical address. This will help you make a place in google+ and increase your rank. It will help improving the Google rank of your website by regularly posting on google+

How Google+ help in SEO

Include your website links, blog links in your brand page and make sure to fill your profile completely.

Share original articles including keywords associated with your business. Sharing articles with keyword rich descriptions will provide a good ranking and help boost it further.

Keep updating your profile every now and then in order to appear up to date.

Never post an article simply made of plain text. Include images, visual tent, videos in your posts to make it appear more attractive and dynamic and to attract more and more audience of your posts.

Follow the rules to use an ideal image size and other content too to make a perfect post.

SMS Marketing is amazing tool. You may make a good profit and increase the ROI of your products by using it correct. Instead of sending random sms, be focused to send personalized sms to your subscribers with all possible interacting options in your sms. Keep it brief and concise to prove your-self to the point.

reasons of sms marketing failure

Now coming to the point. You have followed everything, still you are sitting disappointed, tired of sms scheduling.


There is this one example of sms marketing associated with personal experience and came through it during my online study.

A promotional campaign was run to get subscriptions. It was of company Ford. The receiver subscribed to the service finding it interesting and knowledgeable. They asked for pin code.

After subscription a revert sms was sent containing details about the car and good deals running in the respected area.

Now that the opt-in is complete, the next expected sms was of new deals, coupons, new designs etc.

But instead similar sms were loaded again and again in the inbox that thus forced to OPTOUT.

Meanwhile, another list of sms were received from another car company Infiniti that dragged to a link of new design and a video giving a live demo of the car.

So, finally client may not buy a car now, not being ready. But when ready the priority will be Infiniti >> Ford.

It is not necessary to buy the product soon after receiving a good sms. But this should not stop you from sending a good structures message. It is a simple and cost efficient method to generate your future clients who will keep you on priority based on sms interaction.

What will work for your business?

It is not like a fixed menu to be followed every time while creating an sms campaign. We need to follow certain conditions to make a correct and up-to-date sms campaign.

Marketing & Advertising

Try engaging a creative team to think according to your subscribers or like an audience, which seeks your services. What will they like to read?

Make a captivating headline for your social media accounts, blogs, websites to keep the sms and other related areas connected.

Write a content which brief and concise. One must avoid certain things

  • Write a long sms giving unnecessary details (thinking it will help the clients)
  • Write a very brief and hidden sms with least details (thinking the receiver will develop a urge to know about you)

So, concentrate creating an sms which contains details about the plan, where to go for next step and do not forget to mention the offer which may be the off or coupons along with contact number website address.


Offers always draw attention. You may generate regular offers (limited) and broadcast through sms to your subscribers. Never forget to mention the proper path to apply the coupon or find the offer in your sms.

Try sending more and more personalized sms and offer a good deal to get more visitors. Try to make an offer, which can’t be refused. Give away a freebie (sms free with missed call service) if possible.


We may write a message, which assures to pull the user for next step. This is possible by inserting certain call-to-action options in your message, which are:

  • Redeem a coupon
  • Visit the website
  • Sales and support contact
  • Connect and refer to your friend.

These are a few of many options that are to be found and applied.

Mobile Website

You are sending sms with all necessary details, like website address, direct contact number etc. This means you are writing the sms concentrating on a wide population who carry smartphones.

So, these smart people will take a look at your website from their smartphone. What here a company need is a well-built mobile website.

Mobile website helps mobile users to study your website without any kind of distortion.

Strategize Your Sms Campaign and Avoid Spamming

Do not blindly write an sms and broadcast it just like that. Every business marketing team needs a strategy to get good conversion.


This line says to not overload your subscribers with a number of sms every now and then. This will irritate them and they will search to OPTOUT and you may even get negative review as a compliment.

  • Keep certain information added in your sms like CALL, HELP etc.
  • Keep your subscribers updated about the new deals, features, and updates.

Gather Resources

Develop a good and qualified marketing team to develop a strategy. Let them use good sources and providers to get better result out of the service. Focus on good service not cheap service.

An initial expense will later provide you sweet result in the form of growing ROI.

Lack of Creativity

Following same sms again and again! This happens when the person have very little time to concentrate on marketing. So, better build a team who may give time and focus on creativity.

  • Do not send same sms again.
  • Give new deals, offers, and coupons unique to your customers that will help pull the customers.
  • Change your content and format of sms.
  • Do not share the same message with the customers through social media or mail. Keep it different.

Finding it Expensive

Is spending $100 per month on a software which is not used due to lack of customers with zero ROI or spending $500 on a marketing team and developing 83% ROI.

So, it is better to deal in expensive team and service initially to get future benefits.

SMS Sending Frequency

Now, here you need a proper timetable. How many times an sms campaign must be sent;

  • Once a week
  • 2-3 times a moth

This is sufficient!! The more consistent, the more better.

Leverage Immediacy

This is the point, which make sms the one of the most available channel to connect with audience.

Connecting directly to the personal device the customer owns is awesome.

As per the experts above 80% sms are opened rather than email which serves only upto 20% open rate.

Stick to it till success

There is one saying about which describes the patience.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!!”

So no need to lose hope by just attempting 2-3 times in sms marketing. You’ll get the success gradually and this will help you study the industry in detail. A long process will let you go through a lot of clients, their different behaviors and requirements. You will develop a dynamic and strong unique approach.

Interactive voice response (IVR) offers a bridge passing information asked. Plays a crucial role in providing efficient customer service. The users can access the information from anywhere at anytime simply by following on-line instructions. If you implement it properly, it can increase customer satisfaction, ROI & offer new services.

IVR’s can provide information to callers in one of two ways:

Pre-recorded information

No headache, simply pre-record your voice for certain cases like, Examples are: procedural or “how to” information like Income tax filing procedures, bank account opening or credit card application procedures, etc.

Live information from database

These IVR’s get information from databases, convert to voice, and speaks back to the caller. Examples include Phone banking (where you call in, dial in your account number and can hear your account balance on phone), Courier package tracking (where you call in, dial the tracking number, and the system tells you whether the packet has been delivered or if it is in transit, etc.)

IVR for different industries checklist is mentioned below:

IVR’s for Educational Institute

IVR for an educational institute shall cover the following informations.

1. Fee installment paid/due status

2. Attendance status of student

3. Marks scored in test or exam.

4. Remark given by teachers

5. Exam time-table or class timetable

6. Test schedule & test syllabus

7. Admission inquiry & status of admission for any application

8. Vacancies for faculty

9. Any important announcement for students & parents.

10.Automatic reminders on students number.


IVR for Call Center

IVR is one of the most important technology you can use for your call center. Call center open 24/7 in a week and receive a large number of phone calls. Call center handle customer service, customers support, telemarketing, telesales & collections jobs. IVR gives callers an option when there are high call volume. It is very effective way to handle multiple calls & it don’t need a break.

1. By using this system, your call center’s call volume will be increased.

2. Callers have option to get desired information.

3. Save your money & improves service


Hosted IVR for Retail Industry

Retailers should use hosted IVR solution to deliver high quality customer service.

1. Provide Information to customers which include store locations, hours of operations & employee extensions.

2. Vendors can provide service to their clients 24/7.

3. Information of order status & confirmation, and package tracking with a special purchase code.

4. Due bills reminders along with current balance status & payment history.

5. Provide work scheduling notifications for employees.

6. Outbound IVR calls of a survey to get customers feedback.

7. Provide information about available jobs.


IVR Technology for the Healthcare Industry

IVR can help health-care industry to communicate with patience & employees more effectively.

1. Appointment reminders & confirmations

2. Physician lookup & locators

3. Patient’s information to increase efficiency & quality of patient’s care

4. Prescription refills & pickup reminders

5. Automated patient survey to improve experience

6. Process payment over the phone


IVR for Finance Industry

1. Enables customers to check their balance, transfer money, make a payment & more.

2. Provide information of branch locations

3. Alerts & reminders

4. Automated surveys to measure customer satisfaction

5. Inform customers about account/policy/claims updates

6. Card activations & authorizations

7. Special promotion & fraud alerts


IVR System for Entertainment Industry

1. Movie ticket pre-purchase

2. Locations & directions of theaters

3. Payment & credit card verifications

3. Refund information

4. Notifications of movie timing

5. Information about an event or show

6. Automated survey after the event to know people feedback


IVR for Telecom Industry

1. Customer service enquiries

2. Collect call verification & announcement

3. Emergency service notification

4. Offer your service information

5. Introduce new applications or features of already existing applications

6. Payment related information transmission


IVR for Hospitality Industry

IVR can help hospitality in many ways & improve customer service.

1. Information of hotels, amenities, locations & facilities.

2. Hotel booking & confirm reservation

3. Room service could be availed without having to speak to anyone

4. Scheduled change notifications

5. Departure & billing reminders

6. Provide driving direction to the venue

7. Provide assistance to foreign guests in their native language

8. Answer frequently asked questions

9. Customer satisfaction survey


IVR for Political Parties

IVR system is widely used in India as well as overseas by political parties in order to reach their voters.

1. IVR can be used to register new members with phone number

2. Provide information about your party & campaign

3. Use IVR to register complaints by voters.

4. Conduct survey or polls to get feedback from voters

5. Provide information to voters in their native language

6. Add your party manifesto in IVR system


This article will mostly focus on how you may think of some ways to impress your customers or in other words earn their loyalty. It is very necessary for the small business to bind their customers by making a strong impact on them, so to let the customers renew the services and stick to your business.

To charm your customers!!

This is an emotion we need to create to make the forever lasting impression on your customers.

Pleasing somehow defines as the moment where you may make a impression which will last for long.

You may do this through the

  • Communication skills involved while sales and support,
  • Through the offers or benefits you pop for your regular customers,
  • Sending them a token gift on occasions,
  • Involving them in your happiness etc.

We have listed the ways we may impress our customers and now we will discuss on how to apply them.

  • Communication Skills

No matter what type of business your own you need to focus on communication as without communicating with the customer one may not sale the item/product.

First impression is the last impression.”

It’s true; whenever you talk to your incoming client he will ask you to explain the product, its use, benefits and application. This is the initial step and the most crucial one. The person in communication must be qualified enough and trained so to explain all possible aspects of the product.

  • Explain the product
  • Call your clients just for their feedback and make them feel comfortable
  • Guide how to use the product.
  • Where to use the product?
  • How will it be beneficial?
  • Future approach of the product
  • Possible Pros & Cons

No doubt the big business however excels in this field but the challenge is for the small business. Its not about the money, sometimes you’ve to wait to get the good results in future.

Treat all your customers equally whether he/she pays or not as they may become your future clients based on your reception received.

  • Offers for Regular Customers

Often, we provide offers for those clients, who are new and not used our services in order to attract them, but in the process we forget about the clients, which are already associated with us and are using the services.

Pop the offers for your regular customers so to keep them regular.

Send your clients newsletters carrying the offers and deals best for them.

  • Token Gift

Let the clients feel that they are family and treat them like one. Send your clients a gift as the token of love from your company. Don’t any single chance to let them remember you.

Your customers will remember you and will return for more deals and business with your company. The main concern behind the gift sharing is to let the customer remember you.

  • Take Customer Feedback

Take feedback from customers is one of the great way to keep your customers loyal.

Create a survey or poll with a few of questions and publish it on your website, blog, social media & send it out via email. It will help you to find out what they’re happy & what they’re want.

  • Share your Happy Moments

Your achievements, the awards received, complements and feedback from big brands etc.

Share this with your customers. The benefit is to keep your customer know that the company is growing and let them believe you and let them feel happy that they invested in your business.

Prepare regular newsletters including images and text short enough to show your happiness.

Make your own rules on how you may charm your customer as this somehow depends on the business type and product you sell.