Obligr Bulk SMS enables you to send SMS messages in the language of your choice. Now promote your business through Unicode SMS Service in local language like Hindi, English, Urdu, Telugu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tamil and more. Unicode feature is used to send SMS in different local language, here especially in India it is little difficult to communicate in all parts of India. Majority of Indian population can read and write in Hindi. Agriculture Association of India has come up with many schemes to educate farmers by send essential tips through SMS. Farmers are getting benefits by these tips. Few farmer associations from different regions took initiative to send market price to farmers which has helped farmers to fair price deal in their trade.

We can find plenty of reason to use Unicode features ie: Sending Greetings, Festival wishes, appointments and many more. We found this Unicode Bulk SMS Services very easy to use. Panel has auto converter text where we can just copy Hindi Speech in English text. Text converter change English text into Hindi format in few second. We found this system very interesting way to change English text to any language we need. No need to google for text converter or download free text converter.

Today in this 3G & 4G world, we don’t face any problem to receive and read multi language text. Few issues we should worried is about character count in English text 160 characters is counted as single SMS. In Unicode character count slightly differs compared to English count. Unicode counts 40 characters as single SMS after converting original text in regional language. Better we purchase extra SMS when compared to English SMS.

There are number of advantages of Short Message Service. Communication of information over SMS is more discrete as compared to telephonic conversation which makes it the best option when conveying messages. Sending SMS is way too easy and takes less time than sending e-mail or making a phone call for business purposes. The best thing about SMS is that the receiver is not required to be active at the same time when the message is sent. The message is sent whenever the user turns his/her phone on.

Giant retail companies now actively avail the bulk SMS facility to convey information regarding new products or deals to their customers. There are minimal chances of spam than encountered in emails. SMS is sure to reach the customer compared to emails that may end up in the junk mail folder.

Here are few advantages of bulk SMS service:

Information about any critical situation or emergency can be sent instantly
Assurance that the information sent is received by the right person
Easy way of greeting customers and clients on different festive occasions
Roaming employees can also receive the important information and act accordingly
Along with the one-to-one SMS, the bulk SMS provider can also provide you with the facility to send SMS to number of customers at a time. This method is known as broadcasting and many companies use this method to spread news and information to its customers and subscribers about its various deals.

The added benefits of bulk SMS software can be summarized as follows:

The company can use any caller ID it prefers
Great way of advertising
Integration with website can be done to include contact details
Maintenance charges are almost negligible
Unlimited SMS can be sent with ease
Extremely simple and easy to handle

The Branding Dimension
Services Free our crisp ads and laser sharp targeting make your customers value your brand as their needs and requirements are fulfilled right on time. Over a period of time the relevant messages and successful redemption will enhance your credibility and cement the awareness and recall of your brand.
1. Obligr.com helps you do that with
2. Timely and well targeted Textual Ads
3. Smartly Crafted Personal Ads
Why are Text Ads effective?
These ads are easy to read. They are sent to specific group of people based on the criteria defined by you – who have real use of the advertised wares. A great way to publicize special offers and brand messages.
What happens next?
The customer receives your ad and gets specific and valuable information about your product/service or promotional offer(s).
1. What you gain from it:
2. Get your customers’ attention when they most need it.
3. Establish an engaging interaction between your customer and your brand
4. Potential customers become loyal customers as their need has been fulfilled when they needed it.
Why are Personal Ads effective?
Personal Ad is a definite way of getting your Bulk SMS Advertisement read by potential customers, since they receive these ads along with relevant messages from friends and family members. As the advertiser, you get to connect to your customers better. This bonding will result in creating a loyal customer base.
What happens next?
Your SMS ad accompanies relevant personal messages your customers send to their friends, folks and colleagues.
1. What you gain from it:
2. Reach people through targeted advertising in the messages they receive from their friends and co-workers.
3. Your SMS ad is definitely read since it is sent by someone known to the recipient
4. You reach highly potential customers as your SMS ad is pulled on the basis of relevant keywords contained in the personal message sent by your subscriber.

Obligr.com is one of the biggest providers of bulk sms in India and provides a wide spectrum of services for various categories of clients. The company has developed most of its software solutions on its own and thus, has complete knowledge of its operations.

Bulk sms India Now, you may ask that why you need to hire such a service when you can send sms from any phone to a group of numbers? The answer is that Obligr.com can provide you with very cheap bulk sms service. Sending sms from a normal cell phone can not only be extremely time consuming but highly expensive also. The various applications developed by Obligr.com enable you to expand your business and add more public relations and customer care features to your service. Obligr.com offers customized service to each of its customer and you can buy bulk sms service in affordable prices.

Bulk sms is also getting very popular as a marketing tool. Many companies are choosing bulk sms marketing to promote their products and offers. Sending bulk sms is a great way of marketing as it delivers the right and complete information to the customer. Since, there are no personal calls involved, the message reaches the customer without disturbing him. The receiver can read the message as and when he wants to.
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