How to Create Total Online Presence

Online Presence

Marketing activated website

Sure, I’ve already mentioned the need for a website, but the term website has lost much of its meaning when we think about what it really does. We need a new term and I’ve taken to using Marketing Activated Website to describe what we need today. (Hat tip to Justin Sturgis of Systemadik for sharing this term.) A marketing activated website turns your website from a digital brochure to a fully-functioning platform that can do a lot of your work for you. A marketing activated website can help you:

  • Get found
  • Build trust
  • Educate
  • Inform
  • Nurture
  • Convert

Can you see why it’s so important? To make sure you’re building a website that will actually convert leads, keep the following in mind throughout the design and development process:

  • On-page SEO to increase your rank in search engine results pages and help you get found online
  • A promise to your audience – Visitors want to feel assured that when they visit your website, they’ll get the answers they are looking for.
  • A simple user experience – Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.
  • Engaging content to boost conversion
  • Calls to Action (CTAs) to drive visitors towards the next step you want them to take
  • Visual branding to engage your audience
  • Mobile optimization – Google is now penalizing sites that are not mobile-optimized.
  • Trust elements – Using testimonials on your website lets visitors see the value you’ve provided in the past.
  • Personality – Humanize your brand to help establish an emotional connection between you and your audience.

Content with editorial approach

To get your audience’s attention, you need to create valuable content for them that is educational, informative and addresses the problems and symptoms they’re experiencing. There needs to be a strategy behind each piece of content you produce. You need to know:

  • Who the content is for
  • Why you’re creating it
  • What it will say
  • Where it will live
  • How it will be promoted
  • How to measure the success of the content to improve results over time

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