As you are in the business of real estate, then we are sure you must have tried a lot of things to promote your business. Right from fliers to ads in newspaper, every promotion move would have cost you a bounty. If you are now looking to reduce this cost and at the same time increase your conversions then keep reading this space as we are about to tell you a simple solution for all your promotion needs.

The answer to your above worry is simply send sms to mobile. Yes you read that right and we are not talking about 1 or 2 sms but to a large number of potential customers at just one go. There are a lot of bulk sms service providers in India, however we had suggest you to use the service of India sms. The service will consist of sending bulk sms through an open source sms gateway. The gateway will have tie ups with almost all the major carrier service providers which will you to reduce your bounce rates. Thus you will be able to reach a lot of people with a guarantee. Also buying the sms premium account, will enable to target your prospects geographically. This targeting will help you avoid being treated as a spam sms and will help you gain more credibility.

Now below we will tell you few ways to promote your real estate business in a simple yet efficient manner.

1. Send SMS only after doing a thorough research of customer database.
2. Buy the customer database from a trusted provider. Many numbers might be not in use which will lead to higher bounce rate.
3. Keep your message simple and precise. As you are limited when it comes to availability of characters so keeping message short will get you more conversions.
4. Always provide a website link in your SMS. For this purpose use URL shortener.
5. Send multiple messages on a routine basis. The content should differ slightly.
6. Do not spam the inbox of your customer. Maintain a frequency that will avoid user blocking your number.
7. Do not message on numbers that have been registered under DND.
8. For international clients, you will need to use gateway that provides free international SMS services.
9. Analyze your reports on daily basis.
10. Test run your campaign on a small number of people before going wide.

With this we are sure you will be able to achieve your objective of increasing your clientele base.

sms marketing services

Around the world every minute some thousand millions SMSs are sent. In this dynamic and fast changing world, its very necessary to reach customers in every possible time.
However in recent couple of years SMS are being used for business purposes also.
Since SMSs are being quite cheap and ROI based tool.
Best SMS services in India like has also launched their services for Small size firms as well Big corporate business houses.
Majorly SMS tool is used as marketing concept by banks, drink firms, entertainment and real estates.
These days SMS can be sent via various platforms like mobile phones, computers, laptops and online websites.
SMS Marketing by mobile phone is an innovative method of marketing to sell a product and for branding purpose.
Now a days everyone of every age group is carrying at least one mobile phone and to reach them SMS is simplest mode.

Benefits of SMS for Marketing: With the help of best SMS service provider, in this full of competition world it is necessary to reach every edge via latest technology, where SMS is best method.

For example organizations marketing campaigns, price, and special offers or news or headlines and may be sports updates.
Via SMS marketing campaign its very simple to provider alert services to your subscribers.

Aggregators Vs Re-sellers

One common question keeps triggering our mind while working in Enterprise Messaging business “What is the difference between an Aggregator and a Re-seller.”

Due to high market competition, there are lots of ted-talks in the market confusing us alot. However, we all are still looking for one right answer to our question. Recently, an attempt was made by Obligr team to get a clear conceptual idea about it. In this attempt, Team had arranged a face-to face sessions with some of the industry experts who had contributed more than 10 years of their knowledge and experience in this industry. After receiving so called ‘satisfactory answers’ and explanations on dissimilarities between both entities, we have summed-up their notes in simple words. According to them, there are 4 main differences between an Aggreegator (Refered here as ‘A’) and a Re-seller (Referred here as ‘R’):
Difference 1.

A: An Aggregator is an organization, which purchases high SMS volume directly from the Telecom Operators. i.e. Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Aircel, MTNL, BSNL, etc. This Aggregator sells sms to any Re-seller.
R: On the other hand, Re-seller is a company, which buys SMS either from an Aggregator or any other Re-seller, and finally sells it to their own end users.
Difference 2.

A: In reality, there are approx 20-30 Aggregators in the market that buys sms traffic in Crores from the Operators.
R: Re-sellers are plenty in numbers, and usually deals with below 1 Crore sms volume.
Difference 3.

A: An Aggregator is not able to change much in their per sms rates, while dealing with Re-sellers.
R: On the contrary, a Re-seller may consider good amount of profit while selling sms to their end users.
Difference 4.

A: While dealing with Re-sellers, an Aggregator won’t look for applying cutting, as they focus on 100% sms deliveries.
R: Although, Re-sellers tends to put various logics like cutting, overselling, etc in sms to achieve maximum profit.
Hope this article helped you in understanding the real difference between an Aggregator and a Re-seller. Obligr Team will keep you posted on the latest findings and various helpful articles to keep us well abreast with the market trends.


Mobile phone communications has transformed from luxury to common requirement for business people reach their customers. However, there are several difficulties in reaching large number of customers when sending them text messages through mobile phones. SMS Gateway is Software that reduces all these difficulties and complications by delivering text messages to them very easily in just a click.

SMS Gateway is a perfect way to send SMS in bulk for connecting your business to the outer world. SMS Gateway Tool pushes and pulls SMS smoothly over different channels from a particular network. Obligr SMS Gateway Software tool can be either used on web or integrated to your site or application; or be directly used on excel by installing a plug-in on your Computer without opening the browser to send out text messages. This tool is very useful for online marketing used by several businesses for product/services promotions, for sending automated verification codes from web to mobile, for sending class schedules, parent notifications in school, offer updates, transactional or payment messages, etc…  Now, even government is using bulk SMS gateway to reach out their professionals, volunteers  and broadly even to citizens.