We are Bulk Voice Service supplier in Bharat giving Voice service at the most cheap rates. And as leader in providing Bulk Voice Transactional, Promotional and Selling Voice Services in Bharat we tend to make sure you get up to 100% assured delivery of all voice messages.
We broadcast approx ten Million Voice Messages per month across Bharat. And to take care of ourselves as best Bulk Voice Company or Voice entry supplier in Bharat we’ve engineered redundant network with all major Indian medium Operators. We offer user friendly web-based panel for end-users to manage and run Promotional Voice and Transactional Voice with assured delivery. In Voice decision service we tend to conjointly give customized solutions that are majorly employed in Transactional Voice decision Service whereby every recipient receive automatic voice decision with personalized details just like Transactional SMS service.

Bulk Voice Service in Bharat

Bulk Voice Service permits one to send a pre-recorded message to giant cluster of individuals. With its straightforward method, one will produce own voice message which might be sent across multiple client information and keep track records and earn profits. In all, net primarily based voice business service is one amongst the best, quickest and worth effective methodology to market merchandise and services in times.
SMS entry Center is one such Bulk Voice Service supplier that ensures most prospering decision delivery inside minimum time. One will avail our services to transport any necessary announcements, alerts or reminder notifications, social campaign messages, promoting business or selling campaigns, latest offers and updates on merchandise and services.
We assure you quickest and instant Bulk Voice Service delivery to several individuals at giant. Our distinctive audio clip uploading and recording service with motorcar re-dialing of unsuccessful decisions are a number of the distinctive options of Bulk voice call service.

Why select us?

Mobisoft Technology can give you with all the services you would like during this regard. whether or not you want to position a Bulk Voice Decision, or a Bulk Voice Service, Mobisoft can fulfil all of your voice text electronic communication desires. We tend to are a Voice SMS Service supplier in Bombay. we’ll offer you a good set up in order that there associate degreey|aren’t any} hidden prices and you don’t receive an inflated bill at the tip of the month. you have got the selection to send the SMS in your first language if you wish.
The format that the Voice SMS are going to be uploaded is either MP3 or MP4. We will, however, not be causing messages to DND numbers. In sure cell phones, text-to speech-service is obtainable further. you’ll even schedule a campaign beforehand to send your voice SMS to an over sized audience at one go. As you’ll see, the services we offer are terribly comprehensive and that we pride oneself in delivering precisely what our customers want. If you have got any question relating to the method of buying such a concept please decision or e-mail U.S.A. your queries.

Bulk Voice Service you’ll use wide for following purposes:

Election and Political Campaign
Lead and Business Generation
Event Management
Payment Reminder
Online registration
Brand Promotion
General Announcements
Medicine and Health reminders
Stock Alerts
Health Care
Insurance Premium and EMI Alerts.

How it works?
Record Your Voice Message > transfer list of Phone numbers that you just would love to decision > Schedule Voice Campaign > System can mechanically decision phone numbers and play your pre-recorded voice message.

Features of Our Bulk Voice Service:

Fast and Reliable Delivery
Support for National don’t decision written record Filtering
Automatic re-dial of unsuccessful calls
Scheduling of Calls
Low Per decision Fee [Pay per use.
No Hidden Costs/Setup Fees/Monthly charges
Easy recording choices for Voice Message
No code to shop for or transfer
PAN Bharat Coverage (We support All Mobile and phone line Phones)
A prepared created, fully non-public tagged board for Reseller Partners


A bulk voice decision may be an easy communication technology that enables you to require a recorded voice message to tons of or perhaps thousands of decision recipients in an exceedingly short span of your time. These bulk voice call square measure most frequently used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional functions.

Bulk Voice Call Service isn’t a replacement idea in the Republic of India. Enterprise, SME’s and startups similarly as Political Parties are mistreatment this to create the communication easier, quicker and in an exceedingly cost-efficient manner. Manually dialing thousands of phone numbers is next to not possible for any company.

What Are Bulk Voice decision Service and the way it works?

With a Bulk Voice decision Service in the Republic of India. firms will currently unfold your business in no time among the thousand range of individuals through a pre-recorded decision

Voice SMS is a complicated type of technology to speak along with your customers. it’s a pre-recorded IVR or voice that is broadcasted to the targeted folks creating it the foremost effective and advanced selling activity tool.

it’s your selection, you decide to send your recorded decision to a person or to a bundle of individuals. you’ll manage it per your necessity and save the dear time. Bulk Voice decision permits to act with customers, promote businesses and interact them through an internet voice decision service.

Benefits of Bulk Voice decision Service

User-friendly Interface:
Our Bulk Voice decision System comes with full packed options and is additionally terribly easy. Eliminate the requirement of getting a fervent person to try and do this.

Re-engage customers:
Send timely reminders and promotions to your customers. Gain their trust and maximize the ROI by re-engaging them.

Reliable Service:
Our servers square measure backed by extremely reliable infrastructure and a fervent team with 24×7 support.

Automatic Dialing:
Our Bulk Voice decision System is in a position to dial thousands of phone numbers at the same time and deliver your message.

Text to Speech:
Craft and transfer Voice Message the method you would like. kind to convert it into speech or simply transfer your pre-recorded audio file.

Call report and analytics:
Easily access and examine business reports and analyze them as per your business desires. Check victorious, un-responded or failing calls.


Voice Broadcasting has start up to be one in every of the economical tools to access the plenty at the time and deliver the message with none delay. several government organizations, firms, and teams use decision broadcast to succeed in out individuals in bulk. it’s an efficient communication tool to keep up a sturdy connect with a decent chunk of individuals.

Voice Broadcasting has many advantages that facilitate the service supplier to form his customers listen concerning the advantages concerning the services. The time and energy behind Voice Broadcasting square measure abundant lesser compared to the results they furnish.

Top 6 advantages of Voice Broadcasting for Your Business


Calling the people manually can not be consistent and also the human effort behind such calls asks for the investment of your time and cash. Despite the trouble created, results might not be as sound because it ought to as a result of the automated Voice Broadcasting connects to the thousands of individuals in mere one go.

2.Cost Effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of Voice Broadcasting is one in every of the foremost helpful options as they assist to induce connected with the shoppers with none separate special started. machine-controlled line doesn’t would like any readying of agents and with varied choices on the market, an acceptable possibility may be chosen reckoning on the size of business. Voice Broadcasting is simply one-time investment and has semi permanent advantages.

3.Marketing Tool

The concurrent access to several customers makes it terribly productive in terms of selling. Customers square measure required to be accessed effectively and also the purpose of creating a presence felt for a decent chunk of shoppers makes it Associate in Nursing economical tool to cater sales and promotion. within the on-line market, several huge brands use Voice Broadcasting to form customers aware of the merchandise and begin the sales method.

4.Leaving a message to the shoppers

The sense of being a service supplier becomes entirely pointless if the attributes of your services don’t seem to be sent to the shoppers properly. With the assistance of Voice Broadcasting, it becomes tons easier to form the client conscious of the merchandise and services. just in case the client doesn’t choose a phone then you’ll continuously leave a message.

5.Campaign Management

To make a campaign productive, Voice Broadcasting may be utilized meaningfully. With the assistance of Voice Broadcasting, an automatic voice message is shipped to a selected cluster of individuals and another message may be sent a distinct} cluster of individuals with a different interest, at the same time.

6.Personalized Messages

Emails move into junk if they’re carrying any advertising in it. Voice messages square measure given additional importance and it additionally becomes easier for the perceiver to concentrate and perceive than browse an extended mail and find the purposeful points out of it. A scripted message with personal bit leaves the recipient with an explicit sense of recall that additional helps to create a client relationship less dimmed.

What square measure the benefits of a Voice Broadcasting?


Sending voice calls singly to thousands of people on a client information are terribly pricy as a result of pulse rates for voice calls square measure very high. A voice blast permits you to succeed in many alternative recipients at a awfully nominal value. So, though there’s no new lead generation or conversion, the wastage of resources is negligible.


This feature permits you to rescale or down your selling effort simply. there’s hardly any distinction in value of a message sent to one recipient or to multiple recipients.

3.Improved productivity:

Since the calls square measure created mechanically while not agent involvement, it frees up agents to target revenue generating comes. a similar message doesn’t ought to be communicated by Associate in Nursing agent to totally different recipients manually. This additionally boosts agent morale as they will take up tougher assignments. That mechanically improves the productivity of the firm.

4.On time delivery:

The messages square measure sent to the recipients at the regular time. there’s nearly no likelihood of an intermission to the arrange.

5.Increase sales:

Since messages may be targeted higher, the sales conversions square measure above several alternative selling efforts. Interested customers will create additional inquiries presently, dashing up the sales method.


bulk voice calls

Bulk Voice Calls is an advanced form of technology to communicate with your customers. It is a pre-recorded IVR or voice which is broadcasted to the targeted people making it the most effective and advanced marketing activity tool.

Every company finds solutions for cost-effective and cheaper way to market their services or products across their regions. If you put manpower to make a single call to each and every prospect/customers it takes the entire day and still, it cannot reach to everyone in your data system.

With the help of voice SMS service, you can target your clients and get the most of it. Bulk voice calls save a lot of precious time in terms of calling a single customer and convincing them for your offerings.

Benefits of Obligr Voice SMS :

1. Reminders for EMI, loans, payment updates etc.
2. Political campaign for vote promotion, vote reminders.
3. Voice SMS is more personalized than text messages.
4. Record your own voice in your own language and send.

Obligr India Pvt Ltd provides the best solutions in voice sms software by providing our customers solution as per their business requirements. We offer uninterrupted voice sms solutions through our robust gateway.