Bulk SMS Marketing Services are the most economical and effective way to target your potential customers on mobile wherever they are. From campaign setup to message scheduling, and from sending to reporting, our user-friendly dashboard does it all with few clicks. Our custom SMS marketing plans help you promote your product / business to your domestic and international customers with ease. Send offers, services, coupons, reminders to your customers on mobile anytime anywhere

Why is Bulk SMS Marketing effective?

1. Personalization With the help of modern technologies, text of a message can contain the recipient’s name or the name of their company. Almost every received sms is read by a subscriber.
2.One of the cheapest way of communication with prospects and clients.
3.There are no bounces. Even if a subscriber is unavailable, they will receive SMS as soon as turn on a phone.
4.Allows to reduce expenditures for advertising.
5.You don’t need special skills to send SMS campaign.
6.Campaigns are delivered very quickly.
7.Allows to increase sales and customers’ loyalty.

What Makes Bulk SMS Marketing Mandatory for your Business?

1. SMS has 94% Open Rate
To amuse you, SMS are the most-read form of advertisements being used in the industry. Least costly and most effective marketing method as SMS has the highest opening rate of 90% or more. Our authentic and fast Bulk SMS  Marketing Services can convey the relevant information and offer in an easier way, letting you leverage the complete advantages of messaging. As every of your user has a mobile phone, which no compulsion of keeping internet pack active for the set his/her SIM is in, SMS lets you reach everyone regardless of they are online or not.

2. Easy Messaging & Campaign Tracking
It’s easy and less time-consuming to send bulk SMS as you can upload multiple SMSs together. Using message templates and excel uploads, the task can become even simpler. Users can upload the SMSs from excel sheet, APIs, web interface, or gateways. SMSLeads can be integrated with your ERPs, CMSs, and applications to save time and money. SMSLeads also allows the customers to track the link clicks, open rate, surveys, replies, and more. Our Database support services can enhance the conversion rate efficiently for you. Through better tracking, you can achieve better conversion rate for sure.

3. Perfect for all
Bulk SMS Marketing isn’t more or less useful for organizations due to its size. With SMSLeads, it is custom-packaged to tailor the best services for everyone. We excel in providing enterprise as well as small businesses with best Bulk SMS services, owing to our multi-user facilities, customizable solutions, cost-convenience, and reliability. You can stay assured of multiple benefits such as increase brand’s image, enhanced trust among customers, more conversions and high Customer Retention Rate. It is also found that SMS marketing causes notable Boost in Customer Satisfaction. With SMSLeads.in, every type of business can conveniently start using best SMS packages.

Below are the Top 8 Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits:-

1.High Open Rate:-
With compare to other Marketing tools Bulk SMS Marketing has a very high open rate.
Almost every SMS sent is open within 10 minutes. Whereas the only fraction of Email sent is open by Email and most of them deliver into the spam box.

2.High Conversion Rate:-
With SMS you get a high amount of conversion rate compare to Any other marketing.
In this ERA, Where there are many messaging apps available in the market Still people prefer SMS to communication. And Especially B2C receives high conversion rate compared to other platforms.

Bulk SMS Marketing Service is very budget friendly and economic compare to billboard, television or magazine advertising.

Sending an SMS is not a rocket science and not requires any Ph.D. degree. Any person who has a mobile knows how to send SMS.
But, if you are looking for Sending bulk SMS to your customer then mobile is not a good choice.
You need something more reliable and more effective.
With SMSLane you can do it with ease and start your Bulk SMS Campaign.

5.Easy reach:-
Now a day’s even a simplest mobile phone has an SMS features.
People do not need any internet connection to access the SMS features( that is the best Bulk SMS Marketing benefits it has very few dependency). That means you can reach more user with SMS than any other platform.

6.Wide appeal:-
More than 4.77 billion mobile users out there (this is a HUGE amount, isn’t it?)
People are very used to do with SMS than any other Things that is why they always prefer SMS communication.

In Email Marketing User have to Log in and need an internet connection to operate an Email and other advertising media demand HUGE money but in Bulk SMS Marketing Service you do not only save money but you save time also.
Fact shows that more than 98% SMS sent are read within 10 minutes.

8. Personalization:-
SMS can be Personalization too.


Bulk SMS  Selling Host could be a leading service supplier of Bulk SMS and on-line services to media firms, enterprises and company purchasers. in operation with a forty Member team Bulk SMS Host has taken in huge strands in media convergence, mobile selling and bulk SMS over the years with its numerous product and services that are already been employed by a number of the largest media firms all told over India.
Bulk SMS Selling Host was fashioned with the dream of constructing a mark within the IT business by providing reliable, quick and quality solutions to the company and client markets. Bulk SMS Host rate Innovation in its development of product and services. At Bulk SMS Host builds its entire convergence platform exploitation next-generation mobile, voice and web technologies that embody carrier grade electronic messaging platforms, electronic messaging gateways, OTP, handset-based applications and an internet framework to support media convergence.
Our stress is on potency, integration and simple use. Our courier platform has been engineered with this in mind, together with some very helpful else extras like following, surveys, attachments, ticketing, analytics, campaign management tools and far additional.
Our ever-growing workers base is created from ardent, dedicated people that believe utterly in however Bulk SMS Host will revolutionize the communication structure of any business. because the awards keep returning in and our customers stay very happy, we all know Bulk SMS Host is associate exciting company to be attached on any level.

How to send Bulk SMS messages from your PC:-
Bulk SMS electronic messaging, as of the late 1990’s, has become a central communication tool for businesses and organizations across the world. thanks to the recognition of bulk SMS services, there ar several platforms on the market to suit the requirements of anyone desperate to send Bulk SMS messages. These application-to-person SMS message solutions vary from portable applications, package programmers, net interfaces, or SMS API integration with systems.
Software programmers, for one, ar necessary for anyone desperate to send bulk SMS messages from their personal computers. This bulk SMS electronic messaging answer can interface with a service providers’ SMS entree to confirm the delivery of messages to portable numbers anyplace within the world.
The Bulk SMS Text courier is one such package programme. Once downloaded onto your laptop, the Bulk SMS Text courier allows you to manage all of your SMS communications directly from your desktop. The package is unengaged to install and it permits you to manage, send and receive individual and bulk SMS communications.

The Bulk SMS Selling Text courier package additionally hosts a variety of options that are on the market at no further price. These options include:-
1. Personalized electronic messaging
2.Scheduling of SMS messages
3.Link to external data sources: Outlook, Pastel, SQL Server and alternative ODBC data sources
4.Quick electronic messaging to larger teams (up to twenty,000 contacts) and people
5.Detailed news of all SMS communications.

How Bulk SMS Selling will Improve Your Business Processes:-
Bulk SMS Selling are often accustomed quickly send promotional texts, reminders, promotional offers, incentives, competitions and booking confirmations or maybe provide client support. Here are the most edges of mass text electronic messaging
1.Increase productivity
With bulk SMS package, you’ll instantly send a message to many contacts. Manually causation text messages to your customers is very time overwhelming and discouraging.
2.Low price & high ROI
Most types of advertising, particularly outside advertising, ar price preventative. Bulk texting represents an excellent various that has terribly low set-up and running prices. Bulk SMS additionally contains a high come back of investment, creating it a necessary selling tool for any company.
3.Instant deliver-ability
Sending a mass text suggests that virtually putt that message into your subscribers’ pockets in an exceedingly matter of seconds. This fastness can greatly improve the results of your SMS selling campaign.

Features of Bulk SMS Selling:-
1.Single and Bulk Text electronic messaging
2.Bulk SMS Selling directly from stand out with customizable speed & sender id
3.Developer API (You will integrate SMS answer along with your package and may be automated)
4.Grouping practicality
5.Import of Address book from text and stand out Files
6.Single click SMS delivery to thousands of numbers
7. Customizable speed of Bulk SMS upto 25000/minute as per demand
8.Personalized Sender ID’s block capital Six Character.
9. SMS planning (Sending SMS at a chosen time)
10.Online Address Book
11.Online cluster Management
12. MIS Reports
13.No setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden prices
14.Fast Delivery to all or any networks Nationwide
15.Free Chat/Email/Telephone Support
16.Easy and Immediate preparation (Only demand is an online connection)
17. NDNC (National don’t Call) Automatic/real time Filter to send moral Business 18.SMS as per TRAI regulation
19.Premium High speed entree on the market for priority customers like stock brokers, trade goods etc
20.Long SMS facility on the market for the asking (More than one hundred sixty Characters).
21.Unique stand out plugin package to send sms directly from stand out sheet
22.Two approach electronic messaging exploitation our Mantra human
23.Short Code Services on the market at 56767
24.Long Code Services on the market at 56767776
25.Virtual ten digit variety on the market for economical two approach electronic messaging
26.Premium Support while not further price.


What is Linux System Hosting?

Linux, Associate in Nursing ASCII text file software, is that the hottest OS among internet hosting suppliers. Open supply means that the ASCII text file is used, changed and decentralized freely in each business and non-commercial capacities. internet hosting suppliers like this to a lot of restrictive Windows platform as a result of it permits bigger customization in server capabilities and user choices.
Few hosting services supply Windows-based hosting, and people UN agency do charge a better monthly fee than Linux-based hosting. traditionally, Windows has struggled as a hosting platform in terms of stability, however recent iterations of the merchandise place it on the same enjoying field as Linux System.
Linux is the commonest and widely used software in the internet hosting business. it’s apprehended for it’s flexible and security as compared to windows software and provided by each reliable internet hosting service suppliers worldwide.
Linux operative contains a lot of options that area unit important for web site homeowners to manage their websites, thus unless you’re aiming to host a webpage which requires Windows-based mostly applications, Linux System is that the one solely most popular alternative.

Linux Hosting supplier offers the most effective stability, flexibility and high level of security measures to websites and this hosting resolution obtainable at least expensive rates compare to windows hosting India. Google is one amongst the most effective example as a result of Google use Linux System as their software.

Why is Linux System most popular over Windows by Most Webmasters?

There’s nothing wrong with Windows hosting, however Linux System is that the most popular alternative for several reasons. Linux System permits the employment of PHP, Python, CGI and Pearl, that area unit very talked-about selections for webmasters. It’s additionally referred to as one amongst the foremost stable alternative for your hosting and provides a lot of options that may be used freed from charge compared to Windows hosting.
With Windows hosting, you’ll be able to use ASP or ASP.NET, however, each of those applications tends to be a small amount tougher to use. Most developers, webmasters, and bloggers like Linux System Hosting over Windows hosting.

Important options of Linux System Hosting provided by Bluehost:-

1.Scalable Infrastructure.
2.99.9% time period Guarantee.
3.Advanced optimization for Email and E-commerce Hosting.
4.Control Panel that places you in command.
5.Support you’ll be able to rely upon, available 365-24-7.
6.30-Day a reimbursement Guarantee to make sure safe trials.
7.1-Click Installation for pretty much each application underneath the sun.
8.Quicker client support with live chat.

Linux Dedicated Servers give a high Hosting alternative

A Linux System server may be a nice alternative for your hosting wants. once you like better to host your website(s) on Linux System dedicated servers, you’re obtaining the most effective alternative within the hosting world. These kinds of servers area unit most popular by a lot of hosting firms to the other form of server, even Windows servers.
There area unit many major reasons why Linux System is that the most popular software for dedicated servers including:
More Reliable
Open-Source OS
Huge Support Community
Better Security
Highly Customizable

Since Linux System is Associate in Nursing ASCII text file software, it’s unengaged to use and provides an enormous community able to facilitate with support. There area unit variety of customizations that have returned from this ASCII text file alternative. in conjunction with the higher software, Linux System servers additionally give a lot of security choices, higher customization, and variety of alternative edges compared to Windows servers.

11 edges of selecting Linux System internet Hosting Plan:-

1. cheap manner Of Hosting
Linux is Associate in Nursing open supply software. It means that anyone will use it at no cost, in contrast to Windows wherever you have got to shop for a license. Most of the hosting firms like it as a result of it keeps the prices down and that makes it reasonable for the shoppers.
2. Capability And Compatibility
Another vital advantage of hosting is that the compatibility it’s with the opposite operative systems and therefore the software package. Their area unit hardly any problems once you build a website on the Windows and host it on a Linux System internet server. It makes it an improved alternative for anyone UN agency is trying to host their website with a top server on the market these days.
3. Performance And Stability
One of the foremost vital elements of the hosting is its performance. If the hosting package consists of Linux System based mostly servers, they’re going to beyond question perform higher than Windows servers. The software is extremely stable, and you’ll realize it once you use it. It hardly slows down or freezes. they’re not identified to expertise the memory leaks, and their time period is way higher as compared to the opposite servers.
4. Flexibility
One of the most effective elements of such hosting setting is that it comes with several superior applications. you’ll be able to use the desktop likewise because of the server applications. It additionally saves loads of disc space as a result of {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} install the elements that you just can use. So, if you wish to put in a few workplace programs, you’ll be able to install them rather than the whole suit.
5. easy Installation
You can simply install the Linux System. it’s one amongst the foremost easy installations that you just can realize to be in no time. The software is additionally created to produce the unimaginable practicality. thus notwithstanding whether or not would like|you would like|you wish} the back-up of the network otherwise you need an alternative that may be sure, the Linux System servers work absolutely.
6. value Effective resolution
Those people UN agency would like to begin Associate in the Nursing e-commerce website will opt for UNIX system because it is a smaller amount expensive than Windows hosting. Being Associate in Nursing open supply software, it doesn’t need any fee to urge started. As an outsized type of applications run on the Linux System (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), anyone will use it to create a begin.
7. Security that you just will believe
When it involves safety and reliableness, Linux System hosting doesn’t queer. though there’s ne’er a guarantee, all the safety threats area unit averted, however with Linux System, you’ll be able to trust on its dependability.
8. Regular Updates
Linux provides open supply platforms that internet developers will use in keeping with their desires. they’ll build any enhancements and patch any holes which will be within the system.
9. accessibility of Basic Plans
Most of the online hosting service supplier offers basic hosting plans. they’ll embody FTP access to the servers area unit simply obtainable. thus you get the web hosting while not defrayment an excessive amount of thereon.
10. easy Administration
The Linux System hosting is administered rather simply. Linux System is very simple to figure with. It is managed simply, controlled and lots of actions are performed at just once rather simply.
11. easy Technical Support
Search engines carry on dynamic their policies, and it’s vital that hosting sites will fix the matter rather quickly. With Linux System hosting, one is positive of the standard of the service and therefore the technical support that comes with it.


Bulk SMS Promoting is basically sensible, quick and effective medium of communication that assist you to propagate your message to your shoppers / customers / audience at terribly cheap value.
A SMS advertizing is a commercial sent via SMS. As there ar quite 362 million users of mobile phones in Bharat, SMS advertizing will assist you to achieve a good spectrum of consumers. Moreover, the advertizing is a lot of doubtless to be browse, because it is brief and crisp.
SMS advertising permits you to induce the foremost out of your mobile promoting budget. it’s comparatively cheaper different mediums like print and broadcast, which might typically even run up your advertising budget.
Bulk SMS Promoting is basically sensible, quick and effective medium of communication that assist you to propagate your message to your shoppers / customers / audience at terribly cheap value.
A SMS advertizing is a commercial sent via SMS. As there ar quite 362 million users of mobile phones in Bharat, SMS advertizing will assist you to achieve a good spectrum of consumers. Moreover, the advertizing is a lot of doubtless to be browse, because it is brief and crisp.
SMS advertising permits you to induce the foremost out of your mobile promoting budget. it’s comparatively cheaper different mediums like print and broadcast, which might typically even run up your advertising budget.

The reasons why you ought to like Bulk SMS Promoting even when the worth hike are:

Customized platform: SMS service provides you to customise your target market and therefore the content as per your business demand. It permits you to send promotional messages also as custom content as per the business would like. thus alittle value hike mustn’t have an effect on the utilization of bulk SMS service.

Quicker delivery: SMS takes but seven seconds to induce delivered that helps you to achieve your client abundant quicker than the other channel.

No Barriers: not like emails wherever there’s an opportunity that the message will directly land to spam box rather than inbox, SMS service has no such barriers and it reaches the shoppers inbox directly. This will increase the possibilities of reading the message by the audience that lacks in different alternatives.

Concise and Precise: these days individuals foresee for crisp and clear messages and aren’t interested to browse plenty of knowledge. SMS services helps to deliver crisp text to the audience that helps them to directly get to the relevant page or data.

Higher Conversion rate: Bulk SMS promoting provides higher conversion rate than the other strategy. thus even alittle hike mustn’t build strategists to no elect this strategy and like the other different.

Holds potential: movable users ar increasing with time Associate in Nursingd SMS being an integral a part of mobile phones, we are able to imagine how briskly and wide our reach may be if we have a tendency to use Bulk SMS promoting.

Some 5 advantages of Bulk SMS Promoting ar as follows:

  • Every person within the world carries his/her mobile device where he/she goes and without delay or unreadily browse any new incoming message that turns informed the device screen. With this in mind, whereas you die your message to your target market via bulk SMS promoting, it’ll be viewed at once and thus SMS promoting is simply the price tag for time-sensitive promoting campaigns.
  • Unlike emails, most emails ar browse at once, therefore the odds of your ad message being browse ar wondrous higher.
  • And so, SMS promoting delivers a better response rate than the promoting gimmicks.
    Bulk SMS software package comes at a no brainer value while being extremely value effective.
  • Another highlight of Bulk SMS Promoting is its utmost versatile.

Uses of Bulk SMS Promoting:

1. It helps an organization to remain to bear with the shoppers via Bulk SMS Promoting and enhances its customers’ loyalty.
2. Sending bulk SMS on up-to-date offers and discounts to the prevailing customers’ info will prove in repeat sales.
3. When you introduce a replacement product, service or campaign on the market, it’s quite straightforward expertise to induce customers’ feedback by causing bulk SMS.
4. Some firms with success use Bulk SMS Promoting as an economical tool by organizing some competition via SMS.
5. It is conjointly terribly instrumental in propulsion in a very new mass of consumers.