What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony Service is a technique used to deliver telephone applications on the cloud as a hosted solution. It is a messaging and voice service that does not require traditional business telephone systems such as PBX or EPBAX.
It is a mode by which enterprises and businesses could make or receive multiple voice calls and messages simultaneously, without investing on any additional capital infrastructure.
Services like IVR, Call recording, Text messaging, Call conferencing, Custom greetings, Business hours etc. are only some of the many features Cloud Telephony providers are offering now.
The smartest way for you to manage business calls at a global level without compromising on quality and cost is using the services provided by Cloud Telephony companies.

Our Cloud Telephony Services are inclusive of the following features:-
1.Our experienced team of experts, are efficient in managing & maintaining a cloud system and offer fully managed services. Our support team also takes care of the system in case of any glitch or issues.
2.We ensure a complete three sixty degree support from back-end system, along with proper Resource scaling, as per the need of the end-user.
3.A data center is required to operate the Cloud system to run servers. Our self data center is absolutely reliable with high security, low downtime and acts as a quick solution to temporary technical glitches
4. Confrontational changes can be made directly through the browser, ensuring a complete control over the system.We too provide guidance to make certain changes almost instantly.
5.The system allows to Integrate it with relevant software to maintain an organized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) along with complete details of incoming & outgoing calls, and listening to the conversations as well.
6.System can be easily managed and controlled from online browser control panel. No dedicated tech team is needed.
7.Our Cloud Telephony Services help to improve customer experience by offering full calling statistics for tracking.
8.Our Cloud Telephony System is mobile, and can be accessed from any part of the world, anywhere & anytime.

Benefits of CRM and Cloud Telephony integration:-
The main benefit of Cloud Telephony is people get a lot of flexibility in work. Call center personnel can operate remotely and thus have an option to work from home. Apart from the low probability of data loss and precise logging of information, integrating CRM and cloud telephony allows for more speed and higher employee productivity. With the strengthening of CTI abilities, each time a new contact is established, constructive communication can be formed accompanied by a meticulous recording.

  1. Minimum Human Intervention
    Integration leads to greater amount of energy and time with CRM users. Efficient information management system lets the company focus on catering to the customer’s needs. Fusing the powers of computer and telephone creates an environment armed with information that can be transformed into meaningful insights. Automatic dialing through CTI eliminates long hours spent on dialing the contacts. Click dialing also allows CRM staff to divert more time into the conversation than monotonously dialing numbers.
  2. Track information from other sources
    Some events are not recorded directly in the CRM such as text messages, personal dialogues, and Social media messages. The telephony solution comes with tools which will help you keep track of information you receive from other sources. Once the information is available at a singular spot, you can comfortably reach out to it while in need.
  3. Cross-use Analytics
    The application of business analytics differs for CRM and Cloud Telephony. This will also depend upon the kind of information involved and its use. The CTI system will provide you with information on the timing, duration, and frequency of phone calls. Integration of CTI and CRM leads to a consistent flow of information to know your customers fully. This information includes interaction on social media platforms, contacts browsed, the level of responsiveness to calls and emails and general level of interaction with customers.
  4. Scope of Customization
    If you are using Sales force and Twilio as respective solutions, they provide huge scope for customization. One such browser-based call center software builds using Twilio is Talk desk. It readily integrates with Sales force and with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Skills-based Routing, callers are routed to the agent who is most qualified to meet their needs based on customizable data. With real-time and historical reporting, call monitoring and call recording, agents and managers can make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive information.
  5. Improved Data Analysis
    Customer needs can be clearly understood by analyzing data. With CTI and CRM coming together, series of data-related functions can be executed with high efficiency: utilizing records for business planning, tracking and logging of calls and acquisition of information in CRM following every call. In this way, the business leaders have insights for better decision making.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony Provides business communication solutions for all types of firms with easy-to-use, pay-as-you-grow model. It serves as a all in one platform that meets all the communicational needs of businesses through voice, calling, auto attendant, Interactive Voice Response and many more features that help firms understand their customers betters, resolve their queries faster and enhance agent performance. Through this technological advancement in communication, businesses can increase their presence in the market and attract potential clients. Consumers can reach out to firm in just a click, choosing the most convenient means for them to connect with businesses, provided through Cloud Telephony. This helps saves time and resources for both the customers as well as the business and helps create long-term relationships between the two.

What Is A Cloud Telephony Solution?
As the name suggests, Cloud Telephony is the communications technology where all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises. Any business interested in using these services do not need to install any software or buy any hardware to get the services started. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording etc. These services can be started on a traditional phone, mobile or a computer system i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet.
It works via two networks:-
PSTN – Many countries do not allow mixing of IP and PSTN calls like India and Middle East countries. These countries use PSTN based cloud Telephony solution
IP – The Cloud Telephony services are delivered via internet . Most of the western countries have internet linked calling or VoIP enabled, for providing Cloud Telephony services.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony:-
1.Call Distribution
The incoming calls can be distributed based on skills, or round robin or based on free/busy.
2.Multilevel IVR
Create a grand impression of your company by greeting your incoming callers with a meaningful IVR. This also helps in better call distribution based on the option selected by the caller.
3.Call Recording
All the calls are recorded by default. Call recording has many advantages like Quality control, Training purpose, Proof of commitment, dispute resolution.
4.Number Masking.
The number of the caller is not displayed to the Agent. The agent sees the number of Cloud Telephony Provider.
This makes sure that you always own the customer, no matter who is providing the service.
5.No hardware required.
Absolutely ZERO installation at your place. Just subscribe to the service and start enjoying the benefits.
6.Detailed reporting for all the calls.
Agents call reports. Calls held versus not held. Duration of calls. Agents with maximum calls and maximum call time. There is no limit to the kind of reporting that you can schedule as an email to yourself.
7.Time-based call routing.
Office hours and after office hours can have different treatment for the calls. Eg: in office hours you route the calls to agents and after office hours you may just play an IVR and call that caller next day.
Alternatively, different Agents can be defined for different time periods.
8.Easy to setup
Instant setup and hassle-free configuration. Since Enjoy offers everything unlimited, you don’t need to worry about the bills.
9. Scalable
You add more agents or add more branches. No problem, Cloud Telephony can handle changes in scale with a breeze
Cloud Telephony is based on cloud services. As such chances of failure are far less as compared to in-house EPABX.

10 Major Benefits of Cloud Telephony:-
1) Data Management: Businesses always rely on data for survival, from the everyday data such as emails, to critical business information. Not all data is important, however many businesses store their data in a proper and organized manner. Data management services in Cloud Telephony improve data availability and reduce disaster recovery.
2) Easy Implementation: An attractive feature of a cloud phone system is that it is very easy to implement and the maintenance being very reliable. Moreover, it doesn’t need any hardware installation or maintenance. Henceforth, the implementation and management process of the cloud phone system is extremely prompt, reliable and effortless.
3) Cost Cutting: The service is devoid of any maintenance or support work and most of the service providers offer free call service between the offices and sites. This helps businesses to suit their budgets. The off-site management of the service also reduces both effort and time management. Most of the repair works are done at the remote locations by the service providers without intervening the business activities.
4) Reliability: Cloud Telephony is an ideal solution for multi-sized businesses, as the service is scalable, can be adapted to suit specific requirements, and allows for staff to access full voice functionality, whether they are at home or in the office. The convenient access of the telephony service from anywhere makes the service very reliable.
5) Flexibility: Cloud Telephony provides increased flexibility for your business organizations as well as delivering easier provisioning and nearly unlimited scalability. All the changes can be made immediately, to suit your requirements.
6) Security: All your data from call records to recordings are stored on special high security cloud servers and the data storage is completely secured. On the other hand, to avail a professional in-house PBX installation can cost you high.
7) Scalability: Every IVR system can generally handle a limited or confined number of incoming calls. But the Cloud Telephony service can be employed to accommodate high number of call volumes, to enhance your business growth efficiently.
8) Shared Infrastructure: The ability to share compute resources through the concept of virtualization has fulfilled the cloud revolution by reducing the cost factor. It also enhances the convenience of the customer from being bond to use any proprietary telephony hardware or software.
9) 24*7 Access: Cloud Telephony systems are very flexible and reliable to use. Using your EPABX system will always require the presence of the employees in the particular office. With the Cloud Telephony service, you can let your employees work according to their convenience and any location or region.
10) Easy Data Migration and Integration with Other Software: Migrating server and storage infrastructure to a service provider has many benefits such as cost reduction, through reduced hardware, management and staff costs. The better availability of the resources through round-the-clock monitoring enhances and increases the working efficiency of the employees.

Cloud Telephony Services In India

IVR Guru conceiving a great service as Cloud Telephony Service in India. It is a technology that manages business service, sales, support, public or social rapport and online industry exercise exhausted control over their client communications.
IVR Guru is a web portal where you can manage spontaneous responses of your phone, Route your calls, save the call specifics and much more. Cloud Telephony Services helps to transform your website visitors into business leads. IVR Guru is the cloud based influential solution that authorize cloud based phone service provider in India, virtual number provider in Delhi and NCR, our services include IVR, conventional flow calls, call recording, voice mail and much more. IVR Guru Supports to know how our patrons are leading-edge slog our services to encounter their business objectives. IVR Guru comprises a foremost service Cloud Telephony Service in India which is determining and conquering the abilities obligatory to bridge the crack concerning their consumers and organization by Cloud Telephony Service.

Cloud Telephony Service:-
Cloud Telephony Service is a flexible solution and provides a complete solution required to track the customer life cycle – Acquisition via marketing campaign .
Choose from our range of Cloud Telephony Services that best suit your business –
1.ACD (automated call distribution),
2.Missed Call
3.Third Party CRM integration
4.Call Recording
5.Click to Call
6.Multi-level IVR
7.Auto dialer (inbound & outbound)
Cloud Telephony is the communications technology where all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises. Any businesses interested in using these services do not need to install any software or buy any hardware to get the services started. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording etc. These services can be started on a traditional phone, mobile or a computer system i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet.
Cloud computing, software and storage is the way forward. We believe that businesses wanting to upgrade their communications would benefit from considering migrating to the cloud, instead of clinging to outdated on-premises hardware.

Benefits of Hiring Cloud Telephony Services:-
Cloud Telephony Service offer several benefits over traditional on-premise telephony applications. Here are some of the key benefits:-
• 24/7 access from anywhere.
• Scalable and Flexible.
• Boost company image
• Reliable
• Increase Productivity
• Reduced Cost
• Cloud Telephony Grows With Your Business
1) Exclusive service features
Cloud Telephony Service have highly advanced features that make it easy to connect and revert on calls. Some of the popular services include interactive voice response, voicemail, call forwarding, push SMS, automated call distribution, etc.
2) No installation or maintenance cost
For SMEs, the capital investment to set up VoIP infrastructure in-house could be too high compared to the potential return. The traditional telephony applications require on-premises maintenance, PBX, and a great deal of wiring through a Main Distribution Frame (MDF).Good news is that Cloud Telephony Service provide same benefits on a lower-cost subscription basis.
3) Flexibility
The setup of cloud based communication system is highly flexible given the fact that a huge number of people are connected in a same network to communicate & share data anytime. Also in a Cloud Telephony Service, owner or the employees can increase or reduce the numbers of telephone systems depending upon the existing business requirements.
4) Cost-effective
Cloud Telephony Services are great value for money. Small businesses get high return on investment as progressive Cloud Telephony system facilitates overall communication process smoothly and effortlessly. At the lowest possible cost, Cloud Telephony Services offer opportunity to experience VoIP.
5) Readily available support
When a cloud based communication solution is installed in a business environment, there is no need for employees to be worried about hardware expansion, database management and software updates. Everything is handled by the Cloud Telephony Service provider.
6) Technology expertise
The Cloud Telephony Services providers are expert in the technology. Whereas for small businesses it is unlikely to have an employee with the same level of expertise, or to hire a full-time telecommunication infrastructure professional.
7) Easy Implementation
Without the installation of hardware, or the need to visit your premises to get your new Cloud Telephony Service up and running, implementation is quick, easy and seamless.

What Is A Cloud Communication Arrangement?

Cloud Communication Gives business correspondence answers for a wide range of firms with simple to-utilize, pay-as-you-develop display. It fills in as an across the board stage that meets all the communicational needs of organizations through voice, calling, auto chaperon, Intuitive Voice Reaction and a lot more highlights that assistance firms comprehend their clients betters, resolve their inquiries quicker and improve operator execution. Through this mechanical headway in correspondence, organizations can expand their quality in the market and draw in potential customers. Purchasers can contact firm in only a tick, picking the most helpful methods for them to interface with organizations, gave through Cloud Communication.
As the name proposes, Cloud Telephony is the correspondences innovation where all specialized gadgets and applications are facilitated at the specialist co-op’s premises. Any business keen on utilizing these administrations don’t have to introduce any product or purchase any equipment to kick the administrations off. The administration can be an IVR, call focus setup, call recording and so forth. These administrations can be begun a customary telephone, portable or a PC framework for example work area, PC or tablet.

It works by means of two systems:-
1.PSTN – Numerous nations don’t permit blending of IP and PSTN calls like India and Center East nations. These nations use PSTN based cloud Communication arrangement
2.IP – The Cloud Communication Administrations are conveyed through web . A large portion of the western nations have web connected calling or VoIP empowered, for giving Cloud Communication Administrations.

What are the advantages of Cloud Communication Arrangements:-
1.Small Business
-Effectively setup little call focus :- Presently independent ventures can undoubtedly set up undeniable little call focus just by paying the month to month membership charges which is beyond the realm of imagination with a heritage call focus arrangement
-Business Call Recording and examination :- Numerous private venture might want to record all business calls for future survey and investigation.
-Zero Capex :- Zero interest in any equipment/programming
-Adaptable arrangement :- Begin with 1-2 seats , then increment or reduction to any number of seats dependent on business needs
-Begin an IVR on distributed versatile or landline number, to decide sound proficient
-It tends to be begun on customary cell phone or landline
-Combination with CRM and Ticketing arrangement :- The arrangement can undoubtedly be incorporated with all online CRM and ticketing arrangement. CTI(Cloud Communication Reconciliation) is an unquestionable requirement for consistent correspondence and client administration.
-Revealing and Examination :- Full element arrangement suppliers give nitty gritty call investigation and reports , which help in business choices. (Peruse – Key measurements of call focus)
-Disseminated Call Center :- On a Cloud Call Center Arrangement, organizations can undoubtedly set up Call Focuses at numerous areas and can deal with all areas from an incorporated area.
-Simple to overhaul :- The Inheritance Call Center Arrangement is unyielding and complex to update, yet with Cloud Arrangement upgradation of programming or equipment is taken consideration by the specialist organization.

Our Cloud Communication Arrangements Gives You:-
1.IVR Call Steering: Answer and Course calls through the mechanized Cloud IVR. Your clients can cooperate with the robotized voice which will control them, and dependent on their data sources associate them with the expected individual/office.
2.Integrated CRM and Ticketing capacity gives you a chance to oversee client connections through a solitary dashboard. Clients can raise tickets for issues looked by them, and your CRM group can resolve them according to need.
3.Multiple Call Directing component will permit the inbound/outbound calls to be transferred by means of various channels for correspondence effectiveness, between departmental coordination, and call checking.
4. Scalability is maybe the best component of Sparkle TG’s Cloud Communication Arrangement! You pay for what you use. When you develop or need to scale, our answer scales with you with no specialized complexities.
5.Cost Adequacy is the real reason regarding why huge numbers of our customers pick this Cloud Communication Arrangement in India. You handle colossal volumes of calls, with continuous observing, impenetrable security, efficiency highlights, and computerization without costly equipment and framework. 24X7 Up-time goes to your association’s correspondence needs as a reward!

Parts of Cloud Communication and Stream of Calls:-
1.Published telephone number (Approaching)
-This can be a Portable number or a Without toll number. This is where your clients call.
-In reality, both these numbers are virtual numbers. This number is utilized to simply advance the approaching calls to one of the PRI lines in the server farm (cloud).
-The third alternative can be a PRI number from the Cloud setup. Notwithstanding, this is exceptionally only here and there utilized.
2.Cloud Communication Servers with loads of PRI lines (process)
-These cloud-based servers are fit for Call recording, IVR, revealing, Programming interface and bunches of different functionalities.
-This is regularly facilitated in some solid Server farms. These server farms have great framework and repetitive network.
-The Calls to the distributed number really get sent to these PRI lines.
-The Call circulation is done either dependent on a few tenets predefined or based on Guest Contribution for the IVR.
-There can be one all the more method for call appropriation which dependent on continuous CRM query.
1. Eg: You have two separate groups for standard clients and platinum clients.
2.When the calls come, Communication server checks with your CRM whether the guest is a standard client or Platinum client.
3.Calls are directed to the individual group as needs be.
3.Extensions or landing numbers or Specialist Numbers (getting the calls)
-These are where the call really lands. These are likewise called Operator Numbers.
-These numbers can be portable quantities of your Colleagues or your office land-line numbers.
-Cloud Communication Suppliers like Enjay additionally give Chasing number office. On the off chance that one Specialist isn’t accessible, the framework will dial another number.