bulk sms marketing

There are instances when people are not too sure on how they can advertise their business. While some people rely on the Internet and advertising through making their own websites, this is sometimes not enough in order to reach your target audience. If you are a bit lost on what you can do, have you ever thought about getting bulk SMS software in order to help you out?

If you are not too aware of what it can do, SMS marketing can be used to send messages to different mobile phones as a sign of advertisement. A lot of businesses have been using it for the past years because aside from the fact that it is not as expensive as other types of advertisements, it can also reach a lot of people.

While there are some companies that would sign up under some SMS marketing companies and would need to pay a fee, some companies can give bulk SMS services for free. Just be sure that the company is legitimate so that you will not encounter any problems. Most of the time, companies who have a budget would rather try out the free bulk SMS software that is available online to help them with their SMS messaging needs.

Since bulk messaging will enable you to send messages to different mobile phone numbers, there is a possibility that they will be curious to try out your products or services. There are some people who say that any type of business you run will be positively affected by bulk SMS service although most companies who do try this out are usually advertising food or clothing sales. This does not mean though that just because your business is not mentioned above, you cannot take advantage of this service anymore.

Complaints on SMS Deliveries: Why my SMS Campaign deliveries are getting Delayed?

General Customer Complaints:

  1. There is a huge delay in getting sms delivery on my mobile.
  2. I cannot wait for hours or days long to receive one single sms.
  3. Text SMS arrival should happen instant, why it takes so much time!!

You must be handling these questions on daily basis and must be putting good amount of efforts in answering them with care.

Addressing Above Complaints:

First and foremost, for any organization, it is of utmost importance to address such complaints coming from customers with high priority and sincerity. Even big global operators doesn’t commit instant deliveries to their clients, generally they share a time duration of around 12 to 24 hours. Somehow, due to this competitive era, and lack of market awareness, few companies are still able to offer fake promises on instant SMS deliveries. However, due to lack of transparency and honesty, customer may feel cheated and also may discontinue working with such companies.

It is upto individual businesses, how they want to put themselves in the market. either 1) they can easily bluff their customers by giving wrong promises, or 2) they can educate them in right manner and win their confidence and ensure a long-term working relationship.

Here are the actual problems due to which delay in sms delivery occurs.

Network Level Issue: 

When your customer shoots sms campaign during heavy network usage, you may mark a potential delay in sms transmission. You may also notice a marginal delay due to high Congestion, which may occur on the network, due to increased intervals of sms traffic. Messages are sent in data packets over the network. It happens sometimes that the packet gets lost and has to re-route to its correct destination. This typically has a time-out. For most networks, this is usually set at 24 hours i.e. if your phone was not reachable for 24 hours, the network will abort the message.

Non-identical Networks: 

Each network prioritizes it’s own sms traffic. Therefore, when any sender and any receiver uses Non-identical networks, there are possibilities that SMS may get delayed.

Handset Problem: 

The most common issue with sms delivery delays, is problem with Handsets. Switched-off, Low Battery, SIM issues, Billing issues, etc, may be one of the reasons. Broken or tilted antenna of Handsets can also lead to such situations.

Location of Handset: 

Sender and Recipient location plays vital role in delivering instant message. If mobile device is located outside any network’s coverage area or it is lying on a spot where the network signal is fully blocked, under bad weather, a delay in transmission may occur. Tall & Old buildings with poor mobile signal can worsen the situation. Also, driving above 70 km/hour with your handset may hold-up SMS.

Error on operator’s server: 

Another reason for the delay of Text messages is an error on operator’s server. Normally such problems are easily fixed by the carriers and there is a low probability that your message will be lost.