As a new entrepreneur, investing a huge amount of money in building a business and then to take a stand in market arena can be very fatal step. As you are new to market and marketing strategies you need some key step to take your business brand at the peak of the market for that, you need a cost effective, reliable and effective marketing strategy. In today’s Marketing arena, Sms Marketing is quite simple and effective way to deliver your product and services details to your clients and targeted customer.

Mobile phone is extending their reaches at every corner of the globe and text messaging (i.e. SMS) is commonly used to communicate. This Short message is gaining importance and popularity, with this new type of Sms services are emerging which satisfy ones need. At the present time Bulk SMS is building an enormous sensation among the entrepreneurs, as it let them to send SMS in bulk quantities to thousands and more to their audiences very reliably and quickly. This Bulk SMS services is now used by various E-marketing companies, Banks, Stock broking companies to send alert messages to their peoples by updating them with the valuable information.

Bulk Transactional SMS is the process of sending the messages to numerous mobile users simultaneously with your computer system. With more than billions of mobile phone users, bulk SMS Marketing is an effective Marketing strategy which not only limits to inexperienced business man but also for multinational companies.

Now let’s see the BulkSMS beneficial features which make it powerful tool for marketing.

Requires less Investments

This important feature that make bulk sms the best for each and every inexperienced entrepreneur who is hesitating in investing the huge amount in promoting their brand to the market arena. You can use Bulk Sms in your marketing campaign either with the help of service provide or software.

Easy to implement

Implementation of Bulk sms software is quite easy and you need not require any additional or experience person to be hired to make use of bulk sms software. Bulk sms software is User-friendly, all you have to do is to enter the mobile no. of the clients and the required messages to be convey to your clients, then just click send button.

Time Saver and Flexible working schedule

To send Bulk Sms you need not require any fix time or proper timing schedule as compared to some other marketing strategies. You can send Bulk SMS services according to your own time schedule.

Higher Productivity

Another advantage to Bulk Sms services is that it has higher response rate than the other medium. As the SMS is directly delivered to the audiences within a fraction of minute. This generates intermediate traffic and help in increasing the business productivity.

Easy to manage and improves client relationship

Updating your potential clients via short message service (SMS), let you to maintain a consistent touch with your client who are the backbone of your business.

As you are launching some new product or service then you need to inform your client by updating newly launched product details. Bulk SMS generates immediate sales directly to the people, you need not require to wait long time and monitor to analyze the progress of you marketing campaign, within few days you will get positive response and get the clear idea about your marketing campaign.

In the context of marketing, mobile phones play a crucial role nowadays. Companies feel it quite simple to send messages about their services and products via Bulk SMS. There are a number of business directories, yellow pages available in recent times. These directories categorize and enlist business for the customers. If you are a customer interested in any company product then you can search through the pages of the business directory, find the pertinent business, note down the email id, contact numbers and other communication address if any.

Since, nowadays almost everybody possess a mobile, therefore you can directly contact the business with the aid of your phone,Bulk SMS using certain keywords if you are required to do so and retrieve necessary information from the customer service section of that business. It only helps you in making certain decisions pertaining to your purchases.

SMS Marketing, simple and effective

It has been observed that companies procure mobile numbers and then send short, catchy messages to the customers about its business. This practice is aimed at creating a positive impression in the minds of the buyers thereby arousing their interest to purchase the items of their choice. As compared to other methods of marketing, bulk SMS marketing is simple, effective and economical.

Whatever be the marketing strategy, the aim is always to convince the buyers that the company is selling quality products. It is extremely important to maintain standards while manufacturing of goods, or providing services. By doing so, a company can expect to add to its credentials the features that have the potentiality to increase the existing clientele.

As a part of marketing, it is sometimes important for a company to give concessions on its goods. Discount offers aid in attracting more and more customers. With appropriate marketing strategy, a company can expect to increase its profit margin. When any enterprise has an efficient manufacturing, sales, marketing and maintenance departments then it is bound to be successful in every respect.  is serving the corporate and small businesses since a 2013 in bulk SMS Marketing Solutions in India.
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Beyond Mobile Services provides Bulk SMS service to all over India covering many major cities in India, which are listed below.
We are offering Bulk SMS Services to wide range of clients from all parts of India.

Our Clients range from banks, hospitals, stock brokers, schools, colleges, educational institutions, call centers, real estate developers, web development companies, ERP and CRM companies.

We offer two Bulk SMS routes Promotional and Transactional.

Promotional sms is used for all type of marketing activities to create awareness among people who own cell phones. Almost everyone out there owns one now, some even own more than one. Our promotional Bulk SMS services can be very helpful in generating new business leads, product launches and contest awareness.

Transactional SMS is used for purely sending critical Alerts to a subscribed group of users. E.g. stock brokers sending stop tips to investors about buying and selling of stocks; schools sending sms to parents informing about bus delay or important events in schools. Transactional sms helps people in many ways specially sending critical alerts to all with in no time.

We have clients in Gujarat, Chennai, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Punjab, Kolkata, Noida, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon and Noida. focus always pays and we will be always focused on to delivering messages instantly .

There’s a costly myth about mobile marketing: it’s all about Apps and devices.  The truth is, the key to mobile marketing is about engagement; and there’s an easy way to engage mobile users: SMS/Text Campaigns!

SMS is an incredibly reliable and powerful communication tool. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. On top of that, with 98% open rate within 15 minutes of receipt and 90% reply rate within 3 minutes; SMS should definitely be integrated as a powerful engaging approach in your overall marketing strategy.

As a result, we are presenting the top 5 reasons why you should embrace SMS as part of your marketing campaign:


1. SMS works across all operating systems

Unlike mobile apps, SMS capabilities don’t need to be adaptive across different operating systems. Additionally, it’s already built into phones; so, regardless if a customer is using android or iOS, you’re able to reach all of them in a cost-effective way.

2. SMS works on all phone types

If you are targeting a demographic that doesn’t have access to a smartphone, for example seniors, certain Smartphone-specific tactics — such as one that is centered around mobile apps — have a good chance of being wasted. However, SMS technology works on any type of phone from the past two decades and there is no sign of the SMS capability becoming obsolete in the future. As a result, SMS enables you to reach a wide audience without alienating a key consumer segment.

3. Customers take a proactive role with SMS campaigns

As opposed to most email campaigns, customers are actively when they opt-in to receive messages on their mobile devices, specifically with SMS. As a result, the recipients are acutely aware they chose to receive SMS messages and, as a result, are more likely to be engaged with your campaign.

4. SMS campaigns create a personal customer experience

With mobile SMS campaigns, brands are able to communicate with customers via more personalized medium. Customers and marketers can enjoy a symbiotic relationship as customers receive more custom messages and marketers are able to receive responses in real-time and gain valuable insights from the interaction.

5. SMS campaigns yield both a high response rate and high conversion rate

As stated before, 98% of text messages are opened within the first 15 minutes of receipt and 90% are replied to within the first 3 minutes. By contrast, emails campaigns have a 25% open rate and also battle against spam and other email filters. As a result, when considering promotions, contest or general updates, SMS campaigns are a no-brainer.