One of the simplest ways to motivate targets and generate leads is to start a Missed Call Alert Service. Instead of asking possible customers to call you, simply ask them to give a missed call. The Missed Call Alert Service automatically disconnects their call and sends a confirmatory SMS to the caller while you receive details of their number. You can then respond by initiating the call.Nimbus handles the complete set up of Missed Call Alert Service to help you generate an ever increasing scale of leads, get feedback, conduct voting campaigns or opinion polls and, in the process, project a positive image.
Mobile phones have become a multifaceted device and different dimensions are added to it offering Value Added Services. One such VAS, facilitating call management is Missed Call Alert. The Missed Call Alert Service is a lead generation value added service that allows mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy to use call log and notification system, for the calls missed while the called party was unreachable or his mobile device was switched-off. This, in turn increases their day-to-day call efficiency.
The Missed Call Alert VAS Service uses SMS to inform the receiver about the calls missed whilst they were not reachable, as well as to inform the calling party of the availability of the called party when they are reachable. The text message sent to the calling party can also be modified by end users. The number of subscribers to which the missed call notification is sent to, can also be controlled.

The Missed Call Alert Service is available with all GSM, CDMA, and UTMS service providers, offering a comprehensive set of features, such as:-
1. Scalable, full-featured missed call logging
2.Notification of missed calls to the called party via SMS
3.Notification of the called party becoming reachable to calling party via SMS, with user-defined text.
4.Automatic missed call log forwarding to other mobile.
5.Management of service settings through integrated SMS interface for end-users.
6.Internal announcement playback support using internal or external speech devices by call drop-back to interconnected mobile switch.
7.Often built in SMSC.

Importance of Missed Call Alert Service for Operators:-
Often, mobile subscribers are unable to receive calls. The reason may be attributed to lack of network availability and personal or business engagement among others.
For operators, the Missed Call Alert Service offers several benefits, such as:
Increased call completion rate and enhanced revenue, by using the platform for push advertising.
Missed Call Alert increase the average revenue per user thereby increasing the overall message revenue.
It reduces customer churn by enhancing user experience.
For business users, Missed Call Alert improves productivity.

Who can use Missed Call Alert Services?
1.Financial Institutions
SMS can be Send by Bank | Financial Institution | Insurance Company | Credit Card Company to their Registered Customers.
2.Hospitality Industry
SMS can be sent by Railway | Airlines or authorized agencies to passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking | reservation.
3.Educational Institutions
SMS can be sent by a registered educational institution like school | colleges to parents or guardians of the students.
4.E-commerce Industry
SMS can be sent by e-commerce agencies to consumers for transactions orders, discounts, and promotions.
5.Information Services
SMS can be sent by company firm | depository participant | Trading and Bro-king Houses about payment reminders.

Where to use Missed Call Alert Service?
1.Lead Generation
2.Opt-in List Generation
3.Online Coupon Delivery
4.IMP Alert Subscription
5.User’s Registration
6.Information Pulling
7.Call Back Service
8.Cash on delivery (COD) verification
9.Customer Mobile Verification Service
10.Web user Registration Verification
11.E-commerce Mobile Validation
12.Opinion Poll Campaign
13.Live Voting Event
14.Live Event Feed
15.Consumer Survey
16.Client Feedback Report
17.Point of Sale Feed-Back

The 5Ds of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing to the future of marketing in any business, it’s helpful to think about what audience interactions we need to understand and manage. Digital Marketing today is about many more types of audience interaction than website or email… It involves managing and harnessing these ‘5Ds of Digital’ that I have defined in the introduction to the latest update to my Digital Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Implementation book. The 5Ds define the opportunities for consumers to interact with brands and for businesses to reach and learn from their audiences in different ways:

1.Digital devices – audiences experience brands as they interact with business websites and mobile apps typically through a combination of connected devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and gaming devices.
2.Digital platforms – most interactions on these devices are through a browser or apps from the major platforms or services, that’s Facebook (and Instagram), Google (and YouTube), Twitter and LinkedIn.
3.Digital media – different paid, owned and earned communications channels for reaching and engaging audiences including advertising, email and messaging, search engines and social networks.
4.Digital data – the insight businesses collect about their audience profiles and their interactions with businesses, which now needs to be protected by law in most countries.
5.Digital technology – the marketing technology or martech stack that businesses use to create interactive experiences from websites and mobile apps to in-store kiosks and email campaigns.

Why Digital Marketing is important:-
Digital media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it. Gone are the days when the messages people got about your products or services came from you and consisted of only what you wanted them to know. Digital media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction, and consumers are now exposed not just to what your company says about your brand, but what the media, friends, relatives, peers, etc., are saying as well. And they are more likely to believe them than you. People want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences.
Digital Marketing spans several activities to reach out and engage with prospective customers.

Important verticals under it include:-
1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
3.Social Media Marketing (SMM)
4.Email Marketing
5.Content Marketing
6.Affiliate Marketing

What Does a Digital Marketing Company Do?
So what exactly does a Digital Marketing company do? Within the 3 primary goals mentioned above, falls a multitude of avenues. While you may not require all of these from an outside company—or all of these for your business, they include functions such as:
1.Website Design
2.Website Optimization
3.Content Optimization
4.Content Curation
5.App Development
6.Search Engine Marketing
7.Social Media Marketing
8.Mobile Marketing and Integration
9.Placement of Online Ads
10.Cross-Platform Marketing
11.Email Marketing
12.Online Branding
13.Reporting The ROI of Digital Strategies and Tactics

The benefits of Digital Marketing include:-

1.Global reach – a website allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment.
2.Lower cost – a properly planned and effectively targeted Digital Marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
3.Trackable, measurable results – measuring your online marketing with web analytics and other online metric tools makes it easier to establish how effective your campaign has been. You can obtain detailed information about how customers use your website or respond to your advertising. Web analytics can be set up to show you exactly how much money you make from each digital tactic.
4. Personalisation – if your customer database is linked to your website, then whenever someone visits the site, you can greet them with targeted offers. The more they buy from you, the more you can refine your customer profile and market effectively to them.
5.Openness – by getting involved with social media and managing it carefully, you can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with.
6.Social currency – Digital Marketing lets you create engaging campaigns using different types of rich media content. On the internet these campaigns can gain social currency – being passed from user to user and becoming viral.
7.Improved conversion rates – if you have a website, then your customers are only ever a few clicks away from completing a purchase. Unlike other media which require people to get up and make a phone call, or go to a shop, Digital Marketing can be seamless and immediate.

Choose the Best Cloud IVR Service Provider

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that handles any call volume of your customers. At Spark TG, the best IVR Service provider, we offer smart IVR configured with a virtual IVR number. Our modern IVR improves productivity and experience as it enables you to map departments and agents using the extension and so allow you interact with your customers and routes calls to the appropriate agent or department.
Let our IVR system do more – gather information, get detailed reports of your business calls, speak to your customers, offer self-service or connect them to the right agent, both inbound and outbound campaigns.

How To Choose An IVR Service For Your Business:-
Lost your Credit Card , still waiting for your order to be shipped, waiting for your lunch order long delayed- as a customer there is a strong urge to get resolution of your service request by calling up the company’s helpline number. It does not matter whether you are a Big Organization or a Startup, Customer service is a non negotiable in building customer loyalty. In-fact having a reliable customer service center to cater to post sales will also impact the purchasing decision of the prospective customer.
What has changed is the communication modes that can be integrated with the IVR Service
– Via Social media
– Via Website
– Via Speech
– Visual IVR interface
In this article we talk about the options available to address inbound customer enquiries, classifying all of them as some kind of Interactive responses – a step forward from plain IVR Service.

Top 5 IVR Service Providers in India For Small Businesses:-
An IVR Service is a critical element of running a successful business. This invaluable tool can help you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. But, it’s important to choose a system that meets the unique needs of your business.
An IVR Service can drastically lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. But, this is only the case if you choose an IVR that is well-suited to your business’s unique needs.
Below are important questions that you need to keep in mind while shortlisting IVR Service companies:-
1.Can the IVR be integrated with other software and hardware applications?
2.Which types of customer interactions can the IVR system handle?
3.Is the IVR system easy to modify over time?
4.How will customers navigate the IVR system?
5.Can I try the IVR system before I buy it?

What is the Role of IVR Service Providers?
In the era of Adams & Eve, the customers need to install expensive equipment on the premises to enable such sophisticated features but Cloud Telephony has changed the way system works.
Now through an IVR Service Provider, you can rent a number, which already has the advance IVR solution and necessary software to run a 1 user service to thousands of users call center in a matter of minutes.
It eliminates the CAPEX, which was required to set up such a complex system and replaces it with the Cloud-Based Call Center application, which can be accessed through a simple Web-based panel.

Our Cloud IVR Service has below mentioned benefits:-
1.Configuration of personal IVR messages
2.Lead Tracking and filtering potential enquiries
3.Automated customer support
4.Higher efficiency during large call volumes
5.Increased professionalism
6.High-end customer satisfaction
7.Master access of the system of top management and other important authorities
8.One dedicated team member from Krono for your account
9.Less operational costs and more

How IVR Service works:-
IVR Service are the best example of computer-telephone integration or CTI. The most general method for a phone to communicate with a computer is through the tones produced by every key on the telephonic keypad. These are called as DTMF or dual-tone multi-frequency signals.
Every number key on a telephone produces two similar tones like one low-frequency and another high-frequency. The number one, for instance, produces both a 697-Hz and a 1209-Hz tone that is generally interpreted by the publically switched telephone network as a “1.”
At last, you may also look for hosted IVR solutions and fulfill your business requirements or look for solutions that may cater to all your related needs and satisfy your clients as well.

Cloud Telephony Services In India

IVR Guru conceiving a great service as Cloud Telephony Service in India. It is a technology that manages business service, sales, support, public or social rapport and online industry exercise exhausted control over their client communications.
IVR Guru is a web portal where you can manage spontaneous responses of your phone, Route your calls, save the call specifics and much more. Cloud Telephony Services helps to transform your website visitors into business leads. IVR Guru is the cloud based influential solution that authorize cloud based phone service provider in India, virtual number provider in Delhi and NCR, our services include IVR, conventional flow calls, call recording, voice mail and much more. IVR Guru Supports to know how our patrons are leading-edge slog our services to encounter their business objectives. IVR Guru comprises a foremost service Cloud Telephony Service in India which is determining and conquering the abilities obligatory to bridge the crack concerning their consumers and organization by Cloud Telephony Service.

Cloud Telephony Service:-
Cloud Telephony Service is a flexible solution and provides a complete solution required to track the customer life cycle – Acquisition via marketing campaign .
Choose from our range of Cloud Telephony Services that best suit your business –
1.ACD (automated call distribution),
2.Missed Call
3.Third Party CRM integration
4.Call Recording
5.Click to Call
6.Multi-level IVR
7.Auto dialer (inbound & outbound)
Cloud Telephony is the communications technology where all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises. Any businesses interested in using these services do not need to install any software or buy any hardware to get the services started. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording etc. These services can be started on a traditional phone, mobile or a computer system i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet.
Cloud computing, software and storage is the way forward. We believe that businesses wanting to upgrade their communications would benefit from considering migrating to the cloud, instead of clinging to outdated on-premises hardware.

Benefits of Hiring Cloud Telephony Services:-
Cloud Telephony Service offer several benefits over traditional on-premise telephony applications. Here are some of the key benefits:-
• 24/7 access from anywhere.
• Scalable and Flexible.
• Boost company image
• Reliable
• Increase Productivity
• Reduced Cost
• Cloud Telephony Grows With Your Business
1) Exclusive service features
Cloud Telephony Service have highly advanced features that make it easy to connect and revert on calls. Some of the popular services include interactive voice response, voicemail, call forwarding, push SMS, automated call distribution, etc.
2) No installation or maintenance cost
For SMEs, the capital investment to set up VoIP infrastructure in-house could be too high compared to the potential return. The traditional telephony applications require on-premises maintenance, PBX, and a great deal of wiring through a Main Distribution Frame (MDF).Good news is that Cloud Telephony Service provide same benefits on a lower-cost subscription basis.
3) Flexibility
The setup of cloud based communication system is highly flexible given the fact that a huge number of people are connected in a same network to communicate & share data anytime. Also in a Cloud Telephony Service, owner or the employees can increase or reduce the numbers of telephone systems depending upon the existing business requirements.
4) Cost-effective
Cloud Telephony Services are great value for money. Small businesses get high return on investment as progressive Cloud Telephony system facilitates overall communication process smoothly and effortlessly. At the lowest possible cost, Cloud Telephony Services offer opportunity to experience VoIP.
5) Readily available support
When a cloud based communication solution is installed in a business environment, there is no need for employees to be worried about hardware expansion, database management and software updates. Everything is handled by the Cloud Telephony Service provider.
6) Technology expertise
The Cloud Telephony Services providers are expert in the technology. Whereas for small businesses it is unlikely to have an employee with the same level of expertise, or to hire a full-time telecommunication infrastructure professional.
7) Easy Implementation
Without the installation of hardware, or the need to visit your premises to get your new Cloud Telephony Service up and running, implementation is quick, easy and seamless.