What is the use of bulk voice calls?

Bulk Voice Calls is an advanced form of technology to communicate with your customers. It is a pre-recorded IVR or voice which is broadcasted to the targeted people making it the most effective and advanced marketing activity tool.

Every company finds solutions for cost-effective and cheaper way to market their services or products across their regions. If you put manpower to make a single call to each and every prospect/customers it takes the entire day and still, it cannot reach to everyone in your data system.

With the help of voice SMS service, you can target your clients and get the most of it. Bulk voice calls save a lot of precious time in terms of calling a single customer and convincing them for your offerings.

Benefits of Obligr Voice SMS :

1. Reminders for EMI, loans, payment updates etc.
2. Political campaign for vote promotion, vote reminders.
3. Voice SMS is more personalized than text messages.
4. Record your own voice in your own language and send.

Obligr India Pvt Ltd provides the best solutions in voice sms software by providing our customers solution as per their business requirements. We offer uninterrupted voice sms solutions through our robust gateway.

Rates Revised for Bulk SMS Marketing

Rates Revised for Bulk SMS Marketing – As we have informed you about the  changing rates of sms due to CARTEL POLICY from 15th May, due to which we have to revise our sms rates effective from 15th May 2018.

Rates have been increased by Operators so we have no option except increasing our Rates, then also we have tried to maintain it not on high side, We hope you feel this is still a great value, and we appreciate your patronage.

Note: Delivery Based Services has been stopped by Operators from 15th May 2018 and we are in contact with all operators to start it asap.

Please visit website for updated rates.

Bulk SMS Rates will be changed from 15 May 2018 due to the CARTEL Policy

We Obligr India Pvt. Ltd, is a glad and proud business partner with our Client and Reseller . We always had an immense pleasure in serving Clients and Resellers with the multi-channel messaging solutions.
This blog is to inform you about the operator price increase due to the CARTEL Policy and their notices to increase the SMS pricing, effective from May’15th 2018. As you may know, that industry economics and market dynamics has unleashed an aggressive price war, resulting in takeovers, mergers and closures owing to large debts, spectrum charge dues and falling revenues.
With this industry consolidation, 3 key players (Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio) are driving market pricing, capacity volumes and Quality of Service benchmarks for all Indian telecom mobility solutions. This is the core decision of Telecom Operators, and we assure you that nor do we nor any other service provider play any role in this increase of pricing PAN India.
Due to the steep change in A2P messaging cost, we have no option but to increase our pricing according to the market standards. So the new pricing would come into effect from 15th May, 2018, and would be applicable to the existing as well as prospective users of our services. No such hike in Bulk SMS prices was expected beforehand and the team at Obligr has no control over the altered prices and needs to comply with the newly introduced rule by the respective telecom operators. Revised rates will be announced on 15th May 2018, by the operator. All the other terms and conditions, except the pricing, will remains the same.
We carry no intention to restrict the quality of services being given to our clients and we assure to continue offering eminent SMS solutions at cost-effective options. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on this. We appreciate the persistent support of our clients and wish for your continued support.

Domestic SMS Price Revision

Domestic SMS Price Revision

As you know, Obligr™ India Pvt Ltd have been in a successful partnership with your Organization, over the years, to enhance your end user customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition experiences, using our enterprise mobility solutions. We would like to thank you for this, and will ensure that we continue to provide you with excellent quality of service and innovative omni-channel messaging solutions to meet your business needs.

We would like to inform you about the operator price increase we discussed earlier, as all the operators have already sent notices to increase our SMS pricing from May’15th 2018. As you may know, there has been operator consolidation with several smaller operators exiting the Indian telecom industry, and others merging, such as Vodafone and Idea, given that the industry economics and market dynamics have been less favorable for Telcos in India, compared to other international markets. With this industry consolidation, 3 key players (Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio) are driving market pricing, capacity volumes and QoS benchmarks for all Indian telco mobility solutions.

Though several telecom operators had started increasing their prices over last 9 months, but the price increase notification we received last week, is a step change in A2P messaging cost. Given this, we have no option but to increase our pricing. So the pricing from May 15th 2018 will be increased by 0.04P per sms + GST.