Customer Complaint: Delay in SMS Deliveries

Complaints on SMS Deliveries: Why my SMS Campaign deliveries are getting Delayed?

General Customer Complaints:

  1. There is a huge delay in getting sms delivery on my mobile.
  2. I cannot wait for hours or days long to receive one single sms.
  3. Text SMS arrival should happen instant, why it takes so much time!!

You must be handling these questions on daily basis and must be putting good amount of efforts in answering them with care.

Addressing Above Complaints:

First and foremost, for any organization, it is of utmost importance to address such complaints coming from customers with high priority and sincerity. Even big global operators doesn’t commit instant deliveries to their clients, generally they share a time duration of around 12 to 24 hours. Somehow, due to this competitive era, and lack of market awareness, few companies are still able to offer fake promises on instant SMS deliveries. However, due to lack of transparency and honesty, customer may feel cheated and also may discontinue working with such companies.

It is upto individual businesses, how they want to put themselves in the market. either 1) they can easily bluff their customers by giving wrong promises, or 2) they can educate them in right manner and win their confidence and ensure a long-term working relationship.

Here are the actual problems due to which delay in sms delivery occurs.

Network Level Issue: 

When your customer shoots sms campaign during heavy network usage, you may mark a potential delay in sms transmission. You may also notice a marginal delay due to high Congestion, which may occur on the network, due to increased intervals of sms traffic. Messages are sent in data packets over the network. It happens sometimes that the packet gets lost and has to re-route to its correct destination. This typically has a time-out. For most networks, this is usually set at 24 hours i.e. if your phone was not reachable for 24 hours, the network will abort the message.

Non-identical Networks: 

Each network prioritizes it’s own sms traffic. Therefore, when any sender and any receiver uses Non-identical networks, there are possibilities that SMS may get delayed.

Handset Problem: 

The most common issue with sms delivery delays, is problem with Handsets. Switched-off, Low Battery, SIM issues, Billing issues, etc, may be one of the reasons. Broken or tilted antenna of Handsets can also lead to such situations.

Location of Handset: 

Sender and Recipient location plays vital role in delivering instant message. If mobile device is located outside any network’s coverage area or it is lying on a spot where the network signal is fully blocked, under bad weather, a delay in transmission may occur. Tall & Old buildings with poor mobile signal can worsen the situation. Also, driving above 70 km/hour with your handset may hold-up SMS.

Error on operator’s server: 

Another reason for the delay of Text messages is an error on operator’s server. Normally such problems are easily fixed by the carriers and there is a low probability that your message will be lost.

6 ways to promote fitness centres and gyms with text message marketing

Gyms and fitness centers are the new temples of health for today’s generation. The society as a whole is moving towards an era of greater health and weight consciousness and looking for means to achieve the same. So if you own a gym or fitness center this is your time to capitalize on the opportunity and expand your business. If you think advertising involves huge costs then we are here to dispel that myth. To know more read on.

Gyms can increase membership and create awareness by using the simple and cost effective means of text marketing. Employing the use of SMS service provider is the latest trend in digital marketing and has so far proved to be a useful one. Companies are making a switch from email to SMS as text messages have more reach and are read more frequently than emails. Text marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial for fitness centres and can do wonders for their business.

6 ways to promote fitness centres and gyms with text message marketing:

1. Free Trial Membership and Discounts – To entice people and make them accustomed to the gyming environment, gyms can introduce a limited free membership for a few days. Send full on SMS to promote this offer. Once a member joins, offer discounts on the actual membership to retain them.

2. Send Fitness Messages – Make a list of gym members and send free SMS online to each of them with a personalized health tip. This encourages people and keeps them hooked to using the gym everyday.

3. Introduce new workouts – The fitness industry is evolving constantly and newer workout regimes are being introduced frequently. Keep a tab on these trends, try and introduce them in the gym and inform clients using SMS about them. Clients would appreciate having workout options to eliminate drudgery.

4. Gather Likes on Facebook – Create a page for your gym and send SMS to members to ‘like’ the page. Facebook is a great way to promote your business. Once a client hits ‘like’ the page would appear on his profile and others can also view it.

5. Create a Referral Program – Send text messages to clients asking them to refer your gym to their friends and family. Once a referred member is enrolled reward the referrer with discounts or free gifts. This way the client would be motivated to bring their friends and family.

6. Send Weekly Reports – Use SMS to send personalized weekly reports of the clients workout pattern through the week and also send them the schedule for the next week. The client will appreciate the Gyms keen involvement.

10 ways to promote real estate business with bulk sms marketing

As you are in the business of real estate, then we are sure you must have tried a lot of things to promote your business. Right from fliers to ads in newspaper, every promotion move would have cost you a bounty. If you are now looking to reduce this cost and at the same time increase your conversions then keep reading this space as we are about to tell you a simple solution for all your promotion needs.

The answer to your above worry is simply send sms to mobile. Yes you read that right and we are not talking about 1 or 2 sms but to a large number of potential customers at just one go. There are a lot of bulk sms service providers in India, however we had suggest you to use the service of India sms. The service will consist of sending bulk sms through an open source sms gateway. The gateway will have tie ups with almost all the major carrier service providers which will you to reduce your bounce rates. Thus you will be able to reach a lot of people with a guarantee. Also buying the sms premium account, will enable to target your prospects geographically. This targeting will help you avoid being treated as a spam sms and will help you gain more credibility.

Now below we will tell you few ways to promote your real estate business in a simple yet efficient manner.

1. Send SMS only after doing a thorough research of customer database.
2. Buy the customer database from a trusted provider. Many numbers might be not in use which will lead to higher bounce rate.
3. Keep your message simple and precise. As you are limited when it comes to availability of characters so keeping message short will get you more conversions.
4. Always provide a website link in your SMS. For this purpose use URL shortener.
5. Send multiple messages on a routine basis. The content should differ slightly.
6. Do not spam the inbox of your customer. Maintain a frequency that will avoid user blocking your number.
7. Do not message on numbers that have been registered under DND.
8. For international clients, you will need to use gateway that provides free international SMS services.
9. Analyze your reports on daily basis.
10. Test run your campaign on a small number of people before going wide.

With this we are sure you will be able to achieve your objective of increasing your clientele base.