Bulk SMS Messages is the transmission of large number of messages to the mobile phones of the clients. In this age businesses in financial industry have to face so many obstacles to survive like competition in the market, new technology, globalization etc. To meet these hurdles Bulk SMS Messaging is an innovative technology/strategy for the financial industries. With the help of this marketing technology an enterprise can promote their product or services efficiently and they can maximize their profit or wealth and can control the fraudulent activities. Organizations/enterprises have to use Bulk SMS Messages technique properly, so they can get the whole advantages of this technique/strategy. An organization should kept in mind some mistakes while they sending the messages.

Here are some common mistakes made by the Sender when he sends the Bulk SMS Messages:-

1. Unorganized Message: – When an organization sends the Bulk SMS messages they should kept in mind that the message is in organized manner. The message should be organized according to the information. The objective/idea of the message should be simple and effective.

2. Lack of clarity: – Clarity means understanding the message effortlessly. Sometime the sender of the messages doesn’t represent the clear idea in the Bulk SMS messages due to use of language and some other effects. By choosing concrete, precise and familiar language the sender can make the Bulk SMS messages effective. Sender has to use familiar language which is appropriate according to the situation or place. It can depend upon the national and international place of the receiver.

3. Lack of consideration: – Consideration means transmitting the message with the receiver in mind. When an organization or sender sends the message he should have kept in mind that what is the impact of Bulk SMS message on the receiver. Sender has to use some positive words like profit, pleasure, help etc. words to support consideration. In reality consideration is the result of integrity and honesty. So by using this technique sender can make a good and effective impact on the receiver and can promote their product or services efficiently.

4. Accurate Timing: – The Bulk SMS messages should be sending to the clients at proper time by the sender. The messages should not be sending at strange hours like midnight or early in the morning because these messages don’t receive the desired attention from the clients. So the sender has to avoid these mistakes to improve your business.

5. Concise & Correctness: – Correctness means using specific, definite and vivid information. In the absence of these features message can become vague and general. The sender of an organization has to use specific data, or facts to become the messages specific. He has to use direct, explicit words rather than phrases to make the message impressive. The text of the message should be concise and effective.

6. Bad Call to Action: – This is the common mistake which is made by the most of the businesses. CTA (call to action) a most effective part which facilitate in the action and customers can know why they received the messages in the first place. The main purpose to sending an SMS is to ask the customer to do or buy something. If that is missing, Bulk SMS will not be very effective. So there should be a proper CTA (Call to action).

7. Completeness & Courtesy: – Completeness and courtesy are the most important factors of an SMS. Mistakes regarding these factors became the message useless. A business message is consider complete when it contains all the facts the receiver needs for the feedback. A message should have the inclusion of all the necessary information and also the inclusion of answers to all questions. Sender has to use some courteous words like please, thanks etc. Sender has to check the Bulk SMS message one or two times after its completion or before it’s sending to avoid these kinds of mistakes.


SMS Gateway: – Over the last few decades the number of Smartphone’s has rapidly increased. Most of the people choose Smartphone’s/Mobiles that have wide range of features to use. Hence the enterprises/firms belonging to different kinds of business sectors preferred, to use of SMS messages for products or services promotion. In this competitive age the businesses/firm uses different kinds of marketing strategies. Bulk SMS messages are one of the effective marketing techniques for product/service promotion used by the enterprises. It is the technique related specifically to sending of large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of the target customer. This could be done only with the help of right selection of an SMS gateway server. Bulk SMS gateway provides services as the portal that connects enterprises/firms with the mobiles of their target customers via different mobile carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon etc. It is an integral part of communication. So an SMS gateway provider plays an important role for communication between the business firms and their target customers.

Here are some inside tips for choosing a Right SMS gateway:-

1. Legal/Authentic: –The Bulk SMS gateway server that you select for your firm should be legal. It should be familiar with the various SMS marketing laws which are applicable in the belonging state or country. An entrepreneur should make all the verification about the SMS gateway server which they want to select, whether it is according to rule and regulation of government or not of that state, Because these laws will create some legal problems such as civil suits, monetary fines or other legal actions.

2. Good Network Quality: – An SMS gateway provider should have the good network coverage. Some SMS gateway provider doesn’t have the capability to provide services in remote areas due to their locations and environment. It can manipulate the messages. So an entrepreneur should have to consider these things before choosing an SMS gateway provider.

3. Use of SMPP Protocol: – SMPP (Short message Peer to Peer) is a “major standard” protocol for sending messages. It is technologically advanced. SMPP is easy to track and it has the real cost to sending messages. So before choosing an SMS gateway provider for their enterprise an entrepreneur should have to confirm whether the SMS gateway provider use the SMPP or not.

4. Business Oriented Company: – There are many SMS gateway provider companies in the world, but some are better suited for boosting your income than others. If the provider/service that you select for your business was built with business boosting in mind, chances are increased to gain access to the sort of functionality designed and it helps to obtain the goal which is beneficial for business.

5. Cost/Price: – In a business nobody wants to pay more than a reasonable price of a service. But price is ultimately concerned with value, means what an entrepreneur is getting for his money. So at the time of choosing an SMS gateway Provider entrepreneur should have kept in mind that whether there is a good return on investment (ROI) or not on SMS gateway provider/Service.

bulk sms service provider

A perfect marketing strategy helps in getting great results for your company and gets you more customers. Obligr provides efficient marketing strategies by using amazing technology. Their bulk SMS service is a user-friendly and economical marketing solution.

Unlike traditional modes of marketing, bulk SMS marketing requires very little human support as it makes use of the ever advancing technologies. We offer bulk SMS services , which not only involves sending messages but also adding and editing contacts, composing messages and so on. We are known for our high quality marketing services, which we offer at affordable rates.

The SMS tool is very quick and effective. You will be able to send messages to as many as 10000 mobile users at a time. You will also be able to send as many messages in a day as per your requirement. The bulk SMS  gateway ensures that your messages are delivered to the users of both CDMA and GSM technologies. These unique features help in boosting up your marketing campaign.


It is a fast changing world, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of marketing. In this fast flowing and competitive field, you need all the help you can obtain.
Services like Bulk SMS Broadcast, Obligr do just that for you.
Packed with a truckload of unique features, deigned to infuse ease and efficiency into the marketing process for you company, these services provide you with that break you’ve been longing for.
The first step in any marketing process is advertising your brands, and these services help you achieve this delicate and complicated task in numerous ways.

Using Obligr , Bulk SMS Broadcast facility is one effective way you can advertise your brands.

How Bulk SMS Broadcast Works

This service works as a personalized message delivery system. This facility deals with sending multiple text messagesusing any Bulk SMS software.

Here again, a pre-created text message can be flashed to thousands of customers in seconds, letting them know of your latest offers, event reminders, etc. The ingenuity in this method that allows you to send Bulk SMS in this manner is as follows-by blending advertisements with the hundreds of other text messages a customer receives, from friends and family, you have the assurance that your advertisement will inevitably be read by the customer.

Bulk SMS services like SMS Broadcast also allow you to receive feedback from the customer. This is done in two ways. To use Obligr SMS broadcast facility as an example:

1. The Direct Response Dimension
This service plays the role of an advertisement success poll. It allows customers to respond to advertisements etc, and based on this feedback, It provides you with statistics as to how much feedback you obtained, from whom, which product was the most popular, and so on.

2. The CRM Dimension
With The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dimension, it is possible for the management to engage in interactive discussions with its customers, to get more objective information about their opinions concerning their products and services. It enables you to do this by using innovative devices like quizzes, surveys, and so on. Here again, you can communicate with your customers via bulk SMS.

Not only does this service help you tailor your products to better suit your market, it also shows the customer that you value his own input in formulating your products.

With such SMS marketing services in your portfolio, you can be sure that, with the gigantic boost in efficiency and customer relations it provides you with, services like Bulk SMS, guarantee to keep you a head and half above the rest of the marketing community!
Another useful features connected to Bulk SMS, is the Short Code Service. This feature ensures efficient direction of incoming messages into your company account. It does this by providing your company with a unique keyword, which is then used as a pointer to direct incoming messages quickly and efficiently into your account.

The sole purpose of Obligr and Bulk SMS, is to give you a helping hand in your marketing process. With the range of innovative features it comes with, all of them designed to give you an edge in the marketing world, along with Bulk SMS software, services like these are your ultimate Marketing Tool!