It is a fast changing world, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of marketing. In this fast flowing and competitive field, you need all the help you can obtain.
Services like Bulk SMS Broadcast, Obligr do just that for you.
Packed with a truckload of unique features, deigned to infuse ease and efficiency into the marketing process for you company, these services provide you with that break you’ve been longing for.
The first step in any marketing process is advertising your brands, and these services help you achieve this delicate and complicated task in numerous ways.

Using Obligr , Bulk SMS Broadcast facility is one effective way you can advertise your brands.

How Bulk SMS Broadcast Works

This service works as a personalized message delivery system. This facility deals with sending multiple text messagesusing any Bulk SMS software.

Here again, a pre-created text message can be flashed to thousands of customers in seconds, letting them know of your latest offers, event reminders, etc. The ingenuity in this method that allows you to send Bulk SMS in this manner is as follows-by blending advertisements with the hundreds of other text messages a customer receives, from friends and family, you have the assurance that your advertisement will inevitably be read by the customer.

Bulk SMS services like SMS Broadcast also allow you to receive feedback from the customer. This is done in two ways. To use Obligr SMS broadcast facility as an example:

1. The Direct Response Dimension
This service plays the role of an advertisement success poll. It allows customers to respond to advertisements etc, and based on this feedback, It provides you with statistics as to how much feedback you obtained, from whom, which product was the most popular, and so on.

2. The CRM Dimension
With The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dimension, it is possible for the management to engage in interactive discussions with its customers, to get more objective information about their opinions concerning their products and services. It enables you to do this by using innovative devices like quizzes, surveys, and so on. Here again, you can communicate with your customers via bulk SMS.

Not only does this service help you tailor your products to better suit your market, it also shows the customer that you value his own input in formulating your products.

With such SMS marketing services in your portfolio, you can be sure that, with the gigantic boost in efficiency and customer relations it provides you with, services like Bulk SMS, guarantee to keep you a head and half above the rest of the marketing community!
Another useful features connected to Bulk SMS, is the Short Code Service. This feature ensures efficient direction of incoming messages into your company account. It does this by providing your company with a unique keyword, which is then used as a pointer to direct incoming messages quickly and efficiently into your account.

The sole purpose of Obligr and Bulk SMS, is to give you a helping hand in your marketing process. With the range of innovative features it comes with, all of them designed to give you an edge in the marketing world, along with Bulk SMS software, services like these are your ultimate Marketing Tool!