Today smart marketing is about using various technology channels to reach out to your customers. Be it the use of social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or using the more traditional medium of SMS and Voice. One point that cut across is that usage of technology is imperative at all levels. The question many ask is why SMS is still one of the smart channel and crucial part of business marketing & communications.


To understand this we should know that SMS was conceived with the dire need for seamless communication without interrupting the person and its basics are still relevant in the present world. Today, SMS has evolved from being peer-to-peer communication to more business communication and is handy for transactional, promotional or OTP related messages. Its lighting speed has made it a viable option for every business. Today, SMS can be easily integrated to the digital marketing strategy and thus, adds to the digitized interaction.


There are other marketing strategies which could be faster, but nothing competes with the swiftness of SMS.. And, amongst all the available channels of marketing, SMS thrives as a spam free marketing process. While before the rules and regulation came into force, spamming was one of the challenge in SMS, but not any longer. SMS marketing revolves around short, crisp and to the point communication, which in turn increases the rate of conversion. The 160 characters limit is actually a boon for marketers, instead of being a limitation.


SMS has become the messenger in this era of technology driven communications, where consumer prefers to stay informed with the crisp messaging on the go. Today is an era where voice calling is considered an intrusive strategy and e-mail goes in junk most of the times. The fact about customer and marketer relationship is that the customer can opt out of service anytime. Obligr channel marketing calls for a proper integration of thought, message and multiple channels. A perfect Obligr channel marketing rotates around the SMS features, because it truly molds itself in the shape of the message.