Mobile phones are hugely popular devices that cut across age barriers when it comes to their use. Today, it is surprising to find someone who does not own a mobile phone. It can be a high end one, a multimedia phone or a utility phone. The number of service providers has also grown immensely with the growth in the percentage of people using mobile phones. People have now started to spend flexibly every month on their mobile phone bills. Even prepaid customers opt for high end plans to ensure they do not run out of balance at the wrong time.

Mobile phones come with a wide range exciting features. One of the features that have made the device a essential to own is the SMS. SMS is a short, speedy and cost-effective way of sending an important message across when you do not have enough calling balance to call the person or when your call goes unreturned.
There are myriad benefits of using the SMS facility. Your desired message reaches instantaneously to the person. You can edit your messages and put the information that you think is utmost important. It is perhaps the cheapest way of sending a long distance message to a person who may be living opposite to you or in a faraway country. Bulk SMS marketing is quite popular with many small and medium sized companies. Bulk SMS marketing in India is still at a nascent stage. However, it is expanding at a rapid rate. It is easy for anyone to send bulk SMS with the right bulk SMS software. Bulk SMS marketing is considered to be the most cost-efficient way of sending across your message.

Several types of companies use Bulk SMS marketing to send their intended message across. If you own a small or medium sized firm, you should certainly give bulk SMS marketing a serious thought.


This is the age of new media. As advertising expenditures are sky rocketing, more and more companies now look for various alternatives that are not just cost-effective but also produce the desired results in a shorter span of time. Email marketing, online marketing and SMS marketing are the buzzword of the advertising industry. SMS marketing is relatively newer to Email marketing. Email marketing has been heavily followed by many companies for a long time. SMS marketing is slowly gaining its foothold in the market. Compared to email marketing, SMS marketing offers a wide range of benefits.

Even though email marketing is effective, a lot of people feel harassed by it seeing the innumerable spam mails that are sent everyday. Also, emails are quite lengthy sometimes and people do not read the full mail as they are busy with their work and personal. Also, not all people use smart phones that they can be updated about their emails at all times of the day and night. However, with SMSes, your intended message reaches the target audience in a strategic way. There is no advertising wastage. Since your message is crisp and short, there is no way the opposite person will miss reading it. Also, it does not take more than few seconds to go through an entire SMS unlike an email. So, in all probability, your potential customer will revert back to your message either through a phone call or by accessing your online company website. Thus, SMS marketing is much more beneficial compared to email marketing.

The success of any SMS marketing campaign depends on quite a lot of factors. First and foremost, it is important that you understand the basics of SMS marketing. You should follow all legal and ethical processes before you launch a SMS marketing campaign. SMS software is an essential tool for the implementation of SMS marketing campaign. Bulk SMS software download can be easily done online or through expert professionals. SMS Excel software is quite popular among small and medium sized companies.

Today, calling and sending messages via the mobile phone has become the most common way of staying in touch with your friends, family and office colleagues. The mobile phone is a device that has brought a wave of revolution in long distance calling. Today, it is difficult to find someone who does not own a mobile phone. Sending SMSes is a common way of keeping in touch with your near and dear ones when calling becomes expensive or when you are not able to reach the other person.

Today, SMS services are quite popular. The market for SMS is rapidly booming. A recent report suggested that almost 73% of people living in the United States heavily use the SMS service to keep in touch with their friends and family. The study also stated that more people living in the US now prefer to send a quick message instead of calling. Not just in America, even other countries are seeing an enormous boom in the SMS market. Many small and medium sized companies now heavily rely on the power of the SMS to get their message across to the desired audience. SMS marketing is considered to be one the most cost-effective ways of sending your message across. However, before your company plans to launch an aggressive Bulk SMS marketing plan, there are certain things you need to well consider. First and foremost, it is essential that you use a short and easy to remember code for your mass SMS campaign.


The success of any marketing campaign depends on several controllable and uncontrollable factors. The fundamental rule for all companies to follow is to develop a product or service that offers maximum satisfaction to their clients. If the product or service is impeccable, it speaks for itself and you may not have to do additional publicity or advertising to promote the product. Your product or service is bound to be popular through word of mouth publicity. However, the importance of advertising, marketing and promotion cannot be sidelined. These are effective tools that can make or break your products fate in the market. Apart from creating the right buzzword in the market, these tools can also be used to strengthen your company reputation. Many companies also specifically do image advertising to repair their shoddy image caused due to faulty products or substandard services.

Advertising in the print and on TV is enormously expensive and cannot be afforded by all companies. Hence, most small and medium sized firms heavily rely on other cost-effective ways of promoting their product. One of them is SMS marketing. Bulk SMS marketing is slowly becoming popular in India. You need the right software for quick success with SMS marketing plan. When doing bulk SMS software download, you need to ensure that the website from which you are downloading the software is reliable and trusted. There are different sites that offer SMS Excel software. You need to choose wisely.

There are quite a few benefits of SMS marketing. First and very important, it helps to cut down marketing costs of your company. Implementing a SMS marketing plan can be done in a hassle free way and you do have to train your staff to execute the strategy. Secondly, it is the most flexible way of advertising to maximum number of people in a short span of time. Unlike print or broadcast, there are no fixed slots or timings where you can advertise to your target audiences. Hence, SMS marketing is quite viable in today times.