Mobile communication has grown by leaps and bounds in the present times. Today, it is hard to find someone without a mobile phone. It the olden days, mobile phones were mainly used for calls and messaging. However, today they are well advanced and come with a host of futuristic features. However, SMS still remains one of the highlights of mobile phone technology. It is a powerful tool that not just connects two people but has also served as a secondary marketing option for many small and medium size companies. Bulk SMS is a marketing tool that many local companies use to market their products and services to a certain demographic. The advantages offered by Bulk SMS are numerous. For one, they help you reach your target audience in a cost-effective way. There is no advertising wastage as you know exactly to whom you are sending the message. Thus, you can only target those people who are companies potential or existing clients.


Sending SMS is not an uphill task and even school going children are adept at it. Thus, you do not have to incur any additional expenses in implementing their marketing strategy. It is highly beneficial compared to email marketing. SMSes are short and the word count is tremendously less compared to a email. Thus, people are motivated to read it. It hardly takes a few seconds to go through an entire SMS. This helps you to send across your message in a crisp, informed way without boring the target audience. The use of mobile phone has drastically increased over the years. This means that your advertising message stands a greater chance of being delivered and read by the target audience compared to print or broadcast advertising. Many small companies also use it as a tactical promotional strategy. Sending bulk SMS in India does not have any major restrictions. You can send bulk SMS to a any number of people in a day.