Bulk Sms a smart sms marketing platform

Bulk Sms Best sms marketing platform

Bulk sms is actually a platform to send sms to a number of group/single numbers. Bulk SMS is frequently utilized in Sms Marketing.
There are many services that offer these types of services for countries all over the world. It is Ideal for any purpose and SMS marketing. Send unlimited Invitations, Season greetings at wonderful speed to india

Bulk SMS provides several SMS services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and people, focusing on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration, wireless communications, corporate SMS, SMS marketing products, such as sms Marketing Software.

Obligr Bulk Sms Marketing

Bulk sms  is the technique of sending SMS messages to some group of subscriber customers simultaneously; there are many services that offer these types of services for countries all over the world. Bulk SMS lets you send 1000s n 1000s of SMS within seconds from the computer , quite simple to use, Ideal for any purpose and SMS marketing. Send unlimited Invitations, Season greetings.

Bulk Sms Service Provider Company in Delhi

A perfect marketing strategy helps in getting great results for your company and gets you more customers. Obligr provides efficient marketing strategies by using amazing technology. Their bulk SMS Delhi service is a user-friendly and economical marketing solution.

Unlike traditional modes of marketing, bulk SMS marketing requires very little human support as it makes use of the ever advancing technologies. We offer bulk SMS services in Delhi, which not only involves sending messages but also adding and editing contacts, composing messages and so on. We are known for our high quality marketing services, which we offer at affordable rates.

The SMS tool is very quick and effective. You will be able to send messages to as many as 10000 mobile users at a time. You will also be able to send as many messages in a day as per your requirement. The bulk SMS Delhi gateway ensures that your messages are delivered to the users of both CDMA and GSM technologies. These unique features help in boosting up your marketing campaign.

Bulk Sms

Bulk SMS Services Using Web or bulk sms service, Obligr BulkSMS lets you easily use web-based bulk SMS messages. Since they permit you to segment your contacts into groups, it is possible to target a particular percentage of your audience geographically by there best data based support software known as MobiTiser. Your Bulk SMS database holds approximately data from more than 250 cities in India including metros like Mumbai , Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai,Gujarat etc. Using Obligr BulkSMS is just as easy.

Another useful aspect Bulk SMS offers is template tool. With this feature, you can make an email template in advance then access it when you are in message creation mode at a later date. This may really increase the creation process. You may also personalize the signature you send with each bulk SMS message. Obligr BulkSMS also provides delivery reports of one’s polls, so you can see which messages were sent successfully, and which messages did not send, helping you purge failed numbers. You can also download your delivery results as a possible Excel file.

Obligr Bulk SMS offers various Bulk SMS services along with other text messaging solutions for businesses and people, concentrating on bulk SMS, and Bulk SMS gateway integration, SMS marketing products, wireless communications, corporate SMS etc.

SMS (Short Text Messaging Services) has rapidly changed the advertisement sectors in India. Once you purchase the sms in large quantities quantity, you are able to advertise through bulk sms all over India. Mobile sms marketing is essential in India concerning reach their targeted audience at the specific time and energy to render better services.

By connecting your mobile set with computer user can send unlimited sms on single click. BSM may be used to promote business of each and every type. Its unlimited groups, unlimited contact no in each group. User can import contact no from Excel Sheet. BSS may be used almost in each and every field of life due to the vast usage. For just about any kind of company like school, college, services, political campaigned, product marketing, announcements, retail business etc. To advertise your small business or product simply speaking time just in seconds sms marketing is quite useful.This program requires internet connection so that you can send and receive SMS messages. You also need a good internet connection but 2.56 Kb is good enough. You also need Windows OS for this program. Microsoft Office from up to version 2000 can handle the program. You also need a Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. All you need are minimum computer settings and soon enough, you will be able to enjoy this amazing program.