Understand 4 C’s of Social Media and Social Media Campaign


Social media is an effective way to learn about your audience & target them. It can help you to find new customers & expand your market reach. Social media allows to share content easily & quickly. It generates brand awareness.

On a personal level and commercial level it helps to build relationships, repeat business, gain existing and new customers. It has become modern marketing channel.

Do you use social media campaigns to engage with your customers?

Here, we’ll discuss 4 C’s social media marketing and tips for building and running successful social media campaigns.

4 C’s of Social Media Marketing

  • Communities

  • Conversations

  • Channels

  • Campaigns

How to Build Social Media Campaign

  • Get a Campaign Builder

  • Identify Your Campaign Idea

  • Design and Launch

  • Promote Your Campaign

  • End The Campaign

5 Effective Ideas To Stay Positive Even In Your Worst Days

5 Effective Ideas To Stay Positive Even In Your Worst Days

We all in our life at some point faces a bad time. But bad times doesn’t mean the end.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then there are a lot of situation arise when you will feel that everything is finished and you have chosen the wrong path.

And when somebody is present in such bitter moments, these times can seem endless but through these crappy times, we can learn the most about ourselves and can receive some of the life’s greatest lessons and rewards.

After going through some of my own bitter crappy times. Through my some of my own bitter experiences of negativeness, hopelessness, confusion and failure I’ve learned to follow a few simple but very effective phrases to help me stay positive.

So now, whenever things go wrong or if I begin to go in dilemma, I just remember and repeat some of the following points:

1. Stay Easy

Stay Easy quote

Does it happen with you that you have to go to a party and you freak out very fast about what to wear to that party or you  leave for some important work and then you remember that you left some important thing of yours behind?

If yes, then you are in the category of people who freak out very easily. And this nature can destroy your professional life very badly.

So, all you have to do is to learn not to get so worried about a small thing that at the end worth nothing.

Start taking things easy there are a lot of more big things to get worried about.

2. Start Taking Criticism In A Healthy Manner

Start Taking Criticism In A Healthy Manner Quote

When you think of getting your own business or doing something unique in this world lots of people will come with their unwanted views and criticism.

Let them bark. One of the biggest fear of someone to stand unique is the criticism. It pulls up a person from being standing ahead.

So, the only thing that can be suggested to avoid this fear is the mantra “let it be!”

Start taking your criticism as a guide and think what you can do to make it right. The best way to take your mind out of it is to stop replying the criticizers and stay positive.

3. Stop Hiding Yourself from You

Stop Hiding Yourself from You Quote

Almost everyone in today’s world wears a mask, a mask of not being himself.

We do this because we fear to face us. We do a job that we don’t like, we maintain a relation those whom we don’t want to be, we do things which don’t give us any happiness.

Why? Why we do that? it will only give you the bad days of your life.

So, sit in a silent place and think what you’re and what you want because if you are working for a thing that you never wanted anyone can help you in achieve success.

4. Remain up and open

Remain up and open Quotes

By this I mean always keep you head up and welcome the people you meet and welcome the situations you face. Nobody knows which situation and which person can rise you up.

By keeping your head up and smiling at the people you pass by and remaining aware of your surroundings can help you remain positive and maintain a positive surrounding.

So be positive and make your surrounding remain positive.

5. Slow Down Yourself

Slow Down Yourself Quote

Yes! It’s quite controversial that if you’re willing to be an entrepreneur who is suppose to be active and running all around and  an amazing multi-tasking person how can you slow down you live.

Entrepreneur and successful people meant to be active but not fast. There is a lot of difference between active and fast.

You’re eating like a monster driving like a superman and doing a lot of things that you yourself forgot that what you were actually doing.

Is this the way you live then start watching yourself you‘re no more healthy you are losing your capability of being a good speaker?

So be active but eat slowly so that you can enjoy the taste speaking slowly so that you can be the good listener and whenever you feel yourself getting out of yourself just slow down and start concentrating on your real work.

So, these were the 5 points which will help you stay positive in you the bad time. If you’re willing to achieve success then always remain prepared to face all the bad or even worst in your life.

Welcome those moments and keep chanting these mantras to stay positive in those situations.

Pump Up Your Sales With SMS Marketing This Year


Why mobile marketing is so powerful and receives high response? – Because it’s personal. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have huge potential, with engagement rates reaching eight times than email marketing.

Here are more stats which tell you why SMS is a powerful channel!

Stats and Facts

1. SMS produces engagement rate 6 to 8 times higher than email.

2. 70% of people would like to receive offers on mobile device.

3. 98% of text messages are read.

4. 50% of e-commerce website traffic comes through a mobile device.

5. Average response time for text messages is 90 seconds.

6. SMS coupons are 10x more likely to be redeemed & shared than mail and newspaper coupons.

7. 57% of consumers would be happy to sign up to an SMS loyalty programme.

8. SMS campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns.

Key Reasons to Start SMS marketing

Here are some top reasons why your business should start SMS marketing.

1. Direct medium for communication. SMS sends directly to in-box of all contacts.

2. SMS is a Cost effective medium.

3. Perfect medium to increase brand presence in industry.

4. Text messages are short and concise (to the point).

5. Great way to get feedback and suggestions from customers.

How to Collect Customers’ Data


Quality of data is the key element for a SMS campaign to be successful.

Customers want to feel special, so make feel them that you really cares about them. Don’t treat them just as another number!

Try to collect their name, gender, interests and other demographics which help you send more relevant and personalized messages to right people.

But question is how can you collect the customers’ data?

Let’s understand it with an example,

Meet Abhishek, he runs a store. And he sends successful SMS campaign because he has quality customers’ data. So, how do he collect the data and build a powerful list ?

When customers purchase something from his store, he ask if they would be interested in receiving offers or relevant information about the product they’ve purchased via text messages.

He offers incentive to customers to get their details, for example: “Win a free pair of headphones! Enter at the main desk simply giving you name and contact details.”

He also use and promote a keyword on in-store graphics, promotions and price-labels. For example, “Text ABSHIRTS to xxxxx to get a 10% off code.” It allows customers to opt-in to your list.

Abhishek makes mobile number a required field in online form to place an order. So, he can send a confirmation text for the order and future offers.

He doesn’t use the keyword just in store, but online too. For example: Sign up for our mobile marketing reward scheme, just enter your mobile number here.”

Pop the keyword throughout your site, where relevant, it allows customer to enter their number.

Abhishek also use social media channel to get the contact details. He promote a keyword to a short code across all social channels which encourage customers to sign up.

However you chose to do it, try and collect your customer’s data as accurately and as efficiently as possible – and with these ways, your data will just grow and grow!

Tips for a Successful SMS Campaign

Here are some tips to send an effective SMS campaign.

1. Segment your customers or subscribers list based on their purchase history, interests, demographics. It will improve your campaign.

2. Keep message short, concise, and clear. A SMS consists of 160 characters.

3. You should create a valuable offer, customers will appreciate it.

4. Create a sense of urgency in message. It will inspire customers to take an action. For instance – “Offer is valid till 15th of August. Hurry up!”

5. Message should contain clear call to action (CTA).

6. Message should contain a simple opt-out option.

So, SMS marketing has very potential and it offers many benefits like generate leads and sales, improve business ROI, build the brand and get the customers feedback.

So, SMS is a great way to reach target audience for different industries.

1. Retail industry – New product arrival, coupon codes, and discounts.

2. Education – Exam and syllabus information, exam tips etc.

3. Restaurants and hotels – Special offers for events, deals on food & drink.

4. Finance Sector – Account updates, feedback surveys etc.

5. Travel industry – Run a competition to send the winner off for a luxury holiday.

6. Healthcare Industry – Appointment reminders, health tips.

7. Real Estate – Provide useful information regarding properties.

SMS Marketing for Different Industries

The main concern for every business owner is, how to drive customers to their business. For this, we should use different marketing mediums. We live in mobile era, we must use power of mobile to drive more customers & business. Text messaging or SMS Marketing is one of the most useful mobile marketing tool. It is the best way to help your business communicate with your target audience, It is a direct way to share a special offer or company information with large group of people easily from an online platform.

SMS marketing offers a lot of opportunity like improve customer service, attract genuine leads & potential customers, and build the brand. Nearly every industry can use the power of this marketing tool.

In this article, we’ll discuss about how different industries can benefit from using text messaging.

Retail Industry

SMS marketing & retail industry are made for each other, SMS is the perfect opportunity to increase sales. It is one of the best medium to create awareness around your brand, products & services.

SMS marketing can be very effective to send out bulk message to your subscribers about a special offer, & Sale that you have on in store. It is more direct and personal way to reach your customers, & communicate with them through text messaging. With SMS you can send text offers like personalized coupon codes or Creating a generic discount code to your subscribers.

Here are some ways to use SMS

  • New stock availability

  • New product arrival

  • Coupon codes, discounts & offers

  • Delivery information

  • Payment information

  • Greetings on occasions & festivals


Average response time for text messages is 90 seconds. SMS marketing offers many opportunities for education industry. It is a great way to reach out to students. Education Institute use this service in many ways like.

  • Parent-teacher conferences

  • Communicate with parents & students regarding important updates

  • Exams & test dates information

  • Tips to prepare for exams

  • Good luck messages during exams

Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants & hotels are among biggest users of SMS marketing. With this, you can make your customers feel special.

  • Offer discounts & deals on food & drink

  • Special offers for special events like Christmas & valentine’s day

  • Family get together party & bachelors party

  • Send Coupons code

  • Festivals & birthday greetings

  • Order confirmation message

  • New updates for customers

Finance Sector

Finance sector, such as banks, insurance companies and loan providers, are using SMS marketing to keep in contact with both prospective and existing clients.

  • Account related updates

  • Updates about transactions

  • Promotional messages

  • Status of loan or any finance application

  • Payment due reminders or alerts

  • Customer feedback survey

  • Send fraud alert messages

Travel Industry

It is one of the most powerful channel for travel industry. With text messages, you can approach your customers & send out messages like holiday season offers. From this way, you can get people who will arrive to you to book holidays.

  • Booking confirmation

  • Special deals to regular customers

  • Send auto-reply confirmation message

  • Last minute reminders & alerts

  • Send thank you message

Health-care Industry

SMS Provides Immediate Connection Between Healthcare Providers And Patients. According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute, “Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs.”

  • Appointment reminders

  • Medication expiration reminders

  • Health and fitness tips

  • Little additional information about the dosage

  • Test results

Real Estate

Text messaging for the real estate is one of the fastest growing applications of mobile marketing. It is the most effective medium between broker or real estate agency and the potential buyer.

  • Provide useful information regarding properties

  • Send updates to buyers

  • Send reminders about property sales

  • Notification about special offers

  • Send payment reminder