In this we discussed about web hosting basics. To host your website & make it available on-line, you need a web host or hosting provider company. There are thousands of web hosting companies in market. So how does a business owner decide if a web host is right for his business?

This article will give you answer for some questions like “how to know if a web host is right?” “How to protect your website or business from wrong web host?”

how to choose right web host for business

1. Determine Your Hosting Need

  • To choose the right web host, you must know your website need.
  • Look at your website. What your website do? Is it personal website? Is it Blog site? Is it a business website?
  • Now you need to make sure which type of hosting service is good for your website. We‘ve discussed different types of hosting in previous post.
  • While choosing a web host, always keep the future in mind and plan accordingly.
  • So choose the best company which can provide relevant hosting service, applications & software for your website.

2. Cost or Price

  • Price is the first thing most of us will look when choosing a hosting provider.
  • Look for a hosting provider which provides reasonable pricing. You must avoid free hosting programs.
  • Make sure that there is no hidden cost.
  • Pay attention to the refund policy of web host. Will you get money back if you are not satisfied with service? Read your contract very carefully.
  • Choose the plan which best suits your need.

3. Website Speed

  • Website speed is main concern for every website owner.
  • Google penalize websites & give low reputation that are slow in loading speed.
  • Now a days competition is very high, so no one can afford to get penalized & bad user experience.
  • Your web hosting company must take care of this and for this you must make sure the best plan suiting your needs so the website open with least latency time.
  • Before you choose a company, you need to consider – the location of data centers of hosting company.
  • All in all you need a brief technical study before deciding to buy the resources from vendors.

4. Compare Features

  • Before purchase a web hosting service, always perform some comparisons between web hosting companies.
  • Compare plans & features of some hosting companies.
  • Pay attention to uptime guarantee. Many host guarantee 99.9% uptime or more.
  • This comparison would help you to save more money & Find those that fits your needs.

5. Storage and bandwidth Allowances

  • Be aware of the storage space you get from your web hosting provider.
  • If your website is content heavy which contains lots of videos, images, web pages etc, you will require more storage space.
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at a given moment to a server. To handle large amount of traffic, your website need higher bandwidth.
  • Make sure that hosting provider offers you sufficient bandwidth.

6. Customer Review

  • Customer reviews of company is an excellent resource in evaluating web hosts.
  • You must search for current or old customers reviews on the company’s service.
  • You can also check on-line reputation of company.

7. Customer Support

  • Customer support is one of the most important factor while choosing a web host.
  • Customer support is the place where you ask for help about their services and issues on their platform.
  • Every business owner want a trusted customer support behind hosting service to handle down-time & technical issues.
  • Look for companies that provide 24/7 phone support, email support and online chat.
  • You must test these support mediums by sending e-mail during your free time.

10 Quick Tips

1. Check comparisons of web hosting services & web hosts. There are many websites which provide these type of comparison.

2. Check out the company history & Always consider old companies in this industry.

3. Look at pricing. Make sure there is no hidden charges.

4. What is uptime guarantee & refund policy of company?

5. Check domain age of company(WHOIS) & avoid new companies.

6. Don’t trust unlimited offers.

7. Always check customer reviews.

8. There is no such thing like “Unlimited”. Never believe unlimited storage & bandwidth.

9. Test the customer support.

10. Read carefully your contract & Terms of Service (ToS).

Planning or running any show or event, is very tough task. This needs promotion to reach among thousands of people. For this, you should opt an automated solution- voice broadcasting. It is a great solution to send bulk voice messages to thousands of people in short time. Voice broadcasting offers many benefits to industries, including IT, entertainment, social events, elections parties etc. So, it is cost effective, easier & faster way to send your message to large amount of audience.

You must execute voice broadcasting service in your event promotion. You just have to record your voice message, upload your contact list & your voice message campaign will be reach to each person in your contact list. You can also use hosted ivr to get their response & know their interest like “Press 1, if you want to register yourself”.

Event Promotion

– Send notification to inform people about your show or event

– Send voice message to promote your event

– Use Hosted IVR service to know people interest & serve them better

Track Voice Campaign

Voice broadcasting allows you to track & monitor your voice campaign.You can also track real-time campaigns. You should send more than one campaign & monitor which campaign drive you the most calls, discard campaigns which are not effective. It will maximize your marketing efforts. Hence, you can save huge amount of time and money.

Why voice broadcasting is better choice for event promotion?

If you still are hesitating to choose voice broadcasting service for event promotion. Take a look at some advantages of this service.

– User-friendly which delivers message instantly & accurately

– Personalize your message & add personal touch

– Easy to use and simple monitoring

– Good choice to extend audience reach

– Send custom messages to each users

– Better understanding of people interest

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What voice broadcasting offers you?

A voice broadcasting service carries below mentioned features which make broadcasting very easy.

– Real time tracking & monitoring

– User friendly interface

– Easy to manage & no need to have technical knowledge

– Web based detailed campaign reports

– Import of contacts in seconds

– Email & SMS notification