5 Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned For SEO In Your Business 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned For SEO In Your Business

SEO is the term which is most misunderstood and misrepresented term in the world of marketing. People think for it as a black-magic secret for marketing and overnight success. But is it really like so?

There is no doubt that SEO can be a magic for your business but pretending it to be as black-magic is completely amiss.

If you’re looking for business qualified leads, and some really extraordinary results for your business, then SEO is a very valuable outlet for your business. If you want to convert your family basement business to 500 companies all over the world over one night, obviously it is not possible through SEO even it is not possible from any of the marketing strategies.

All it can do is can provide vision to your business, a strong branding, traffic, Higher ROI. So let’s look into the reason that if you’re owning a business either small or large why it is very much important to make your concern towards SEO.

1. It Provides Vision And Branding

It is said by Joshua Guerra, CEO of marketing firm As long as you are focusing on optimal user experience while performing  SEO strategies, you will be rewarded with higher positioning and organic traffic.”

No one search to make a purchase, people search because they want to know more and here SEO comes in the role. If you want to convert your visitor to your customers all you have to do is whenever they search for a product that you deliver you have to be on the top of search engine which further creates branding to your business.

2. It Is Not Dead And Not Going To Be For Several years

Till date and incoming date seeing the developing hands of SEO it can be said that it is not going to be out of marketed till next decade.

Now even videos and audios are searched in the base of related keywords as content was done till yet. This is enough to describe that whatever you search depends on your SEO.

So, if something is too influencing why to escape from it. So start giving your business a crowded exposure rather than setting it into an abandoned  area.

3. Provides Higher ROI Than Any Other Advertising Media

Almost everyone nowadays searches for the reviews before purchasing any product from any website and one day will come when getting every product will become online. So, in this scenario if you have no  cloud presence trust me you’re in danger.

People will have a very hard time finding you Without organic SEO, and will instead find your competitors instead of you.

4. It Is A Most Pocket-Friendly strategy

The main reason why you should go for it is, it is effective and that too with optimum resources. Yes, you don’t need to meet a lot of people, deliver a lot of advertising and spending a lot of money.

It will help you in saving your money as well as your time. All you have to do is to create your online presence and keep working for it to maintain its heavy presence.

So if you’re a start and is confused that do you need to invest on it or not, just go for it.

5. Your Competitors Are Into It

One of the most important reason for opting SEO for your business is you would not like that a person who can become your customer is someone’s other customer just because there was no presence of yours. Right?

SEO is not going to be end till decades and if you’re not into it, then you by yourself is losing the ground for your competitors.


Investing in organic SEO is getting more important than ever. And if you really work to get succeed and still not opting it. You have chosen a wrong way. So start working on your online presence and work for Organic Search rather than wasting your time.

Starting you business is definitely not easy but starting it with right strategies will make it easier for you

Avoid The Mistakes Which Are Marking You A Spammer

avoid spamming

You work hard and follow all the genuine process to maintain a good relation with the customers and other connections. What then goes wrong that even after giving the heart and soul to the business and serving customers, spam complaints are received?

What if you’ve followed all the terms and conditions, sending mails to only your opt-in database, but still your mails are dropped in spam? One may face this situation and then it becomes a challenge to get good results in genuine mailing. The other question is what is genuine mailing.

Avoid Marked as Spam

Whenever an email is sent, it is up to the receiver/subscriber to give their instant opinion. You cannot bind everyone to read all your mails. Even if somebody report you spam, it is not necessary that you’ve done something wrong. It may be like the audience is not interested in the content you’ve sent.

There is no full proof way to find the perfect reason behind but we may follow certain measures to watch out before scheduling the next email campaign.

  • Ask for the permission before sending mails

Subscriber mailing is the mailing performed on the email ids that subscribed for the services, newsletters. The customer gives you the permission to send mails for the specific service he/she is interested in.

Asking for the permission will help judging your subscribers as after you’re permitted you may assure yourself that your mail will be opened and read. The chances of your mail marked as “Report Spam” will be low, will be connected with you for a long duration waiting to here from you at regular time intervals.

Do not flood your subscriber with newsletters every now and then. Make it a consistent and slow process and double check before sending that you are sending mails for which subscription was done. Make sure to fragment your audiences from the start based on the subscription process they’ve followed.

Never forget to follow the SPAM act that is different based on the area in which you’re sending mails.

  • Show who you are

Never keep the necessary details hidden from the mail. Let your receivers know who you are and open the mail without marketing it spam or deleting it without bothering to open it.

There are certain necessary variables you may mention in your email newsletter or promotional mail

    1. From email address (company’s corporate email id)

    2. From Name (Company name)

    3. Prominent logo in the header

    4. Proper linking with your main website

    5. Address in your footer

The above are some primary variable, which are must to be in your mailer. The secondary ones can be noticed as per the client behavior and introduces later for a better response.

  • Practice sending relevant information

Nobody have spare time to read a mail that is not having its interest. Try serving what you’ve promised to. Avoid copy-paste process to get better and original results.

Clients may open your mail but then if not interested will move it to trash. So, keep a keen eye on every mailer you are sending to find out which content was interesting for average number of clients and which is not. Avoid sending content that is rejected with minimum click through and open rate.

An online survey also may help get the view of your readers and schedule the future campaigns.

  • Send the mails for which the person subscribed

Irritate a customer once and its finished. Consider yourself when you are breaking the promises. You will not like to receive the information about a service for which you’ve never subscribed.

Make a loyal relation with your subscribers and send what you’ve promised with them. This will create a long permanent relation instead of a short bitter one.

For sending a new mailer prepare a common mailer for all your subscribers. Mention about your new services and let them choose if they want to subscriber.

  • Do not load your subscriber with UL number of mails

Follow a consistent timetable to schedule the campaigns. Make it daily, weekly, monthly depending on the relevancy of the content. Do not forget to provide the option to opt for daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. This will help you fragment your audience and send future mails.

Never bother your audience by sending mails everyday even though they have subscriber for weekly newsletter. You will end up marked “Report Spam”.

Follow the rules and respect the emotions of your subscribers to follow a proper and fruitful mailing.

  • Opt-out process must be easy

It is not necessary to stick to a single service all your life. In the techno world we daily come across new service for better promotion than the previous ones.

So, if someone does not want to receive the mails for the services they have once subscribed, let them quit and make it easy for them. Keep it open from your side. You’ll comfort your subscriber and surely gain the trust to get them back. Let your customer remember you as a perfect client.

  • Send quality mails

You’ve designed a mailer, written a genuine and original content but there are some key points, which are mostly avoided, or the designer is not aware of the consequences.

    1. Avoid using spam words and phrases

    2. Avoid caps and punctuation

    3. Avoid sending attachment

    4. Avoid using capital letters unless it is very necessary

    5. Avoid flash images, too much colored text

    6. Keep your mailer full HTML based with inline CSS only if required

quality emails

  • Follow CANSPAM Act

Every country carries its own CAN_SPAM Act and follows the rules based on the country you are targeting to send the mails to. CAN_SPAM rule for India will not work in Canada. Want to know more-

Allow yourself some time to study the rules specially when you want to target international clients.

Ignoring the Act will effect your reputation affecting your brand domain, email id and if you’re listed in blacklist then you’ve to start from the start to build your reputation again which is a gradual process.

  • Segmentation

Fragment your contact list as per the services and subscription process. Focus on each contact list separately and get the statistics separately.

You may then survey the results and focusing on each of your subscribers. You may gain the proper attention if you follow the genuine and smart fragmentation.

  • Survey your readers periodically

Create a bunch of questions for your subscribers based on their subscription type. Prepare the survey based on the service involved. This will help you gain a feedback from your subscribers and you may also get new ideas to further improve your services and support too.

Make it a continuous process and follow at a fixed time interval. This is another best method to get the reports about the product and service apart from the open and click-through ratio.

  • Subject line must be interesting and engaging

Force your subscribers to open your mail every time. This is not an easy process and hence gets a team to decide the subject line of your mailer. It can be treated as a soul of your mail that will decide your open rate and then your content will decide your click through rate.

There are some guidelines to follow to create a perfect subject line:

    1. Make a subject line of up-to 50 words

    2. Do not use the spam keywords and phrases like “Limited Offer”, “Free”, any adult content etc.

    3. Avoid using CAPITAL LETTERS and punctuation marks

    4. Match your subject line with the content of your mailer

    5. Use personalized subject line.

  • Check your domain status to check on the reputation

Here comes the technical part. Engage your technical team to do this job of finding if the domain is either blacklisted or of low reputation. Your vendor may too help you track the status for you and guide you how to remove this. This is very necessary to keep your domain clear of any kind of blacklist and avoid spam issues.

How Effective Was Your Text Message Campaign?

monitor text message campaign

SMS campaigning is far more responsive as compared to email marketing but it involves money and time to generate revenue out of responses received. Simply sending the sms isn’t enough these days. You need to keep a proper tracking at each aspect. This process only may provide you the results of revenue generated by sms campaigning.

Knowing only that the sms is better than email will not yield anything. One need to get involved behind the curtain to pull the results out and maintain the statistics clean.

Here in this article we will discuss some points to enlighten about the sms campaign monitoring process

In a text message, which is written and sent to promote, sale the product, associated links are inserted to guide the reader and let them land on the necessary page.

Using proper tools the links can be tracked to find out the click through ratio. Those who are clicking on the link and following the path to reach landing page must be interested at present or in future. So, this will be a positive reading by the subscriber.

As per the sources click through rates of an sms is approx. 9% to 20% and is way much higher compared to email marketing.

  1. Keywords

Using potential keywords in your Call-To-Action area will attract the readers and force them to proceed further. Use a catchy keyword or phrase to create your CTA button. One may also track the CTA clicks also using a proper tool, as CTA will involve links, contact number, and coupon code for interaction.

Using the different-2 links and keywords in different-2 messages and sending these sms will help find the best responsive link and keyword in the sms. This can be regularly practiced to partition responsive keywords from those, which are not responsive, and hence you may create revenue generating text campaigns.

  1. Callback/ CTA

Never send a business sms campaign without including a contact number for callback or for miscall.

A vanity number will be best to include. Vanity number holds the power to grab the attention and if it is a Toll Free number or a miscall number then results will be far more better.

  1. COUPON code

Inserting a coupon code in the promotional sms may help earn certain leads. Also, using coupons will help you track the users interested to grab the offer. Providing coupon in the form of links will enhance the tracking to more concise result.

  1. Redemption ratio

Redemption ratio decided about how many subscriber took action and at least visited your website. One may track how many subscribers responded and how many can be treated idle and how many dead. All this will depend on the action taken by the subscribers for one text message.

RR= Subscribers redeemed promotion/ Total subscribers

  1. Cost per returning subscriber

CPRS= Cost per sms delivered/RR

  1. URL Shortener Tool

URL shortener is a tool used in text messages that shortens the full link to a smaller one to fit within the 160 characters.

This is an economic option, which reduces the number of sms credits used for a single subscriber. Sarv is also be integrating the option in the sms tool.

Tracking of such links, who followed the link, is possible and accordingly you may create multiple sms containing short links to find out the ideal one.

  1. Visible OPT OUT Option

Never ever one should forget to provide the easy opt out option from the promotional sms. This will make your subscribers comfortable with you and your way of working. There is no use sending sms again and again to a subscriber who is not interested, as it will only annoy him. Let your subscriber choose if they want to walk with you or not as it will save your sms credits which can be used for interested subscribers.

  1. Landing page

mobile optimized website

Mobile optimized landing page is very essential in sms campaigning. If a link is used in sms then it becomes necessary to build a mobile optimized website or you may also use the link for downloading the app. But more sounding will be to create a mobile optimized website first and building app only if it is demanded.

A beautiful landing page will let the visitor follow the links and using proper tools it is also possible to track these steps and create the success reports.

There is no shortage of tools and tricks in this growing technology world. The need is to use right tool for a particular campaign. All campaigns do not need links and some cannot give results without them. So, study your business and your subscribers and run some hit and trial tests to find the best tool.

Email Newsletter: Make It a Routine Process

email newsletter

# Necessity is to build a engaging newsletter for those who are interested in your services and those who wish to receive a valuable information in newsletters.

# Keep yourself in contact with your interested subscribers and build a long-term relation and send them information they are interested in to make a strong and long-term relationship.

# Make your newsletter fully personalized seeming it addressing uniquely to the person and let them think you’ve designed the newsletter only and only for them.

# Try to entertain your users, no need to discuss serious issues every time. Being personal and sharing behind the curtain information is also an interesting topic, which your users would urge to know.

# Your newsletters topics can also be further categorized.

  1. Entertainment

    1. Events are more often conducted in every working area. Share the details.

    2. Run a sale or special offers for your users

    3. Images/videos associated with your business

    4. Any important information associated with your business.

  1. Engagement

    1. Online survey, feedback through a form in your newsletter.

    2. Send the invitation of your events you organize for your users.

    3. Share your ideas about the future projects

    4. Launch new services and send the invitation to use the new products/services and share the reviews

    5. Inform your subscribers about the new upgrades.

  1. Amusement

    1. Upcoming sales

    2. Coupon codes

    3. Exclusive discounts

    4. eBooks launching

    5. Tutorials sharing

    6. New experiments

# Generate a striking number of fans.

Continuously sharing type of information containing worldwide comparative studies, about the best products, best practices, hence information of different types. Let your users be curious about your next newsletter.

# Care to do some homework after a newsletter scheduling is complete.

Compare the statistics results of each newsletter and find our which one was loved more and then strategize how to make more interesting newsletters concerning the similar topic.

Newsletters must be regularly scheduled and should be mobile friendly to gain the mobile readers too.